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Arrival video: House fire in Baltimore, MD.

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Video from pbauer3124 of a fire yesterday afternoon in Baltimore, Maryland.

WBAL Radio:

Baltimore City Firefighters responded to a fire in a vacant house Sunday afternoon.

The fire was reported at 1:55 p.m. at 4702 Pilgrim Road.

A heavy fire was reported with flames shooting through the roof.

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  • ryan

    cool videos dave, wish they were longer. very professional looking operation. 1st in engine brought their own water and made room for the truck in front of the building. everyone on the fireground is moving with purpose and knows what their assignment is without having to be told

  • Fire21

    Nice to see the engine laying in…plenty of reason to warrant that! Did the truck engineer really forget to engage the PTO?

  • Sally

    Truck Engineer looks YOUNG! Might have wet his pants…. (not literally). Maybe he was new, and/or filling in for somebody. Cut him some slack. Didn’t have overall effect on operations. … Remember where you came from!

  • Anonymous

    Looks like they use 2 1/2″ or 3″ supply line. This must be a popular thing on the east coast. In my department we use 4″ and most departments in my state use at least 4″, most are 5″ or 6″ supply lines.

  • BCFD Truck 29

    Well Sally, He is not a new-bee he has 13 years in the job and is a decoreated veteran and If you must know our truck is a 1995 Simmon / Duplex LTI with 118,000.00 miles on it and it has major mechanical problems not to mention our truck alone does approx 2,500 runs a year and with the goverment cuts in the budgets we have to make due.

    • Fire21

      Now I’m really curious…was the problem related to the mechanical troubles you mentioned? It seems that a LOT of cities have aging fleets, and can’t keep up. You’d think there’d be some ingenious folks out there who could figure out how to build a firetruck cheaper. I mean, a million $$ for a ladder truck, or $500,000 for an engine is just mind blowing. Our 2001 Pierce 100′ SkyArm was $725,000 12 years ago!!

      We’re going to continue to degrade in our capabilities if our fleets can’t maintain a semblance of operability. I’d say it’s time to take some foreign aid money and make it domestic aid money!!

  • BCFD Truck 29

    On a small dwelling fire we use 3″ supply like in the picture above on apartments or commercial we use 5″ and we can lay dual 3″ as needed our hydrants are about 300 to 500 feet apart and the mechanical problem is that the PTO is a switch that will light up when activated in the on position but sometimes it does not engage so you have to reset it and try the hydrolics again.

  • Jim

    Did anybody catch the comment by the resident? “It went up so fast” I think the fire service may need to start educating the public about how much faster fires are spreading today. It may help us keep our staffing.