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Raw video & fireground audio: Pre-plan pays off & keeps firefighters from structural collapse at Buffalo fire.

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More video and fireground audio from Don Murtha III (murthad02). This is from a fire early this morning in a vacant commercial building at 1655 Genesee Street in Buffalo, New York. Pay close attention to the radio transmissions on arrival. This is a building that was known to firefighters due to pre-planning and it paid off when portions of the building came down early in the operation. The officer of Engine 31 went on the scene immediately announcing this would be a defensive operation and then explained why in a radio transmission to the responding chief:

Engine 31: “Chief we are not going to enter. It’s marked ‘vacant’, ‘dangerous’. It’s already got a couple of collapse issues”.


The vacant structure on Genesee and Doat Streets is a very large building, but one that firefighters already had done their homework on. Fire crews were able to get to the scene very quickly and went right into defensive efforts.

The building was pre planned by firefighters. Right away they knew the potentially dangerous conditions of the structural integrity of the building and went about fighting the fire accordingly. Not long after, a large section of the former manufacturing building came down, but no one was hurt.

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