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Mayday audio: From Baltimore County, MD fire that critically injured Reisterstown VFC Firefighter Gene Kirchner.

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Above is audio from alertpage of this morning’s mayday at a fire in Baltimore County, Maryland that left Reisterstown VFC Firefighter Gene Kirchner in critical condition.  Firefighter Kirchner was found unconscious on the 2nd floor. A 58-year-old man was found dead in the house. The mayday call is heard at 6:45 into the video. Time has been condensed for this recording with pauses removed. Below is an update to this morning’s story.


Gene Kirchner was one of the initial crews that responded and was found unconscious on the 2nd floor.  Rescue crews had to take him out. A mayday was called during the fire.

He was taken to Northwest Hospital and is now at Shock Trauma.

Kirchner, and has been with the Reisterstown Volunteer Fire Company for 8 years. In addition to being a volunteer firefighter, Kirchner is an employee of Butler Medical Transport.

“He’s (Kirchner) a kindhearted person who goes out of his way to help anybody,” says Butler Medical Transport Chief Operating Officer William Rosenberg.

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  • Anonymous

    This is what we train for all the time and hope we never need to perform in reality. It sounds like Baltimore County did a very good job on recognizing the missing fire fighter, providing good information to commond, and being able to get the downed fire fighter out of the building to E.M.S. quickly. My prayers are with F.F. Kircher and his family for his speedy recovery. And with all his brothers and sisters in the fire service.

  • BCFDHoseHumper

    I like the fact that these guys didnt follow the common trend of immediately evacuating the building the moment someone calls a mayday. Some of these guys sound very professional, others not so much with all the screaming. The last thing an IC needs is you screaming in the mike while he’s trying to mitigate a mayday. Stop, take a second, then speak clearly and calmly into the radio.

  • Dickey

    The firefighter giving the mayday was calm cool and collected. My prayers go out to FF Kircher for a speedy recovery and back to work.