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Raw video: Apartment fire in Huntsville, Alabama.

Video from beefsteww1 of a fire yesterday at the Brittany Point Apartments in Hunstville, Alabama.


Huntsville Fire crews returned to the scene of an apartment fire at Brittany Point Tuesday morning to prevent hot spots from flaring up.

The fire started before 2 p.m. Monday at the complex at Willowbrook Drive and Benton Street.

Several units in one of the buildings were on fire and smoke could be seen for several miles. Huntsville Fire had eight fire units on scene, including several rapid intervention teams.

The fire destroyed at least eight units. District Chief Ronnie Dodson said the fire was coming out through the windows when crews arrived on scene.

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  • Fire21

    Curious that the write-up says there were “8 fire units on scene”, yet all we see is one. I was surprised to not see a ladder company…perhaps they were all off-camera due to lousy access to the building. And seldom do we see an engineer putting on a mask to do his job!

    This was just another example of a dept trying to handle a fire in a lightweight structure. It isn’t very often that things turn out well. But it did look like they saved half of the building.

    • CHAOS

      I was looking for the other rigs myself, although there did seem to be access to the building aerial-wise from immediately in front of or behind the engine. After seeing conditions from the front that suggested this was going to run right down the roof & attic, I was pleasantly surprised when the view switched to the rear and it appeared that they held it to that end & didn’t let it get much past the stair tower. Those pesky firewalls do come in handy.

      As far as the chauffeur packing up, he was getting a good amount of smoke until the wind shifted away. I’ve gone on air at the pump panel and turntable myself because of banking smoke. From the other side, it is an interesting feeling when you’re inside and thinking you’re making good progress and hear your driver on the radio and realize he’s “on air”.

  • Ryan

    What the hell is with the driver/operator in his class b packing up?!? Seriously, if someone could even suggest a reason go ahead.

  • fyrecapt

    Kudos to the engineer for taking a second to put on a breather…

    No reason to breath that crap!

  • cappy

    The D/O was packed up to stop eating smoke! The wind had shifted and covered him up.It was kicking his you know what for a little while.
    The key board commanders will love this one.
    The staffing look like the typical staffing you would see in 90 percent of this country. Exterior attack was pretty good given the extent of involvement and personnel on scene.
    My hats off to a handful of people willing to do what they can with little resources.

  • CoffeeTime

    One engine,1 operator, 3 FFs, 3 lines, 1 Chief, no truck. What were the other 7 fire units dong?? Not a bad job for as few as there seemed to be working.

  • Chief Dill

    I’ve packed up before at the panel. Smoke conditions said to..
    Another of the right tools to do the job. They just didn’t have them on this fire. Hope they get them soon.

  • chief 511

    With 8 units, I would think they would have more manpower.

  • E20

    Hey Ryan,

    He is packing up so that he can breath! in case you didn’t notice he had smoke coming down over him. why else would someone pack up?? get a clue dude.

  • dave

    link to some pics. shows 2 engines and a platform at what appears to be the rear of the building.

  • VolFFinNC

    I was wondering the same as far as other units on scene as all I ever saw was E-9 and the crew from E-9. From what I saw even when it switched to the rear view it looked like only the one engine man power was there. I got to give kudos for the D/O masking up with all that smoke around him, no reason to be having to breath that crap, so good on him for masking up!

    Also kudos to the crew of engine 9! Ya’ll did a great job with what you had on scene and did great at keeping the damage from going further than it did, great job guys!

  • Rich

    If the wind was blowing from the opposite side they could have lost the whole complex. Good stop otherwise . One question : Where is the stick?? With the volume of fire that consumed the roof ,I thought you might see an aerial ladder in case this thing jumped the fire wall ,which it almost did!

  • Jim

    Does anybody have any details on the fire? It looks like it came out the C side windows in the c/b corner and auto exposed to the second floor and roof. Just trying to understand the fire behavior part of it.

  • Sharppointy1

    I knew you guys would come to my rescue to clear up my curiosity why the chauffeur was masking up. Thanks for explaining it. Glad he put it on.

  • Old Guy

    Good to know that when they bulldoze the building today, there will be plenty of intact windows protecting the building.

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  • Big Mose

    One more case for automatic sprinklers.