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Helmet-cam video: House burns twice, a year apart, in East. St. Louis, IL.

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Two fires in the same house in East St. Louis, IL. The fires were about a year apart. The first fire features two probies. The video is from bobbybushae, our sponsor’s YouTube channel. We have a video player in the right hand column of this site featuring these videos. Below is the description with the video:

This is a 2 part video. The 1st part is of an occupied 1 story house fire with smoke showing / fire venting from rear bedroom. We had 2 probationary firefighters with us that day and WOW was that fun. Pass devices going off and getting blasted in the face with an open nozzle was fun. But we ALL have to learn at the beginning! The probies made a quick stop and all was good. Until 1 year later the same house came in and it was going a little better this time, especially thru the attic. We were going to make the same push thru the front but the heat conditions were deteriorating by the second and being it was a vacant house now with fire thru the roof in some spots, we knocked it down from the outside and then went in. No one was injured but this was our 4th structure fire within our 24 hr shift….we were beat. The cameras used were the Fire Cam MINI HD and the Fire Cam 1080 Fire Helmet Cameras from

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  • This was inspiring

    To the officer who filmed this and his crew on both fires: Great job. Thanks for the added notes. Seeing you do a 360 and understanding your thinking was a good learning experience. I’ve read how understaffed e st louis is, and I can only say – hang in there. Others understand and respect how difficult it must be for you guys.

  • Sharppointy1

    Nice job on
    the 360 and the fast work on the fire. I wonder if the neighbors wished it burned all the way down this time….Did they determine a cause for either of the fires?

  • Fire21

    Really excellent work, even though you were short handed. Yes, I loved the footnotes…very informative. Only question I have is: Did the vent man make sure the plywood pieces were laying with the nails pointed down? Perhaps the screws were still in the window frame? Good job!

  • EastCoastLt.

    Geez is there only 1 engine in this whole dept?? Nice work with the bodies you had.

  • Anonymous

    No other companies? John Wayne time your on your own. Strong work fellas.

  • Com’ on man!

    Back in the early ’80′s when I was working across the river from them, the police department had it ‘s cruisers repo’ed, city hall was awarded to some guy who sued the city and won, and these guys would go a month without getting paid because the city was out of money. When asked by media why they continued to show up to work when they weren’t getting paid, the reply was that if they did not show up, they were afraid of getting stiffed for what was owed them. 30 years later, not much has changed for the better. It only looks worse.

  • cbj

    For those of us who run (work) like this – short staffed on the initial, it is crucial that the first line be deployed and stretched properly, everyone needs to pay attention to the line. Kinks, corners, etc. Know where your line is best deployed before you commit. This was a good job, well paced, good size-up. Nice work AND damn that camera is pretty good too!