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Firefighters duck as Oakland, CA firehouse riddled with bullets. No firefighters struck but man murdered in neighborhood.

Henry K. Lee, San Francisco Chronicle:

Firefighters had just returned to their station in East Oakland from a call  Tuesday night when they heard dozens of gunshots. A lieutenant remarked to a  cadet that when they hear gunfire like that, it usually means they’ll be  responding to an incident soon.

But seconds later, a bullet pierced a back window of Station 18 at 50th and  Bancroft avenues, whizzed down the length of a hook-and-ladder truck – right  where two firefighters had been standing – and exited through a front window  before lodging in an apartment building across the street.

A firefighter ducked behind a front wheel of a fire engine. Two threw  themselves under a desk in a nearby office, while a firefighter upstairs “could  hear the bullet zinging, and that’s when she ducked,” said Battalion Chief Emon  Usher.

Amy Hollyfield, KGO-TV:

“They dove underneath the fire engine, firefighters inside dove underneath the desk,” Battalion Chief Emon Usher said. “Upstairs they could hear the bullets zinging by.”

Bullets hit two window panes; one in the back garage door, and one in the front. They came from a murder in the 5000 block of Melrose Avenue. A 19-year-old was killed while attending a vigil just before 9 p.m.

“No firefighters were injured and the only thing that was damaged was the apparatus doors, so we were very fortunate last night,” Usher said.

ShotSpotter, the city’s gunfire-detection system, recorded at least 22 shots  during the Tuesday night incident.


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  • Sharppointy1

    O M G I’m thinking they need to switch their window glass out with some bulletproof glass. As for the other station, I hate the idea of FF’s having to be inside a fortress, but it sounds like that’s what they need.
    This story puts a whole new spin on “Stay Safe”.

  • David S.

    What a sad situation in 2013 that a firehouse that was once thought to be a safe place is now a target. These punks need to be caught and thrown in jail for a long time.How sad!!!

  • Anonymous

    Back in the day, we had a building in St. Louis across the street from the Darst-Webb high rise housing projects. On occasion they would shoot from the projects into the side of the building. After a while, the outside wall looked like Beirut. One night, shots came from the opposite side of the building where there were windows. A couple of spare rigs were hit and a round hit the doorjamb of the shift commander’s office while they were sitting at the desk. A couple of inches to the right and it would have passed through the glass in the office door and hit struck the shift commander. As they say, SS,DD.