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SMACSS hits again: FDNY EMS Lieutenant breaks down when confronted by reporters about racist tweets. Anti-Semitic comments target Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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Social Media Assisted Career Suicide Syndrome (SMACSS) seems to be a big problem these days. A week after exposing the tweets that resulted in the resignation from FDNY EMS of the son of Fire Commissioner Sal Cassano, The New York Post is at it again. This time they confronted EMS Lt. Timothy Dluhos about a series of “racist, sexist, anti-Semitic and anti-Asian comments” on his Twitter feed. Lt. Dluhos broke down and cried.

Susan Edelman and Candace M. Giove wrote they met up with Dluhos on Friday in front of his home. Dluhos is 34-years-old and assigned to the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn. He told the reporters he was sorry and his life is ruined.

In his tweets, Dluhos referred to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as “King Jew” and “King Heeb”.

You should read the whole account from the reporters, but here are some excerpts:

* “I’m going to give up racial insults for Lent,” he tweeted Feb. 12. “Jesus that didn’t [last] too long. F–ken chinks can’t drive.”

* “Hahaha! I work with the coloreds,” he wrote in a Feb. 8 exchange. “For 12 years so that s–t just run off on me.”

* “Too bad he didn’t have rabies or AIDS and too bad he didn’t bite King Heeb’s face off,” he tweeted on Groundhog Day, Feb. 2, recalling when the groundhog Staten Island Chuck nipped Bloomberg at an event at the Staten Island Zoo.

* A gold Nazi-era pin with a German U-boat and a swastika is “my most prized artifact,” he boasted on Jan. 30.

* He repeatedly Photoshopped an image of an unnamed black teen — putting a Hitler mustache on one photo and a surgical mask on another with the caption, “I’s be a doxter.”

It comes less than a week after The Post exposed the vile racist and anti-Semitic tweets posted by Fire Commissioner Sal Cassano’s own EMT son. Joseph Cassano, 23, who quit the next day.

Read entire New York Post article

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Comments - Add Yours

  • RJ

    while i dont approve of what he said and i’m not defending the guy, i’m wondering why some lawyer has not tried to defend somebody’s right to say whatever they want on social media-(in the context of being allowed freedom of speech)as being more dangerous than somebody committing a race related crime?

    i’m only asking because i recall somebody recently getting off in florida because being stupid is not a crime and somebody suing because they didnt know the coffee was hot OR the twinkees made me do it

    our court system is a funny thing to behold

    • NOVAEngineDriver

      RJ, I think the biggest conflict and the nail in the coffin comes at the subject of bringing discredit to “XYZ Fire/EMS department”. Somewhere along the path of employment or swearing in, most people have to sign or pledge to not bring such discredit to their agency. This guy, like most others, probably had posted previous pictures of him in uniform, on apparatus, hanging out around the round table, stated his employment status on his profile, or made it plainly obvious to everyone what his career is, and who signs his paychecks.

      • RJ in florida

        LOL ya cant fix stupid, i agree but sometime in our lives some lawyer is going to come up with a defense thats gonna stick because we have seen it before in the form of court rulings on testing and other stuff… i have seen a situation right here in my home town where a teacher sent a message to another teacher saying something nasty about a student BUT it was screenshot and placed on an open fourm and made to look like a post and the teacher got burned.

        its that type of defense that i fear is going to be used as justification because we all talk nonsense around the table. but this guy was stupid enough to put it on line and you think after the others that have gotten busted in this that they would have gotten the message

  • Jim

    In all fairness, we all hate Bloomberg. By we I mean everyone in New York, not just NYC because his hairbrain schemes affect the whole state. The tweets about Bloomberg were actually pretty funny.

    • dave statter

      You know Jim, I laugh at just about anything, including a lot of ethnic humor. This includes humor directed at my religion. A lot of what I laugh at would be considered highly inappropriate by a lot of people. The key for me it has to be funny and maybe a little inventive. But personally I find nothing funny about “King Heeb” and “King Jew”. So, I am cool that we disagree on that. Just wanted to be clear since the Jewish guy is the one who has to approve your comment.

      That said, let me tell you what I did find absolutely hilarious about this story. See if you agree with me Jim. This big guy who spews out hate on Twitter against woman, Jews, blacks and Asians and brags about his guns, is approached by two women in his neighborhood and suddenly he bursts out crying like a little baby. Now that’s funny.


      • Legeros

        Wonder if Mel Brooks tweets? Can we fit some of his classic lines in 140 words or less??

        Quoting “The Producers” will probably get you in trouble these days. Let’s just laugh at our memories of the film’s best moments…

        • dave statter

          My son is a big Mel Brooks fan, as am I. We finally watched The Producers together (the original) last week.

      • Sharppointy1

        ^^ Here, here Dave. (Round of applause). You said my comment (well, except that I’m not you and moderating) better than I could.
        Diuhos is entitled to his opinions abut our religion and Mayor Bloomberg. Just as I’m entitled to my opinion that he is the worst kind of bully – the sniveling whiny crying one when he gets caught.
        Yes Mr Diuhos, I hope you have runed your life. I hope you learn from this. And because this Jew believes in second chances and the ability to learn grow and change, I hope you get a chance for redemption. I’m not very optimistic, thugh.

        • dave statter

          Thanks. Well said.

      • RJ in florida

        Dave: i hate to stick my head in the lions mouth but you have to admit wanting to ban 32oz drinks is something only mel brooks would think up…you know seth mcfarland is working on an angle on that too after all he came up with the ‘Dig Um” controversy…baning 32oz drinks–priceless because its real. whats next looking at trees?

      • jim

        I don’t approve of the slurs, but hoping Bloomberg’s face gets bitten off by a rabid groundhog is funny. I too find it funny the way the tough “bad lieutenant” broke down like a little girl.

      • Jim

        you’re right about the “king heeb” and “king jew” comments, but wishing he got his face bit off by a rabid groundhog, that’s funny. Bloomberg is a jerk, better ban groundhogs or at least groundhogs over 24 oz.

  • PPFD

    I dont face book, i don’t “twit”, and I hardly text message. So I guess I don’t get the fascination with “social media.”
    Do these people not think before they type? Is being that much of an attention whore that important?

    Words can and will come back to haunt you.

  • FredUp

    RJ free speech gives this idiot the right to spew his crap and he doesn’t end up in jail – no criminal charges will be brought against him. Free speech doesn’t alleviate consequences of actions. This moron spews hate filled speech at the community he serves, his bosses boss, pretty much everybody and everything he can think of. The whole time he ties it directly to his work, with impunity. His employer has every right to find an employee like this not fit for duty. He has the right to say whatever he wants (for the most part), that doesn’t free him from consequences of his actions.

  • Craig Moyer

    Could this guy give people of color the same treatment he gives Whites? With the things he wrote I highly doubt it. But what surprises me more is how long this story took to get out into the fire media. Tweets from Feb 12 and punishment a week ago.
    No matter the protection the laws allows this type of thought shouldn’t be allowed in the emergency services.

  • Norcal

    If I’m correct, free speech for public employees only goes so far. If the employer can prove that the speech was disruptive to everyday duty or may cause some harm, then we give up our right to free speech.

  • the ear

    This low life POS had no problem taking his paycheck from the city.I wonder if he will file for unemployment and collect again from NY. What he did would not be tolerated in alot of jurisdictions.
    Paybacks are hell and he will experience them.

  • mark

    Anyone has the right to be ignorant and stupid (which is my definition of racism and bigotry). One does not have the right of being ignorant, stupid and being employed.

    I don’t believe for a minute that his tears and apology were sincere. Anyone this stupid did it for laughs or an attempt to get out of trouble. Like the politicians all do.

  • Just A Fireman

    Public employees do not have the same rights as private citizens with regards to free speech. I don’t have all the citations here. Google “public employees free speech” and read the references.

  • KTolf

    Amazing. Freedom of speech doesn’t extend to things like hate speech and shouting “Fire” in a crowded theater (unless, of course, there really is a fire). Unfortunately, what this guy tweets is what I hear privately in smaller groups when the speakers think it is “safe” to let their hair down around what they assume are like-minded individuals. My acid test for speech and action is “If something can’t be said or done in full view, it’s probably a bad idea”. In other words, if it can’t pass the litmus test of daylight, don’t bother.
    What a shame that people like this are what the general public sees(and remembers at budget time) of our “bravest” and “finest”- something neither fine, nor brave. A pox on those who besmirch the uniforms of those who serve; they make a hard job harder still when the public eyes us with distrust and distaste.

  • Ronnie Yankey

    One of my Facebook friends is actor and former Dallas firefighter Burton Gilliam, from the movie Blazing Saddles. He only vaguely references the role he played, and never degrades anyone. He recently did a small gig in New England, and one of the attendees spoke of how nice Burton was and told no off color stories or used foul language. He frequently makes jokes about his roles, but never shows he is anything but a gentleman. I don’t know his private opinions, but know that he is smart enough to properly present himself. And, he thanks Mel Brooks many times for his start in show business.

    • dave statter

      Love Mel Brooks. Love Blazing Saddles and had no idea Burton Gilliam was a former Dallas firefighter. Thanks for sharing.

  • ukfbbuff

    I followed up with story at Curt Varone’s “Fire Law” blog and an additional news story is;

    He got a 30 day suspension.

    Pending further personnel action.

    True; As “RJ in Florida” said “You can’t fix stupid”.

    But you can; “Stop and think before pushing ‘Send'”.

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