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Helmet-cam video: House fire in Omaha, NE.

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Helmet-cam video from Dustin Talacko of a vacant house fire early Sunday evening at 4534 Jaynes Street in Omaha, Nebraska. More here.


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  • John W

    Could not have done it better myself. Outstanding Job

  • mark

    Maybe it’s just me–it isn’t, because we’ve discussed this before–but just maybe instead of signaling the EO for water for 30+ seconds, he could have used that time to mask up…….and performed his own sizeup without limited vision or hearing or…..

    • agates1272

      He was masked up–so what? I hate to rehash this old argument again, but why the hell shouldn’t he be masked up and ready to kick the shit out of some fire the moment he steps off the rig? If he’s not the one performing the 360, there is no argument for not masking up on the rig. And please, don’t throw in the argument about fogging up—I have NEVER had my mask fog to the point that it limited my ability to function or compromised my safety.

      The bottom line here is this: These guys went in and kicked the shit out of this fire within 60 seconds of arrival. I bet the homeowner is ecstatic that these guys were ready to go, instead of watching them on thier knees in the front yard while the fire takes hold of the home minute by minute. They were ready to work, and put one helluva stop on this fire because of it. Excellent work!!!

      • agree w agates

        Agreed. put the darn mask on, then your gloves, get off the rig, pull the line to the door, call for water, bleed the line, go on air and get inside.

        As we always see on this site, too many bad habits have formed due to not working this way. Everything slows down to a crawl and lines take forever to get in the door.

        don the mask! put on your damn gloves! great job on this video!!!

      • mark

        Very simple: Tunnel vision. Limited hearing. Limited visibility.

        I saw a brother almost walk into a downed power line–LIVE–because he got off the truck on air. I’m talking inches from walking into it. Literally.

        Same basic scenario, chief was on scene and gave a good report of what we had. He jumped out and started walking toward the house while everyone was screaming at him about the power line. One more step and he would have been toast.

        So yes, I have a major problem with getting off the truck with a mask on. ALWAYS. I will NEVER allow my crew to do it.

        This guy very easily could have been masking up while he was waiting for the EO to charge the line. If it takes more than 15 seconds to mask up and go on air, you’ve got problems. There would have been zero time wasted. But there could be a life saved.

  • Tim

    Nice to see a PPV fan at the front door, but not blowing in the door before the fire was knocked down. Good quick interior attack. Nice Job.

  • Great job

    This should be the norm. First due nozzle exiting the rig masked up and gloves on. In the door in about a minute.

    There’s too many vids where the line enters after 5 minutes and guys are strolling on the lawn.

    I know there’s added risk exiting the rig and sizing-up w masks. But if we drill w this approach and apply it, we get to the fire so much sooner!!!

    • Robby Owens

      BAM could not have said it better myself…and I totaly agree

  • ryan

    Great attack, seemed like a little bit of a wait for the line to be charged, but you can’t complain much with just 1 minute from arrival to entry with the line

  • DaveOC

    Whether he masked up at the front door, or got off the Engine masked up is irrelevant. What is relevant is that there was no doubt as to the outcome. These guys were going in ! And low and behold the fire went out ! Very refreshing. Nice job Omaha !

  • FFBVFD546

    I went back and watched and listened, as he exited the rig and grabbed the crosslay, he already had his mask on and was breathing air, impressive!

    • Fire21

      My only comment is that he could have saved several breaths of air if he’d not yet been hooked up, and instead went on air while waiting for the line to be charged.

      But, they saw what they had for fire, and knowing a few breaths would not make any difference in the attack, they all did an excellent job getting the work done quickly and efficiently. AWE-SOME!!

  • Dave G

    Good quick attack. Nice job.

  • SFC

    It was great to see the crew masked up as they exited the engine. It sure saves time.

  • http://statter911 Jacob keppler

    Job well done guys kep up the good work Jacob keppler

  • FireTerp21

    1. Why not give the fire room a few quick bursts through the window before entering the structure?

    2. Why on air getting off the engine?

    • FLTruck

      cause you can see better when your making the hallway if the fire is still venting out the window

      Thank you Omaha for restoring my faith in no bullshit internet firefighting video’s!

  • JC

    Nice work Omaha. That’s how you get it done.

  • Kevin

    Worst part about this video is that it was too damned short. They destroyed the fire so quickly that there wasn’t anything more to see.

  • RS5

    Everything looked great! Except not laying in….. It takes 30 seconds to layout and secure your own water supply. Other than that, Omaha has some good fireman!!

  • on the job

    NICE JOB, enough said.