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PGFD arrival video: More from Lanham, MD house fire.

Previous coverage & video from this fire

This is more video from a PGFD house fire last Saturday at 9317 Kimbark Avenue in Lanham, Maryland. The two parts of video were shot by a neighbor, Alex Fuentes.

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  • oldhead

    Bomberos locos!

    • Pipeman27

      Loo you beat me to it!

  • @ElwoodBluez

    The audio commentary made this worth watching a second time.

  • Mark

    I don’t always like some of the things they do in PG, but man that group has HUSTLE

  • Just A Fireman

    I’m not a fan of leaving the doors open on the rig. Makes us look like we’re doing a chinese fire drill (no offense to my Asian friends). I love the Spanglish narration. ¡Que es lo que hacemos hermano. ¡Entremos!

    Not sure what happened with the initial attack line. Otherwise, looked like a decent attack.

  • Just A Fireman

    On the second vid. I realize the cop cars were blocking the way. Somebody already on scene should have told the cops to move their cars before the arrival of the truck that drove over the supply line and parked right under the overhead wires. Guys in the truck get out and again leave their doors open. Must be in the SOP in this jurisdiction. The arriving buggy driving on the swale at such a high rate of speed was a little irresponsible.
    La chica waves her hand in front of her face as if to say “ay, que huele mal.” Precious.

  • Anonymous

    Seems like PG breaks a lot of hand lines…
    One of the more interesting play-by-plays in a while.

  • Capt Dick

    And that answers why they are killing and injuring their FFs in PG. Reckless running around like a bunch of fools. Burst the initial attack line because they didn’t put out the fire in the door before rushing in like fools. Everyone grabs a handline cause everyone wants to tame the beast and melt a sheild. Truck rolls and parks on supply line and everyone bails off running to throw ladders to a god forsaken rancher home which already had 1 too many ladders set before the truck arrived. Someone seriously needs to tame these cowboys. More tragedies to come if they don’t change their ways. Sad but true.

    • mdff

      Got to love the positive reinforcement Dick. People criticize for being too slow, too fast, too aggresive. Where do you work that things happen with that perfect balance?

    • Gil

      So PG is killing firemen by running around? I guess that’s why heart attacks are killing firemen.

      • Capt Dick

        Because they are too worried about breaking the last companies record on getting water on the fire to realize the mistakes they are making. It’s amateur we are faster than you BS that has and will continue to injure and kill well intentioned kids in PG county. It’s unacceptable to not protect your line when making your interior attack and its unacceptable for the almighty Truck gods to park on the supply line. You only run on the fireground if the walls are coming down. ( and that’s your fault for being in the collapse zone).

  • Fire21

    My only complaint is that with that much obvious fire showing, secure your supply going in…would have eliminated a lot of muscle work for the engineer. Other than that, they showed a lot of hustle. “Oh my God, they going inside!! Why they doing that? They risk their lives.”

    I went back and re-watched at the previous video. It’s amazing how two different views of a scene can make it look like two different fires! And different views elicit differing comments too. But then, the videos were during different time periods of the operation. Most interesting.

  • mdff

    I would hope all the naysayers from the previous video would appreciate the hustle and effort. These volunteers are well trained and move with purpose. I would of laid in instead of the 100 yard dash by the PO. The police need to remove their vehicles from areas that will impead the fire fighting operation.

  • FLFF

    Great, aggressive fire ground work. And as usual, half the road is full of hose and half filled with PD cruisers that could be waaay down the block.

  • Robert Kramer

    I LOVE the commentary. This is also a good video for all the people that say you can’t push fire.

  • Truckie88

    Now that’s how you get water on a fire fast! Should have laid in from hydrant, but great hustle to charge the line & go inside shortly after the engine stopped.

  • Mack Seagrave

    Secure a water supply. Knock down heavy fire from the front steps. Move in low (not standing up). Good hustle, but making good decisions will make the hustle work in favor of the firefighters.

  • EastCoastLt.

    Old Detroit diesel 671! Wicked pissa’. Nice hustle indeed.

  • parafirepig

    What happened to two in two out. Guess that doesn’t apply to PGFD.

  • Old Guy

    You have to love a guy who:
    A. Is impressed that the engine crew went inside, and
    B. Understands that the police cars are in the way.
    Thanks for the video.

  • Just A Fireman

    Despite the fast attack, I gotta say this looked like a keystone cops routine. Again, leaving doors open and running around on the fire ground looks amateurish. The emergency is supposed to be over when we arrive.

    • fireman

      Actually no. You’re not a fireman. You sound like someone that never goes to fires. Maybe you should just stick to things that you’re good at like watching real firemen on the internet and washing your safety vest.

  • waheid

    We haven’t had a fire yet where someone didn’t have a critical comment to make. We should be glad that the public and the press isn’t as critical of fire service work. This was a good attack. And if you’ve got to be critical, go find a mirror!

  • Anonymous

    Its probably procedure, but the 2nd truck that parked under the wires appears to be getting ready to stick the roof…

  • Com’ on man!

    Did he dead man the pump?????

  • Truckie

    I tend to be a critic, but come on guys, this is a good bread and butter job by PG. They obviously stepped off the engine with assignments (knowing what they had and what they didn’t), kept a good pace and turned fire into steam in short order. Water supply was within reach and while I like to lay in, sometimes you make the call to get a push on the fire sooner rather than later. Water never went out, so how can you criticize? Incoming units had same urgency and clarity of assignments. Nice work PG. I am from Jersey and live in NC now but learned a lot when I was a PG fireman years ago when I went to college. We aren’t all perfect, but I showed my son (now a new fireman) as a good video of what to do, and what happens when you do it right.

  • BCFDHoseHumper

    I dont always lead off but when i do its not in Prince Gawges county. If volunteers want to be considered in the same regard as the professionals, maybe they should act like it. There is nothing professional about blowing past a plug to get to the fire first when there is no other engine in site, there is nothing professional about a PO humping 200 ft of 3 in back to the plug so that the boyz can make sure they get in there first. Im sure they have a 1000 gal pumper that put the fire out with ease, but complancency is what kills you when you go in dry have a shitter of a fire and then the out of breath PO informs you that after he has run 400ft to the plug… its a dead one. Its really fun to be first, and who wants to stop and wait while the lead off man grabs a plug, but sometimes doing things that arent fun is a part of being Professional.

  • Ricko

    There are like 6 pass devices going off….

  • Anonymous

    “Leaving doors open,” yep, so amateurish. It’s amazing the fire ever went out.

    Where was that safety officer when you needed him/her?


  • Koy Wilson

    Wow…lot of guys are quick to critique somebodies performance while signing in with made up names. If we were only as good as you are after breaking down video vs. showing up and dealing with whatever awaits us. Maybe Capt Dick will post some videos of his department after he makes more incredibly rude and disrespectful comments to that department. And I know you think your comment was okay, but trust me when I tell you whatever point you were trying to acclomplish was lost when you used their LODD’s to slam their guys. COWARDLY! But here is your chance to call me a nobody and slam me back. I actually sign my real name to these.
    Koy Wilson
    Stockton Fire
    Truck 3

    • Capt Dick

      I am sorry to you and any members of PGFD. I am not trying in any way to disrespect the fallen nor was I slamming one particular company. I never heard of Stockton , Maryland but I’m sure it’s a great department as well. I was told by an wise old Lt. years ago, the true hurts but wounds heal and death is forever. The social media, Internet generation worships the things they see on these sites and someone has to say the tough things so its not all dreamy smoke eaters and beast tamers like those T shirts some you are so fond of. I don’t fight what you fear, I fear what you fight.

      • Koy Wilson

        First of all, I work in Stockton, California. Second, if you were not slamming any one company then why would you call them fools twice in the first few sentences of your post. Third, if you are the wise older Captain you are claiming to be, surely you can educate all of the internet generation with a more contructive dialogue than insults and ridicule. Lead by example! Now I’ll close with a quote from a wise old Batt Chief I know. If you were at FDIC maybe you heard him say it “Haters are gonna hate and Mutts are gonna bark, thats just what they do! To all others reading this, dont be a “Capt Dick”! If you want to have a thoughtful, training minded conversation on here, awesome. Thats what these sites are for, to speed up your learning curve by learning from other crews successes and failures. But by all means do it remembering that you have the benefit of seeing things a little differently than they did. I have had the pleasure of working with some talented firemen who said they made a dozen mistakes at every fire they went to, even the end of their careers. Throwing rocks from the cheap seats and under the cloak of fake names is just plain Cowardly! Train hard and diciplined…often! Balls in your court, Dick.

        Koy Wilson
        Stockton Fire (CA)
        Truck 3

        • Capt Dick

          You are right Koy. I will try and be kinder and gentler and more politically correct as the folks on the left coast are usually better at that us northeasterners are. I should have simply said that there was at least two potentially fatal mistakes made and that I personally don’t condone running on the fireground . Sorry for the derogatory comments. And I should also point out that the video was posted by a civilian and not from one of the members of any of the companies at the fire. I’m sure the firefighters that worked it would have edited it heavily or not posted it at all. Have a nice day !

          • Koy Wilson

            Well Dick ya got me! I forgot the oldest rule:

            Never argue with Idiots, they just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!

            And I’m sure you are right, that a civilian posted this video on a fire blog. And not that it was retrieved by firefighters and given to Dave. I dont know, but the difference between us is that doesnt seem to stop you from spouting things you’ve made up. And FYI, maybe google Stockton if you have some image of it as anything near politically correct. I’ll end with wishing you a healthy career and a speedy retirement…SOON. Dont let those “Truck gods” bother you.

            Your pal,

          • dave statter

            That one I likely would have found myself (as I did the earlier one from that fire), but it was, in fact, sent to me by someone connected to the fire service in our Nation’s Capital.

  • FireMAN

    Just a fireman my @$$. You sound like an “emergency personnel” guy to me. Capt. Dick I think your safety vest is too tight causing a lack of blood to your brain. Strong work as per the norm.

  • DJR

    Pg has not had an operational LODD in a long time. That is saying on a scene of an emergency. But, I would be lying if I said they don’t have an overflowing horse shoe of luck. I pray that no one on here never has to deal with a LODD. Take this incident and use it for training so it doesn’t happen to your deptartment.

    IMHO…A llot things went right, people geared up, working with a plan of action. A llot went wrong, pass alarms constantly going off, evac sounded/ ordered apparatus drivers never sounded air horns, people stayed in. Watch the very first video that Dave put up. Whatever your complaint it is easy to watch and critique, in the heat of the moment they are probably, in there own mind, were making a correct course of action. No one got hurt it seems. So all in all it went okay. Not great, but okay. Dont forget it might be your department on here not looking so good. So stay safe out on the mean streets, and stay classy.

  • Anonymous

    What else can you say but they are on TOP OF THEIR GAME! Great Job! Less than a minuet going in the door, lots of hussel, everyone moved with a purpose… GITTY UP, GREAT JOB!, hope others learn from this on the BASIC OPS. STRIKE DA BOX ! K

  • Former Chief

    Nice hustle. They certainly impressed the spectators. You have to love the commentary on the video. I wasn’t impressed with the apparatus placement (or Police car placement for that matter). I a big proponent of leaving the front of the building open for the Truck, yes even on a single story dwelling. You just never know if you may need it or not. First due Engine didn’t quite pull past far enough. And I’m not a big fan of “beaching” the front lawn that seems to have become a widely used practice in some areas. There may be times when it’s necessary, but I don’t think this was one of those times. Just my opinion.

  • RealDawg

    Sorry guys, I’m with JustAFireman. These guys look silly running around like kids. Looks like some PG folks are on here calling out those that are critical of their performance. Oh yeah, shut the damn apparatus doors so shit doesn’t fall out or another apparatus doesn’t take the door off.

  • FireMAN

    JustAFireman sounds more like a “just emergency personnel” type of guy. And Cpt. Dick, your safety vest is too tight, its cutting circulation off to your head. Doors, really? If my house was on fire and the guys were worried about their doors id be pretty pissed. You safety idiots are just like liberals. Why do we do this job? Save lives and protect property. If you arent doing, or willing to do either one of those things, go sit at a desk, coward. These guys getting it done as per their norm. Just like it should be. Damn Proud.

  • Scooter

    Well said FireMAN! Strike Da Box! K

  • justin

    1) nothing wrong with the PO handjacking. that was completely within reason.
    2) nice hustle. when there are lives and/or property on the line, that kind of intensity is what the citizens expect and what we promise to deliver.

    if you think it’s ok to not try and make up seconds anywhere you can, or that you can simply walk your happy a$$ everywhere… you may want to reconsider the field you are in. go be a mail man or pro-golfer and get off the fire ground. b/c that apathetic type of attitude is dangerous.

    and btw- it doesn’t mean i’m not cool, calm, and collected. or that i’m some outta-control PG youngin… it’s just a reflection of my commitment to serve to the best of my ability and a bi-product of my training regiment. I PT so i can move that fast without tiring myself out. also, i train my brain to follow my bodies pace so it can quickly absorb/process all of the information i need it to. both just take practice, dedication and focus.

    take a lesson from special operators in the military. watch how they train themselves mentally and physically for reasons that could benefit what we are trying to accomplish. for them, speed kills (the bad guy). for us, speed tips the scales of a run-away disaster to our favor and can also be the difference between life and death.

  • Art of Fire

    It’s not about speed. Slow is SMOOTH and SMOOTH is fast. That’s how special operators train. And while I saw some smooth moves in that video, I also saw a little bit of running around and wasted energy.

    A SMOOTH operation would’ve had that initial handline in the building and it would’ve stayed there until the fire went out.

    That being said, the neighbors appreciated the effort and that is customer service at it’s best!

    All in all, I’d rather have these guys show up than 3/4 of the other videos we see on here.

  • IslaFire

    Rough crowd around here on this one. I was taught early on to close the doors on the apparatus. Stuff doesn’t fall out and you don’t take up room for another piece to pass.

    It sure does look like a few PG folks are on here. Look, you guys did a decent job. Better than some but not as good as others. Who cares. The fire is out. If you can’t take constructive criticism, don’t post your videos here. Few jobs are perfect. Simply because somebody has a different way of doing things doesn’t mean they are deserving of such insulting innuendo.

    Frankly, I’m embarrassed that any brother is treated poorly here. Calling somebody out and saying they must be a desk jockey, emergency responder, safety vest, etc. is uncalled for when you have no idea this person’s experience.

  • BCFD Hose Humper

    I’d imagine if the seals were going into a fire theyd establish a water supply first. And I’m unsure of how moving with speed while not laying in or parking a ladder under power lines tips the scale of devastation in our favor.

  • OldSchoolEngineman

    If you are a true “fireman” and not a coward, you can appreciate an Engine Company that actually makes a push like that in this era of the fire service. How many times have we seen completely ridiculous tactics for a fire that has already vented in a single story dwelling? All you have to criticize is how they didn’t shut their doors on the rig?? 90% of you should take note on how these guys didn’t stand on the front porch for 10 minutes pissing on the fire. Please, Please, Please explain to me how not closing doors has such a huge impact on how “firemen” aren’t able to perform their job professionally, and aggressively. That is a regular occurance in most city/urban fire departments where aggressive, fast paced engine companies operate daily. Tell the next fireman that jumps off the rig and continues in to rescue a child that he was such an amateur for not shutting the bucket door on the rig. You would probably get punched in the face. PGFD goes to fires. A lot of fires. If a family needed to depend on a company of firemen, they would without a doubt want firemen that are able to quickly and efficiently do their job. They would want firemen that aren’t afraid to perform their job the way it is supposed to be done even with the dozen or so individuals that would be in the front yard with vests on holding PAT tag boards. I get it. It’s PG County. The centerpiece for criticism. Just remember…while your constantly surfing the Internet waiting for these “cowboys” to do something wrong according to NFPA, these cowboy “firemen” are out there doing the job and starring in the next film for you to see.

  • Concerned FF

    It is amazing to see people criticize these guys for the hustle on the fire ground. As has been mentioned in these posts a few times, this is how good aggressive companies function. The sad part is they are becoming fewer by the day. I have grown up in an area where hustling as these guys are is frowned upon. And when I bring up the life safety aspect of course I get no response. It makes me proud to be in this profession when I watch videos like this! To all the aggressive companies out there, keep on doing what you’re doing. You are the leaders of the aggressive people on the job!