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More video from three-alarm Darby, PA fire. Collapse of market’s wall forces evacuation of exposure.

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Previous coverage of this fire

Above and below is more video from the three-alarm fire Saturday morning at a market in Darby, Pennsylvania. These clips are from Frank Wesnoski (fwesnosk). At 12:58 in the video above you will see the utility lines start to sway and get a glimpse on the right of the picture of a partial wall collapse in the rear of the market. Moments later there is an evacuation ordered for the exposure building. Here is some of the description with the video:

Crews arrived to find fire showing from the front of a 100 X 200 1 story commercial structure. The building was a market and had 3 full size billboards on the roof. Due to the heavy fire involvement and collapse concerns the attack went defensive and a 2nd alarm was quickly struck. Crews did a trench cut of the roof of the D exposure a cleaners. Houses across the alley on the C side were evacuated. Crews operated multiple elevated master streams, deck guns, portable monitors and hand lines.

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  • Fire21

    I’ve never understood unmanned portable deluge guns, except to protect a tank of some sort. As evidenced in these videos, they don’t stop fire growth, all they do is flood one particular spot in the building. The stream needs to be moved around to have any useful effect. The same goes for hand-held and aerial lines. Not that it would have made any difference in this situation, but it just wastes water to leave them unmoving.

  • Dickey

    I agree.

  • Anonymous

    uh yeah…if you’re going to flow 15 master streams, and the smoke is still black…how bout letting the fire burn through for awhile, then put it out.

  • Mike

    I agree Fire 21, but I remember one guy telling me, “We do that so it looks like we are doing something.”

  • Lol

    Its called camera water

  • Duck Monkey

    Just a thought maybe it was unmanned after the other wall collapsed in the video it appears they are trying to pull the master stream back away from the collapse zone. Just an observation

  • cbj

    ‘Anonymous” what the heck are you saying? That is absurd! Let it burn thru? Where did you learn this profession? Damn I didnt think ANYONE thought this way…except for me that is! LET IT GO! Keep the exposures protected and let the damn roof burn off so you can actually reach what’s burning! That is an impressive display of aerial master streams and good water supply, heck I have seen half of that used on mill construction with better results. This particular area has an abundance of independent fire ‘companies’ concentrated in a small area. Duplication and member-rich means everyone has their own ladder, tower…you name it. They are very aggressive though, but resource-rich.