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Raw video from Baltimore: You’ll hate me afterwards for wasting your time, but you must see this.

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This video was posted to YouTube in August of 2010, apparently shot as a group of friends headed to an Orioles game. A reader sent it to me. It appears to me to be taken on the upper portion of St. Paul Street south of East Mulberry Street in Downtown Baltimore. You will only see about two seconds of the burning building. It’s the rest of the video that makes this a must see. It’s a look inside one of those cars you pass as your are responding. And no, before you ask, I can’t give you back the 2:08 you will have wasted by watching this.

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  • 95%er

    and this, my friends, is the next generation that will lead our nation out of its misery.


  • Dat Truck Dude

    Corn hole-ly-o …eeeeh eeeeh, it that uhhh firetruck Beavis?

  • SFC

    A whole new breed of STUPID!

  • SrFireOfficial

    Listening to Mo and Ron with their expletive-laced commentary makes me very, very glad I never ever recorded our cab conversations when we would “interact” with people like this while responding on a box alarm.

  • Anonymous

    Wow…Thanks!!! I think…

  • Fire21

    There are all sorts of indicators in that video of how low our society has sunk. People keep saying that it’s not too late to save our country, but here we are 2-1/2 years after that was shot, and nothing has improved. In fact, we’re worse off socially than then. To think, here we are only 70 years after “The Greatest Generation”, and in that short a time, we’ve come to this…….

    • willowbay

      I agree. Well said.

  • Crowbar

    Dumb and Dumber exist.

  • Former Chief

    I don’t know Dave, “hate” is such an evil word. Strong dislike perhaps, but not hate. In any event, I guess the kids in the car were all “wound up” going to the big city to see a ballgame. No harm, no foul I guess. It does make you wonder if they are serious when they should be though.

    • dave statter

      There are are many who take a strong dislike to me. A few of them have been fire chiefs. Goes with the territory. I just thought the video was funny and figured there would be a variety of reactions. I report. You decide (expcept when I decide and report or decide to report).

      • Former Chief

        For those who dislike you, they need to get over themselves and take a long walk off of a short pier. Some Fire Chiefs included. The video was comical and certainly showed us not all around us when responding are quite as focused as we are. And as long as you don’t report to decide, it’s all good. :)

        • dave statter

          Thanks Former Chief. I will try not to let it got to my head.

  • Anonymous

    The future of America right there. Can you speak Chinese? Better learn!

  • Retired Captain NJ

    Look out world, these morons are going to vote, get jobs, and have children. I’ll bet their parents are really proud of the idiots they raised. On my we are in touble now, Ollie.

  • Troy

    ok total morons here. maybe should be taken out to a field and shot….

  • Anonymous

    Dumb asses …my guess is they have never been in a city before

    • Mark too

      My guess is that they were both “baked”.

  • JM

    Dont worry folks, we could have given them weapons and responsibility to protect us from the savage dogs of the world. I vote we let natural selection work its magic. Toke away boys, toke away!


    Apparently the Gene Pool Chlorine Monitor was a victim of the last round of layoffs.

  • Anonymous

    The only thing that could make this worse would be that some of the fire companies in the video are now closed. Oh, wait…

  • Doug Doug

    This is what happens when you listen to Metallica!

  • Capt Dick

    Let me get this straight: Sweet Brown is hilarious and a Internet sensation, yet these twenty something’s tripping on fire trucks and a building on fire in Baltimore enrages and saddens people. Hhhmmmmm, I think that is the real sad part. Get a grip people.

    • BadKarma

      You’ve got class Cap. Yeah, those boys were excited about going to a ball game and this fire happened in front of them. They didn’t make a u turn or park in the way. There were 3 to 4 of them in the car and this surprised them, that’s all. This site has eroded into the equivalent of the watch desk.

      • dave statter

        Ouch. First, I’m called the Jerry Springer of the fire service and now this site is the equivalent of TWD. Not sure if I can sink any lower than that. But I am sure I will try.

        Actually, in all honesty, I am not certain the comments section is really any worse than it was five years ago. But then again, who I am to judge. After 50,000 posted comments it’s a blur to me sometimes.

        As for this post, I just thought it was funny. Nothing more. I also figured there would a lot of strong opinions about it. And there was, including yours. Thanks for participating in


        • BadKarma

          My apologies Dave. I should have been more specific with my comment. The site or you were not the intended target, it was directed at some of the chuckleheaded wannabe’s that post comments. I enjoy this site and am grateful for the ability to view the latest news concerning the fire service, free of charge. Again, I apologize for truly bad aim with my comment.

          • dave statter

            No need to apologize. The issue of the comments is a legit one that is worthy of conversation. Like anything else there is good and bad that comes with it. I am not a fan of a lot of what I see here and elsehwere but I also want to avoid or limit any censoring on my part.

  • haveyouseenmybaseball?

    Do they still make those dashboard compasses for cars?! My grandfather had one, BACK IN 1968!!

  • Scooter

    Gitty up… good for a laugh…. other than it shows they don’t know the Baltimore FD… they said it will burn to the ground…. WRONG…. the Baltimore Boys will jump over this job with both feet….. some of the best there….Gitty up again and Strike Da Box! K

  • VanMan429

    Certainly helps on understand why some species eat their young….

    • VanMan429

      Um, that should be “helps ONE understand…”

  • ryan

    wow, people on this blog are HARSH! let one person here tell me theyve never been riding in a car and seen a fire truck go by and thought it was cool… these guys just videotaped it which is WHAT STATTER911.COM IS ABOUT…

  • David S.

    What a bunch of cornballs.

  • cappy

    Examples of why we need a national law requiring all able bodies to serve in the military for two years after high school.

  • VanMan429

    There’s a big difference between thinking something is cool and getting all spazzo-retard about it the way these jamokes did.

  • Dom

    Well at least that’s two less people I have to worry about competing against for the jobs I’m applying for.

  • Lizard

    Feel very good about the future, what a bunch of Dbags…

  • Debz

    Y’all need to appreciate folks like the ones in this video. They represent job security for those of us who work in the Fire/EMS field. Just think about it.