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Video: Citizen who lost son praises EMS response but blasts DC firefighters. Tells hearing they are ‘terrorists’ trying to make Chief Ellerbe look bad.

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Previous coverage of the hearing

Alvin Bethea’s testimony in front of the DC City Council on Thursday was overshadowed by the almost three hours of questioning of Chief Kenneth Ellerbe and Deputy Mayor Paul Quander. Other than one mention in an article, I don’t believe Bethea made news, despite the rather outspoken nature of his testimony and an interesting link to an EMS response from 18-years-ago that shows progress made by the department.

At the beginning of his appearance before the Committee on the Judiciary and Public safety, Alvin Bethea had nice things to say about Chief Kenneth Ellerbe and the department’s response to two EMS calls he was personally familiar with. One of those calls involved the stabbing death of Bethea’s son a little more than a year ago.

What is probably worth noting in the praise about that response is that Bethea’s son, Deoni Jones, aka JaParker, is described in news articles as a transgender woman. In 1995, a long and ugly chapter in the department’s history was opened after allegations surfaced over poor care and derogatory remarks made when the DC Fire and EMS Department responded to a car crash that took the life of Tyra Hunter, a transsexual. Hunter’s mother successfully sued the City.

But Alvin Bethea then switched gears in his testimony. That’s where the clip above posted to YouTube begins. Bethea talks about attacks on Chief Ellerbe as being “the work of the devil”. He testifies that firefighters are bringing the city “grief” and “intentionally breaking and destroying ambulances and fire trucks and medical equipment”. Bethea likens the firefighters to “home grown terrorists”.

To see the entire hearing and all of what Alvin Bethea had to say, click here (Bethea’s testimony begins at 3:04).


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  • Jim

    so how is this guy connected to Ellerbe? What standing does a citizen have to know that DC firemen are “intentionally breaking fire trucks and ambulances”?

    • Pipeman

      I would like to talk to this man, tell me to my face that I’m a ‘terrorist’. All I, and we do is busy our asses day and night for these citizens, and this is the bullshit we have to here. I’m truly offended at hearing this. We(firemen) are the ones being terrorized.

    • RJ in florida

      At 2:10 he makes reference to a level 1 call… does a civilian know what that is?

      Hey LRB…nice job writinga speech for the guy but you screwed up there

  • Pipeman

    I would like to talk to this man, tell me to my face that I’m a ‘terrorist’. All I, and we do is busy our asses day and night for these citizens, and this is the bullshit we have to here. I’m truly offended at hearing this.

    • Anonymous

      AWWW….did the Big, Bad Fireman get his feelings hurt?

      If you feel unappreciated…………LEAVE! You don’t have to take the “bullshit”!!!!!

      • Pipeman27

        I don’t like the bullshit, I work too hard to be treated like shit every day, F off

        • Bullets

          Then leave, FEMS isnt the only game around, find a better job somewhere else

          • Anonymous

            With a GED???

  • Tree

    Attention Chief Ellerbe – If it seems like everyone around you is a problem, maybe they aren’t the problem at all.

    • http://statter911 Smokeater

      This guy has no clue at all!!!

  • Lt117

    Really? Does tis guy actually believe the crap that is coming out of his mouth? Call me a terrorist and expect me to save your live, property or do something nice for you? NO!!! What a complete A-HOLE…….looks like LRB’s twin……..

  • Shhh…

    He was paid to say that. Lmao

  • Hoof Arted

    If he could only use those pesky things called “facts” to back up his claims, it might be worth paying attention to. Unfortunately, he failed to use any.

  • firefighthero

    Who wrote that speech for him? I am amazed tat he has the gonads to call these firefighters “terrorists” and then go on to say that they are “intentionally” causing damage to city property. I believe ANYONE who reads this web site can see what this is actually about. It’s as simple as”black and white”. I can honestly say in all the years prior to my retirement I never hated going to work. That being said if I was presently working for the DCFD I would hate going to work for this bunch of morons. Brothers……..keep up the good work, there are those of us who see the “big picture” and have nothing but praise for you.

  • Anonymous

    I truely feel sorry that this gentleman lost his son to violence. But this fact certianly gives him to cause to make such remarks. He is obviousely a progressive/Ellerbe plant. He is being USED by someone to spew hate.

  • Anonymous

    And what interworking of the DCFD are you familiar with and how? All I can say is Alvin Bethea can KMA!

  • Barney Miller

    Well you can make people wonder how smart you are or open your mouth and and give unreputable evidence that you are indeed an idiot. Good job Mr Bethea, all bets are off. Chief Ellerbe is the greatest (you say)! He goes around and talks to the public, so does Marion Barry. If you dont have cable or the Intra NET he would be your only source if information on the topic of evil white fireman. I am glad this moron is associated with that administration. He is now the national icon for stupidity.

  • DCres

    Most bizarre thing I have ever seen at DC Council Hearing, and that is saying a lot. Who vetted this guy?

  • Ted

    It’s always the conspiracy theory!

    The problem is, where’s the evidence? Bring it forward sir.

    Send the evidence to the FBI, the DHS, the OIG – let’s catch these “terrorists!”


  • UseToBeDC

    This guy should have been shut down by the City Councilmen when he made the terrorist comment.

    Or at least dressed down about such outrageous comments.

    The upside is that only the unhinged are supporting Loserbe.

  • SFC

    What a racist!

  • Anonymous

    Gonna go out on a limb here and say that the chief found himself a “ringer”. For 1 man to have that much spite and hate towards a group of people is just plain ugly. And the other shame of the whole thing is that this man now has become the spokesperson for the rest of the citizens of DC. Shameful!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is like a time warp, 1968 – 1994, back to the old politics of race. Congrats, Kenny, way to bring em out of the woodwork. As the IABPFF motto says, “Keep the Fire Burning for Justice!”

    What is so sad, is nobody wants this fight anymore, especially my brother, African-Americans.

  • CareerLt

    OK Statter, you got me. What a great April Fools joke!

    • Fire21

      If it wasn’t for that silly video as proof of idiocy, I’d be laughing right now!!

  • Anonymous

    Best of luck to my brothers and sisters in the DC fire department y’all are gonna need it.

  • Pipeman27

    The firemen are not the terrorists, LRB and his progressives are. If the council doesn’t do anything about it, toss them in that boat also.

  • Dickey

    It’s the work of the devil!!!

    • Legeros

      Wonder what Satan’s screen name is? He probably posts on here!

      • Doing it.


  • A Nonny Mouse

    Based on his previous testimony, I’d say he’s actually a supporter of Local 3721, although he hasn’t said so in so many words. His hyperbole in this case is a bit extreme, however. I wonder if he’s contemplating another run for the Council?

  • ANON

    This guy’s as angry as an alligator…..must have too small of a men-du-la omblin-gota!!

  • agates1272

    Is it just me, or does this guy totally sound like he’s been bought and paid for by Ellerbe?

    It just seems so orchestrated…

    • RJ in florida

      if you have to read from a statement instead of speaking from your heart about a deceased loved one-(with time lights in front of you)-meaning that you know you have a time limit…it means that somebody wrote it for you AND because he stumbeled over his “own words” it clearly menas you are being used

      nice try LRB, do whats right for your department and retire, just dont come back to florida unless you plan on sitting on the beach-your condo is still in sarasota

  • JackWagon

    I would put my entire paycheck that this idiot has some connection to LRB. I think the union needs to hire a P.I. and follow them all around, But then again it would be “PROFILING” and someone would throw that damn race card down again. Hell I’m going to start carrying a deck of cards around with me and throw them down when people do stupid crap starting with the JOKER!

  • Scooter

    What a nut job! Should be required to back up statements instead of just letting him run his mouth…(don’t think he can) breaking buses and fire “trucks” on purpose…. Isn’t the chief that puts people in postions? Keep your fingers cross DCFD they still may be light at the end of the tunel… Stike Da Box K


    LRB had to bring in the big dogs after the hearing…lol

    If this is the work of the devil, then I’m Captain Kangaroo and Mr Bethea is Saint Patrick…..

  • Fireman

    These are the words of a true uninformed he mocks what he does not understand and his testimony today was of no value other to incite a more negativity. He is truly a product of the black community that never takes blame but throw smoke and mirrors to the real issue.

  • Dcfireman

    This should have Tommy Wells response;

    Mr. bethea what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • Anonymous

    If you listen to his closing remarks he says when they put chief e’s picture up on the wall they will have two words “fire… fighter” hahahaha!!!!……. Pretty sure that’s one word dipsh@t!

  • Lucifer

    If memory serves me. Had a family member who failed out ot the training academy in the late 1990s and was later rehired as a civilian EMT. That could explain his hatred.

  • IAFF

    IAFF thinks it is two words, just saying.

  • David S.

    That guy is a loser he has no clue as to what is going on at dcfd.

  • JackWagon

    The more I watch this video, It becomes more evident that someone in the Mayor Gray – Ellerbe “ADMINISTRATION” wrote that retarded, idiotic, moronic, asinine speech. I know 5 year old’s that can write better than that and be more dramatic. Maybe when I’m finished dancing the Jig at Fire Headquarters I will go and dance on Alvin Bethea’s front stoop. Who’s with me?

    • welcome to our world

      I’ll bet you dont have the guts or the heart to step foot on Mr.Bethea from stoop….you need to stop blowing wolf tickets.

  • Rich Schaffer

    Bethea is just another cronie. His testimony was pathetic. Regardless, his opinion is by far more damaging than anything written on Statter911 comments as everyone commenting here hides behind a screen name. I understand not everyone is married to an attorney, nor do you have retired judges in the family, but you shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed to say what you think in a civil manner, like he did. Stupid, but civil. Anyway, I was wondering who was the biggest embarassment to listen to in front of council. There were alot f people who spoke at that council hearing. There were a few candidates, but my vote is with Ken Lyons, who seems to forget he represents AFGE 3721 and has no business opening his mouth about a fellow union, nor is he a EMS manager in DC, and his ideas about EMS change are moot points. ( I will be writing the AFGE National in complaint to see if he violated any of their standards). Kenny Lyons dosen’t represent DC firefighters and has no business telling anyone anywhere EVER who we are and what we want in our professional careers. Keep your opinions to yourself Lyons because they are incorrect. Furthermore Lyons, I just wanted to remind you and all the new and old DC FEMS peeps that the WORST era of EMS in the city was when the civilians were running the system. EMS today is the best it has ever been. Needs a tweak here or there- Did anyone ever tell the Rosenbaums that the firefighters who treated Mr Rosenbaum were operating at a level to which they were trained by the civilians? Would it interest anyone that my EMT instructor in class 313 told us (during birthing class) that, “when da baby come down the pussy hole ya all gotta put on ya catchers mitt”? (I have been an EMT since 1983 and have NEVER seen such incompetent instructors.) Would the public like to know that for years under the EMS civilian teaching system all of the test answers were given to pupils because of fear that no one would pass their pathetic attempt at teaching DOH EMT and re-cert?? Civilian EMS in DC WAS THE FUCKING WORST back then. Want me to continue? I can…. even some good stuff today that would be very damaging to the civilian EMS. Furthermore 20 minutes for an ambulance today is troubling but I remember in the 90’s waiting 3 hours for an ambulance under the civlian system. And I swear with my hand on a bible there were a dozen fatalities a year I use to see because of the poor quality of EMS back then. Today the system works VERY WELL and subscribing to NREMT was the greatest forward progress DC FEMS has ever seen. Your desire to change firefighter’s shifts from 24 to 12 hour shifts is nothing more than a feeble attempt at revenge born out of anger, jealousy and resentment. You want to punish firefighters for taking away your glory and satisfy your deep, deep hate for firefighters that live away from the city. A 12 hour shift for anyone is far more exhausting and dangerous than the current shift, and it has been proven again and again. To me it is obvious why you want firefighters to be on 12 hour shifts, and I think most people understand… So do us all a favor and either retire or come over to the fire side but either way, please keep your mouth shut about Local 36 Firefighters/Paramedics/EMTs in DC next time you rant and tell lies in front of council. Firefighters jobs do not concern you or the labor organization you represent.

    • Anonymous

      “There were a few candidates, but my vote is with Ken Lyons, who seems to forget he represents AFGE 3721 and has no business opening his mouth about a fellow union nor is he a EMS manager in DC”.

      Oh but the MPD union head is?

      “Firefighters jobs do not concern you or the labor organization you represent”.

      Again…….MPD union head.

      • Glad I live in VA

        Management of any organization if fair game for any labor group.

        Jobs and working conditions of another AFL-CIO affiliated labor group are off-limits. If AFGE L3721 has a problem with IAFF L36, they should bring it up with the AFL-CIO, not the fire chief, and not the city council.

        Ken Lyons should not have spoken as such.

        • welcome to our world

          Neither shud have the FOP president

      • welcome to our world

        I second that Anonymous, R.Schaffer is a hypocrite how are you going to say AFGE pres. shouldn’t speak on local 36 issues…..but FOP pres. its okay, rite!

        Last I checked MPD had a seperate union and have enough of thier own issues to be concerned with local 36’s.Oh but I guess it was ok for him to speak because he was out of control and didn’t take his meds.

        • D.C.F.D. Still Alive

          How about the Fact that is was one of the FOP’s members that the Fire Chief placed in jeopardy by not having any reserve Ambulances available for the 9 units that went out of service for mechanical issues?

          • Anonymous

            How about the Fact that it doesn’t matter who was “placed in jeopardy by not having any reserve Ambulances available for the 9 units that went out of service for mechanical issues”?

            Happens everyday…..and……wait for it……….it’s been happening for the past 20-30 years!!

            The FOP head’s rant discredited what would have otherwise been a very productive testimony by the head of Local 36!!

  • Willmega06

    You can’t make this stuff up, unbelievable.

  • ThatGuy

    Im making T-shirts for all the DC Firefighters to wear off duty…. Homegrown Terrorist

    • Doin it more

      I want one so I can burn it hahaha!

  • UseToBeDC

    Has Loserbe changed his shift plans from the 3-3-3???

    Because if not he is trying to eliminate 1/4 of the DCFD.

    I don’t understand why members continue to refer to it otherwise??!!??


    As of 4/8/2013, 99.7% of FEMS will have their names placed on the no fly list by TSA..

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Bethea seems to not realize that at least some, if not all of the first responders that he lauds praise upon for taking care of his loved ones were in fact members of Local 36.