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Raw video & radio traffic: Evacuation order at Buffalo, NY house fire.

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Don Murtha III (murthad02) video of a fire at 85 Wasmuth Avenue. The evacuation tones are sounded around 3:20 into the video.

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  • Joe

    Why did they even go in ?? Vacant house, heavy fire conditions. Asking for disaster.

  • Fire21

    I’m curious…at the beginning of the video, it said it was a “vacant” building.. Does vacant mean no-one lives there, or does it mean no-one is inside/already been evacuated? If it was an abandoned/unused building, I don’t know why an interior attack was tried when 1/3 of the building was already destroyed when the video started. Just trying to understand terminology and tactics……..

    • Tree

      And there lies the problem – if you ask two firefighters to define vacant, unoccupied, and abandoned, you’ll get two sets of definitions, and probably a fight over whether entry should be made.

  • fire 511

    Not much you can with that mess.

  • Kevin

    What is that heavy fire coming out of the side C, 2nd floor before the evacuation is ordered?

    • willowbay

      I was wondering the same thing.

  • Cappy

    Please read and take to heart the IAFC “10 rules of engagement” and lessen your odds of being the subject of a very sad day and detailed LODD investigation.
    It’s called a transitional attack folks.Go defensive and make the building and idlh enviroment survivable… then consider going interior to finish if conditions allow.