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UPDATED – News report: While apologizing to council for giving wrong info on reserve fleet, DC fire chief & dep. mayor again gave wrong info about reserve fleet.

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Coverage of yesterday’s hearing

Watch entire hearing

A day after DC Fire & EMS Department Chief Kenneth Ellerbe apologized for giving the wrong information to the DC City Council about it’s reserve fleet, Paul Wagner first reported this that Ellerbe and Deputy Mayor Paul Quander have done it again. According to Wagner’s report this morning on WTTG-TV/Fox 5 (above), at the same time the pair told the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety that there were four fully stocked and ready to go reserve ambulances at the apparatus maintenance shop, Ambulance 16 found something completely different. Check out Paul’s evening report in the video above and the story below:

There is new information in the ongoing troubles inside the D.C. Fire and EMS department. FOX 5 has obtained a document and a picture that shows the department’s reserve fleet of ambulances is not what leaders claim it to be.

D.C.’s fire chief told the D.C. Council Thursday his department is in an “acceptable state of readiness for major events” while the deputy mayor for public safety said the department is prepared if ambulances break down.

The deputy mayor repeatedly told the council the department has four ambulances held in reserve and said they had been in place since just after March 5 when an injured D.C. police officer waited 20 minutes for an ambulance.

But according to an internal document obtained by FOX 5, not one fully-stocked reserve was ready Thursday when a crew needed one.

Approximately three hours before Paul Quander sat down to testify before the city council, the crew of Ambulance 16 went to the fleet maintenance shop in Southwest D.C. where they were told to get into reserve Ambulance 627.

According to the internal document, the crew told a supervisor, “This unit was not fully stocked and one compartment appeared to be used as a trash can … there was oxygen however it was low and needed to be replaced. The unit had less than a half a tank of fuel and the cot had a pile of equipment thrown on top of it.”

The document says the crew got in the rig, but “It seemed to be in worse shape (than) the one we had just switched out of.”

As the crew waited for another reserve, Quander was repeatedly claiming the department had four ambulances ready to go.

“A minimum of four ambulances are kept stocked and available at FEMS fleet maintenance for ambulances that go out of service for more than 30 minutes due to mechanical problems,” he said. “Those units are fully available, they’re stocked.”

Later in the hearing at the Wilson Building, Quander said it again.

“We have placed four ambulances that are there ready to go,” said Quander. “All we have to do is turn the key and bring some equipment, the bag and the laptop.”

But the crew of Ambulance 16 did not get a working reserve until 3:30 p.m.

The third they were told to get into that day.

During Thursday’s hearing, the chief told the council the department has 111 ambulances. 39 are in service, 46 are out of service and 19 are in reserve.

The department is currently conducting an audit of the fleet after FOX 5 revealed the numbers the department was claiming were false.

The chief admitted Thursday he had been managing the department for about a year with numbers that did not add up. It is an admission Councilmember Tommy Wells seized upon, calling it an “incredibly serious issue.”

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  • JackWagon

    Nothing will ever happen to Kenneth Ellerbe! The Mayor will just keep backing his “BOY” up again and again…

    I will say this though.. If Kenneth Ellerbe is fired within the next month, I will dance the jig nude on the front steps of Fire Headquarters while singing ding dong the witch is dead!

    • Harvey

      I just lost my appetite. Now I got to hope he stays for 30 days. Please hurry up April 28th!!

      • JackWagon

        Some of the girls @ Good Guys saud they would come dance also. TeeHee!!

  • UseToBeDC

    How about a story on how the “Change in work schedule” is actually a cut of 1/4 of the DCFD.

    Something else Loserbe is lying to City Council and everyone else about!!!

  • Just a fireman

    Chief LRB,
    You expect the management you supervise to be held accountable. However, you are unable to lead by example. If you were a line officer you would have demoted yourself for providing false information. When will you provide a good example to the rank and file of what a good leader is supposed to be? You set the example of how not to act as an officer.
    I may respect the position of Fire Chief, but I will not respect you personally. How depresing…….

  • Anonymous

    The next question the Media needs to ask, is what kind of punishment is in store for Chief Ellerbe. The Chief had made quite a statement that demotion is the proper punishment for lesser crimes. If anyone was to get caught lying on a special report it would be immediate termination, let alone lie under oath. So now I ask this. If Chief Ellerbe is not held accountable for blatant lies, than will all accountability go out the window? Why should there be an exception for him? Of course we all know the answer to this question, but if I were the guys who were demoted unjustly, I would be salivating to get a piece of the District of Columbia, “raining day fund.”

  • Cosgrove

    I guess the Firemen on Amb. 16 that sent this picture out will be transfered and put on charges .


  • mark

    Minor detail in this mess, but how and why does it take 30 days to count ambulances, engines, trucks, support vehicles, etc?

    And why is it that someone that has been on the job for this long doesn’t even know the status of “his” department?

    I realize this is politics, but I really just don’t get this. Especially in our nation’s capitol.

    Personally, I were a commissioner, I’d be demanding this idiots resignation immediately, if not sooner.

    • anonymous

      That just shows you how incompetent LRB is. He spent his first 27 years with the DCFD, and in that time he spent a lot of time at high ranking administrative positions. He has now been the chief of the DCFD for over 2 years. Yet, his performance is that of someone who has no knowledge about the agency they run. His experience alone should allow him to have a better grasp of things, but he is clueless in how to run the department and about the different aspects of the department.

  • Dallas

    Poke a stick in the media’s eye by accusing them falsely and this is what you get, deservedly so.

    There is no doubt that Ellerbe is incompetent at best and malicious at worst given all we have learned about him and seen in his ‘management’ of DCFEMS. It is also becoming apparent that his immediate supervisor, Quander, is of questionable competence if he is spending his time defending Ellerbe instead of fixing the problem which is Ellerbe’s incomptence/malevolence.

    The contagion is spreading and the next thing that will happen is people who realize that Ellerbe is incompetent, and that Quander isn’t addressing the problem, will be wondering whether the only way to correct the problem is to vote Gray out of office (if the legal complications of his mayoral campaign don’t take him out first). We will see very shortly whether Gray has a clue or not; if he does Ellerbe is gone ASAP and at this point Quander may have to go too.

    The media is not going to let this drop (see eye poke) and rightly so (not because they were poked but because this is a real problem). DC is not the DC of 20 years ago where this type of systemic incompetence could exist with little electoral impact; the composition of the electorate has changed and they expect at least a modicum of competence and so far it has been shown to be completely lacking.

    If Gray doesn’t get with the program quickly it is going to be his job on the line.

    • Anonymous

      Walk down H St, NE or Columbia Heights and it will become evident that the jobs for District residents will not be the electorate that Grey or KE is counting on. This is the last hurrah.

      • anonymous

        I agree with you. With DC’s changing demographics, this is the last hurrah for “old DC”.

        • Glad I live in VA

          Yes. Expect to act more like Arlington, Fairfax, or MoCo every year.

        • Tora tora tora

          The mayor isn’t goin no where…as much as you like him to…your voices mean nothing here.You can’t even vote and Tommy Wells will never be mayor.Remember WE said this your not going to get what you want….this will all back fire on ya…just watch

  • waheid

    In business, a manager who tolerates ineptitude is himself considered inept. So long as the mayor and city council tolerate Ellerbie’s deportment and behavior, they themselves bear much of the blame. If the mayor is actually in charge of city government, then the mayor is to blame for the conditions in the FD, especially since, thanks to the press, he can’t claim ignorance.

  • 19262007

    Paul Wagner. The most hated man in DC government.


    This should come as no shock that thess mofo’s lied their hineys off yesterday….the only thing missing from yesterdays featured presentation of “Sideshow Kenny” was Quander placing his hand behind Ellerbe’s back like a ventriloquist and vice versa….

    I think the blame for this lie will be placed on bozo the clown because this is quite the circus show….As people have commented before, he has to have something on Count Gray or they were siamese twins separated at birth and will die for each other. Any other Mayor would not have been able to tolerate this public embarrassment as long as Gray has….

  • Anonymous

    Question: As a parent, if you tell your child to do something and he/she does not do it, who would you hold accountable? You or your child?

    • Steven

      That depends, are you a good parent or a crappy parent?

  • Workofdadevil

    Ellerbe is not going anywhere until Gray goes. It is a simple as that. The biggest challenge will be to make sure that any politician potentially running for the mayor’s seat knows that this incompetent chief is a liability. Wells clearly knows this but the question is do the others?

    I didn’t see any physical props yesterday but there were definately some human props there. Once Ellerbe can get Wells to back off him he will then be back to phyical and human props again.


    If your child didnt do something you asked him to do, who do you blame…you hire an outside consultant to manage your household for a week or two where he can observe the parenting going on in the household to see where improvements can be made….

    If this doesn’t work, sit your child down at the kitchen table, swear him in and let him give testimony for his actions….The parents then question their child on the testimony given and the child will hopefully place the blame on the dog….yeah..the dog made me not do it…

  • Wayne

    If you notice it looks like the Deputy Mayor is being the one thrown under the bus They are both under oath but he is doing most of the talking, so he is perjury hisselfthe most. The chief probably cant lie with striaght face any more

  • Anonymous

    Ellerbee and Quander the TRUTH just doesnot seem to come out of your mouth. Did either of you ever think about or even consider the FACTS of TRUTH would come out into the reality of both your incompetence. Ellerbee there are 411 Fire and EMS Vehicles in DC Fire and EMS. For whatever excuse there isnot any real rationale you simply cannot or choose to ignore the reality of your job. The Taxpayers of the District of Columbia are the folks getting the direct blunt of your inexcusable ignorance. Delayed Responses/111 EMS Vechicles 58 of them not in any form of emergency Response Readiness. Ellerbee you might think you are getting away with your shenanigans, however Truth be Known you arenot. The City Council now knows. The Mayor is aware. the far greater issue is you and Quander know. One can only Hope and Pray not another incident with
    Delayed Response, lack of proper Staffing, and good maintenance occurs and some innocent Taxpayer Soul, suffers proper immediate medical Attention, or a Structure where some Taxpayer loses their Life belongings, or injury and hopefully not their Life, or worse a Good well Trained Professional Firefighter of the DC Fire and EMS Dept. is injured or loses his or Life because you didnot make good sound Management Decisions to ensure these Professionals have the best Apparatus Tools and Equipment to perform their job ell, you Ellerbee and Quander will be done, gone out of town. The Mayor can only cover for you to a point. Ellerbee your credibility is in the Toilet. Your inactions speak for themselves. Ellerbee and Quander together are a pair of Liars who care nothing about the safety and welfare of the perople you are sworn to Lead and serve the Taxpayers.

  • 19262007

    Since it has been proven beyond any doubt that ellerbe and quander are habitual LIARS and perjurers, I would like to know how this affects any and all decisions ellerbe has made concerning the DCFD. How does it affect the ongoing contract negotiations with Local 36? How can anything the “chief” says or does be trusted? It’s obvious ellerbe is paying more attention to the political aspects of his job, hence the lying. If I can be fired or demoted for lying why can’t the “chief”? Oops, I’m sorry, this is just crazy talk. It’s the members, the working slobs in the trenches who had to sign an ethics pledge who are making mr. e and deputy p lie. The guilty parties (the working slobs in the trenches) will be found and summarily punished. Yeah, that’s it.

  • Fossil

    Ever since Ellerbe became Chief, it has been one Fiasco after another. What does it take for this Guy to get Fired???

  • Just sayin

    The FEMS administrator will never get fired,nor will the deputy mayor who knows nothing about the buisness of the FD as long as the mayor remains in office. The lying and corruption will continue as that seems to be the acceptable course of action. Any city that you consider to be corrupt would certainly be able to learn lessons from these inept officials. Tammany Hall would be seen as honest and forthright when compared to this unfortunate city. Brothers and sisters of the IAFF local there, hold your heads up as better conditions will surface shortly after the next election. Members of the ambulance and mechanics local, continue to hide your heads and claim everything is OK. You can revert to your fall back position of the evil firemen hate us in the next political cycle also. Shame on you all.

  • 19262007

    Just saying,
    DC holds the distinction of being one of the very few places where just when you think things can’t possibly get worse, they do. Don’t think things can get any worse with these jack wagons in charge? Just watch. My humblest apologies to JackWagon, these jack wagons give jack wagons a bad name.

    • JackWagon

      I’m sure we could all think of a few other choice words, however those aren’t allowed on here.

  • Just a fireman

    Chief, Where is your transparency? You have yet to state what your mission is. The only conclusion I can conclude is that you plan to terrorize the reputation of the DCFD. Plus, what do the members of the progressives who protested have to say? For a college educated man, the chief does not use his education. Maybe he went to college and studied calligraphy and made his own color by numbers degree.

  • Tora tora tora

    The FOP pres. is pathetic….he should mind his own department you POS.Who the heck is he to speak on another department head.One cop get’s delayed service and you want blood….that is outrageous.Your behavior was reckless,unprofessional,and down right disrespectful.Are you on medication?.Why don’t you keep your officers out of our way on the fireground how about that.That wasn’t your place to be critical of OUR chief….they should’ve check to see if you were on your meds that morn…before letting you in the council chambers.

    • Anonymous

      He is not OUR chief, he has said time after time he is the mayors chief. I believe if it was up to him he would wear a business suit and not a class A (you know because he’s an executive and all).

      Please share with us why you support this man. He has been caught LYING to the council, refuses to hire new members, gave back money instead of buying new apparatus, retaliation against the union president. Next the IG report will be out on the staffing levels. Then soon after the ACLU will open a case on the unfair discipline practices (which they have pretty strong evidence to support).

      Please tell us why, I’m sure its not racial but I’d like to hear you say it.

    • Revenent

      As a lifelong resident of Washington D.C. (the capitol city of the United States of America, for those of us in the city that reject this fact based on their sense of entitlemant: read the Consitution-all Americans should) I would be truly be interested to see what specifically you thought was reckless, unprofessional, and disrespectful about the FOP President’s testimony. What is reckless, unprofessional, and disrespectful sir is the management of this city: from the U.S. Congress, to the Mayor, to the Council, to the fire chief. The FOP President has obviously struck a nerve with you, judging from your statement dripping with ignorance and emotion. Good. For those of us that follow the Judiciary whose intellects have not been compromised by the rot of prejudice and ignorance, native sons of this city who care about its people and direction, felt differently. We cheered. Baumann was not gentle. The truth never is: it can be ugly and uncomfortable. The fact of the matter is that the FOP President was not afraid to call the Chief and the Deputy Mayor’s testimony for what it was: ridiculous, embarrassing, disingenuous, fraudulent, barely articulate… I can go on and on. Now, here is where school starts, so pay attention. It has been very clear to those of us that have been paying attention to these issues that the corruption in D.C. government is systemic: from Congressional oversight on down the line. The blame for the deplorable state of the DCFD is not on Ellerbe, Gray or any other city executive. The blame lies with the legislative bodies involved: Congress and its lack of oversight and intervention, and the city Council’s lack of oversight and intervention. Vince Gray ran a campaign that is proven to have been rife with corruption. His record speaks for itself. A leader with integrity holds himself accountable for the actions of his subordinates. A man with any integrity who cared about his city would have resigned. Ellerbe was just one of many failed appointments by the Gray Administration. Lets take a look at his public record. This is a man who would never have been able to compete in a competitive selection process for the position of DCFD Fire Chief based solely on his record and his merits. Period. The city Council’s share of this farce cannot be overlooked. This is body has proven to be a largely ineffective rabble. This city needs leaders, not cowards. The dangerous reticence displayed by the members of the Council on Gray’s corruption, and now Ellerbe’s mismanagement and overt attempt to socially engineer the DCFD is inexcusable. And to specifically Mendelson and Wells: you are not elected to only receive testimony and ask the tough questions. We are not impressed with questions. Leadership impresses. At some point someone will have to step up and declare what they think is right and true, even in the face of adversity. That is what a true leader does. What a good Mayor would do. If you in the Council with Mayoral aspirations are upset with the crony appointee of a corrupt Mayor dismantling the FD of the Nation’s Capital, then step up and do something. If that would mean having to take on Gray then SO BE IT. Just remember, a lifetime of good works can be destroyed by letting injustice pass with inaction. And to the U.S.Congress: to let the Mayor languish while under Federal investigation for two years and counting is a dereliction of duty. At some point if this allowed to continue Congress will step in, hopefully not before it is too late. What is so often lost in this dialogue is that this is Washington D.C., the capital of the U.S. The cities leadership is not just accountable to the residents of D.C. It is accountable to every citizen of this country. Every citizen of the U.S. has the right to live, work, and travel into the capital with the assurance that it being managed well because it is the seat of power. Any failures in its operation and management are a liability to the whole nation, and a concern to the whole nation. The old Fireman’s adage is true that the public does not care about the Fire Department until it is needed. Stay strong DCFD.

    • Mike DCFD

      To Kristopher Baumann and all MPD officers, I would like to apologize for Tora’s post. He by no means represents the DC Fire Dept. From every member I have talked to, we Appreciate
      your Support.

  • VirginiaFire

    This is comment is with complete and utter respect to my brothers and sisters in DCFD and a limited understanding of the whole situation, but isn’t a little bit of the blame on the employees here? Just from what I’ve read about ambulances that were out of service when the police officer was hit and ambulance 16’s issue with poorly restocked reserve ambulances, it seems like the administration is clearly inept but theres a little bit of irresponsibility going on below that level. Now maybe I’m mistakes, but in my department the employees are responsible for making sure the reserve they used is ready for the next crew that needs it and staying in service or monitoring the radio for calls when out of service. Or am I just summarizing the poor management issue?

    • Mike DCFD

      The Deputy Mayor and Fire Chief both said there were 4 Units Ready for service at the Shop on March 5th. The Department was in the process of still trying to assemble these units during the meeting on March 29th. The Department did not have them ready and there were no Crews using them prior to restock them. Both the Dep Mayor and Chief were flat out lying. Had we even had any reserve Ambulance’s, then the NINE (9) units O.O.S. on the day of the injured MPD Officer, they could have stayed in service. MANAGEMENT ISSUE!

  • BigPicture101

    If 30 ambulances are in service, whats wrong with that? Isnt that tipical for a city of 600,000? Is this all character assanitation of the Fire Chief by the union because of the shift changes?

    • Pipeman27

      We need more like 60 ambulances to handle all the ‘sick’ people in DC. 30 would be more than enough if we could just say no sometimes.

    • D.C.F.D. Still Alive

      30 Ambulances? if they could stay in service maybe. But if you have a maintenance issue and can not change over that is a citizen safety issue! If you are down grading Medic units, that is a safety issue for the citizens! If you place Units O.O.S., that is a Citizen safety issue! If apparatus has not been tested that is a Firefighter and Citizen Safety issue! Do you disagree that these are not issues for confidence?

      Ok… how about lrb was found guilty of retaliation! He was accused of Sexual misconduct! He is demoting officers for De-minius offenses! The list continues. lrb is not held to the same standers as he holds the membership to because if you or I had just one of these accusations filed against us we would be looking for a new job.

  • Anonymous

    Virginia Fire – These reserves are maintained by the Fleet Management Division. The reserves kept in the firehouses and maintained by the members are usually good to go.

    Big Picture 101 – If you can explain to me any benefit of working 3-12hour days followed by 3-12 hour nights followed by 3-days off I will be glad to listen. And oh, by the way, this has been proven by countless studies to be the most unproductive and unhealthiest shift component out there. Your turn to defend why this is so great…go

  • Sweet James Jones

    How do we know that the ambulance thats in this picture was givene to these to members of amb 16? Maybe they opened up the door to a ambulance that was being prepared and just took pictures and sent them to the media. This ambulance was probably never assigned to them. Anyone can take a picture and lie and we are supposed to believe it. It is common knowledge around the fire department that engine 16 is considered a white firehouse meaning it has predominately white members. So this maybe just a case of piling on with something thats not true. Many black members of local 36 don’t care for the union because they feel the union doesn’t represent them so they don’t attend meetings and they don’t want to have anything to do with the union. The vote of no confidence against the chief was brought up to the union by a disgruntled white firefighter and was challenged by black firefighters. President Ed Smith citing some bylaw wanted to go forth with this vote even though he knew that it would put white firefighters against black firefighters. Once again puting the feelings of black firefighters on the back end. My question is why interview the only black member of the cabinet and ask him if the vote was brought on by race. It seems to that if the media really wanted to know the truth they would go to the firehouses and ask some of the black members how they really feel about the department and the chief. Its obvious that they dont care so we continue to get the feelings of the white firefighters and not the black firefighters. This department will always be whites against the blacks and thats the truth and the whole truth. Most will say Im playing the ra

    • dave statter

      Sweet James Jones, just want to make sure you read the part about the deputy mayor confirming for Paul Wagner that this happened. Note the statement from Mr. Quander. Mr. Wagner also said he had documents in his hand about the incident. I have full confidence that if this incident didn’t occur very close to the way Mr. Wagner reported it Deputy Mayor Quander, Chief Ellerbe or Lon Walls would have had a statement out pretty quickly. They have not been slow to correct the media when they believe the reports are wrong. I am not denying there are some racial issues in play but how about dealing with the facts first.

      • Sweet James Jones

        It is funny that you as the moderator attack my comments. Members of that company have a propensity to embellish what is really going on. Like i said the picture could have come from another ambulance and not the one that was issued. Im not speaking on behalf of this administration and I no that members on the fire department will team together and lie when they think that they can get rid of a black firefighter. I also find it funny that you don’t dispute what occured before the vote of no confidence. Once again thie union and the media is doing a disservice to black members of the department by not hearing there side of whats going on in the fire department.

        • dave statter

          You asked a question and I provided you an answer. What’s funny about that? I try to provide facts where I can. When I don’t know them, I keep my mouth shut or tell you I don’t know them. I don’t report any longer, I am just telling you what I saw reported by others, including a reporter I respect (not that he’s perfect).

          Here’s my advice for you, instead of complaining about the media, give them facts and a good story. I think you will find them pretty color blind. Seems to me they went after Dennis Rubin pretty good on the Sosua story and a few other stories. Did my reporting and the reporting of others on that story do a disservice to white members?

          The news media is far from perfect and I have seen some reports on the DC Fire & EMS Department in recent months that were not accurate and reflected a lack of understanding how the fire department runs. But the idea that there is a motive other than looking for a juicy story is probably not reality in this case.


          • Sweet James Jones

            Once again its funny how you responded again. No you didn’t cover Rubin’s administration the same. Just because they touched that subject didn’t mean they covered what was going on in the fire department during his time as chief. No one covered the fact that 98% of the disciplinary action was against black firefighters and no one investigated the cheating that happened at the Laplata testing station. Rubin’s administration had more eeo complaints than any in the history of the department. Once again where was the coverage. Knowing all this it seems pretty clear whats going on now. Please humor me some more with your answers and your reporting and media reporting of Rubin was once again a disservice to black firefighters.

          • dave statter

            No, you’re correct. I gave Dennis Rubin a pass. Go ask The Rube. I can’t, because he still won’t talk to me.

            Here’s a link to my stories. I think you might want to refresh your memory – . How about reporting back to me after you take a look?

            You are also correct that I don’t cover the Ellerbe administration the same as the Rubin administration. That’s a fact. The main reason is I stopped being a reporter in June of 2010. After that point I just posted what others reported. I am at the mercy of what news is out there.

            Now for some reality. Internal squabbles over discipline and the like are harder sells to news managers than response issues that directly impact the public. Ellerbe is getting more intense coverage becuase most of the stories are about the response capability of the department.

            I will also give you another reality. On two of the discipline stories I ran into a problem trying to cover them. In one I did air the story and did a follow-up. I would have done more but the complainant stopped talking with me after I asked some tough questions. In another, I spent a lot of time investigating the issues based on meetings with the complainant. This was weeks if not months before it made news. I was moving forward with it, but when I tried to get to the bottom of it, again the person stopped talking with me.

            If you are going to present your story to a reporter, expect them to ask tough questions. Expect that you will be asked to deliver the goods and some facts to back up your case.

            BTW, my opinion is I don’t think the Rubin administration as a whole did themselves any favors in some of the ways discipline was handled. If you leave the impression there is an inequality in the way discipline is handed out you open yourselves up for charges of racism whether that’s the motive or not. But it’s interesting, despite my impression, the courts so far are ruling in his favor.


    • D.C.F.D. Still Alive

      So what issues do black Firefighters have that white Firefighters do not? Most of the Black firefighters I work with also do not like this administration as do most of the White firefighters. You are most likely not even a member since you throw these racial accusations out there with NO FACTS. Even the progressive’s president stated and agreed to the same issues at the council meeting. No one at the Union meeting mentioned the shift change except the Black Firefighters. By the way Most members do not go to the Union meetings ever. On average you may get 30. If you do not come to a meeting and state your issues then there are no issues. You can not have a fight without a Battle.

      Why do you hate the White Firefighters anyway? Why do you not want them to be on the job? I would want to work with anyone willing to risk their life for me!


    Can anyone refresh our memory of the Bullet Points discussed by members of Local 36 during the no confidence vote? Also, please discuss the facts and the inability of the Progressive Representatives present to refute the conditions and examples outlined during the discussion. Racism is a crutch people fall back on when they have nothing else to lean on. Stop the needless emotion and review the facts of why Local 36 enacted a vote of no confidence.

  • 1 CITY

    DCFEMS March 30, 2013 (1900-0700) -6 ALS Transport Units OOS -3 Paramedic Engine Companies OOS -2 EMS Supervisors OOS -Fire Investigation Unit OOS

    How can Mayor Gray continue to have confidence in a Deputy Mayor and a Chief that continues to put the safety of the citizens at risk? Who has do die next before action is taken to protect the people?

  • VirginiaFire

    Mike DCFD and Anonymous – Thank you for answering my question and I didn’t realize you guys had a separate Fleet Maintenance Division. I wonder if any attention will ever be given to public education on when to call 911 and for what instead of just trying to free up trucks or purchase more ALS ambulances?

  • retired medic

    Hmm, has anyone bothered to tally up the numbers provided as to the quantity of ambulances? 39 + 46 + 19 = 104, not 111! So, is anyone bothering to check these “facts”? Appears that SEVEN vehicles have just disappeared!

    As for the “non-ready” reserve units, who has the ultimate responsibilty of ensuring those rigs are actually “stocked.” Who has that responsibility for the fire apparatus (hose, fittings, SCBA, etc.?)

    In some states, the EMS regulatory authority that licenses ambulances requires that the “reserve” or spare ambulances be stocked at the same level as the front-line units at all times. Does that regulation exist in DC?

  • Anonymous

    Sweet james Jones,

    White firefighters make “X” number of dollars based on rank/step. last time I checked the pay scale was the same for black firefighters.

    White firefighters take the same entrance/promotional exam as black firefighters. proof of that is in the test centers.

    White firefighters use the same facilities as the black firefighters(i.e. kitchen, sitting room, bunkroon, etc.)

    White firefighters are subject to the same contract negotiated by the union as the black firefighters.

    White firefighters ride, maintain, and utilize the same fire apparatus as black firefighters.

    I could keep going but I wont. Point is any racial tension within the fire dept. is not the result of the union or the dept. as a whole. It is the result of personal feelings that individuals just don’t want to try t change.

    You are nothing but a perfect example of why this is still happening today! As long as firefghters AND people like you continue with that mindset, NOTHING will ever change.