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A must see: Naked man jumps on PGFD ladder truck at Calverton, MD grocery store. Incident ends with a tasing by police.

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Naked man now chared with attempted murder

The crew from PGFD Truck 831 eneded up with something that wasn’t on their grocery list when they made a stop for food Wednesday at a store in Calverton, Maryland. They found a naked man on the tip of the aerial ladder. Working with PGPD, firefighters maneuvered the ladder and eventually the man came down for a meeting with the police officers. It ended with a tasing. Video above by crotti2009.

According to PGFD, the person shouted threats and performed lewd acts to himself while climbing on the ladder bed. The man was taken to an area hospital after he was tased.

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    “Hey, Chief, we washed the ladder this afternoon.
    We REALLY washed the ladder.”

  • Fire21

    Send a cop up to the tip with a Halligan and “pry” him loose. I know, I know, he’s crazy and needs to be treated kindly, which he was.

  • Rich

    Naked “combatants” are difficult to grasp as there are no clothes to get leverage on to subdue them. Taser was used at the right moment, and was the right decision.
    I had an “unruly” woman who was naked once on a job ,and , it was a bitch trying to get hold of her !!

  • SFC

    Ladder Truck $550,000 dollars
    A great tasing, PRICELESS!

  • Steve in NJ

    My best guess is PCP laced joint or cigarette. In Camden it is known as “wet” and in Trenton it’s called “boat.” See also “sherm.” Common for users to exhibit bizarre behavior, hallucinate and, yes, for whatever reason take off all their clothes.

    • Pipeman27

      Classic “dipper” behavior, we are all too farmiliar with this here in the DC/PG area. PCP is a hell if a drug, too bad most PD officers do is send em to the hospital but never charge em with anything.

      • Steve in NJ

        “Dipper.” That’s a new one on me. Gotta love all the reqional street names for this stuff. Last year a woman in Camden was high on “wet” (aka “dipper”) and committed suicide after decapitating her 2 year old son. Bad s**t


    Naked and on a Ladder truck…how awesome is that…never see this on an Engine…NEVER!!!!!!!!!!

  • SFD

    Some volunteer departments will take anyone. LOL.

  • Sharppointy1

    ^^ SFD FTW. I liked the lady who walked by around 3:22 like nothing unusual was happening. “Oh yes, naked men being tased off ladder trucks happens every week at my grocery store.”

  • slackjawedyokel

    typical truckie

  • ThatGuy

    Pipeman said it best… This is just another day in PG/DC, Cigarettes laced with PCP also known as a “Dipper”. Sucks the police department just sends these guys to the hospital and never does anything about it.

  • Wornbothhats

    Take the damn recruiting sign of the rig…

  • PGFD

    Napo lost weight.