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Pre-arrival video: Fire at cleaners in Webster, TX.

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The video above from cougartino was shot before the fire department’s arrival. The fire occurred last Friday in Webster, Texas.


The Space Cleaners on El Camino Real and NASA Road One was fully engulfed in flames when Sky Eye arrived overhead. Three firefighting units responded.

The Citizen:

Shortly after 4 p.m. Friday a Webster Police officer spotted smoke and fire coming from the Space Cleaners at 1011 NASA Parkway at the intersection of El Camino Blvd. Webster, Nassau Bay, Forest Bend and League City fire departments were initially called for the first alarm and a second alarm brought the Seabrook fire Department.

The owner and his son were injured and sent to the hospital by ground ambulance. Their exact injuries are unknown.

The entire store is lost and the strip center is heavily damaged, although the space next to the cleaners was empty. 



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  • Chief Jeff

    That intersection is one of the most heavily traveled rush hour roads in the area. There was not one 911 call with heavy fire at rush hour. Everyone thought someone else would call. No report with 5000 cars passing on the overpass and on El Camino. Props to the Webster PD who made the effort to check the location of the fire.

  • Matt

    Heavy fire Bravo side. Type 2 const prob with exposed Steel Trusses. Catch a supply, heavy line or stinger into (from exterior) fire building. Call next alarm and all additional rigs and truck protect Delta exposures of this strip mall. Pull ceilings and keep it from running. Search immediate Delta Exposure.

  • BH

    Looks like there are 10 videos from another Youtuber, taken after knockdown.

  • 95%er

    Matt, anything else you want to add on any other calls?