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Phoenix firefighter ‘gravely injured’. Crushed between two rigs at mulch fire.

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Phoenix Fire Department

Update: Firefighter Bradley Harper dies from injuries

Cecilia Chan & Mark Carlson,

Department officials said the firefighter was trapped between two emergency vehicles and was transported to the hospital in extremely critical condition. The Phoenix Police Department is investigating the accident, which happened around 5:30 p.m. in the area of 39th Avenue and Miami Street. The fire department was responding to a fire at a fertilizer company, according to fire officials.


A firefighter was critically injured at the scene of a mulch fire near 37th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road on Saturday night.

Phoenix Police Sgt. Tommy Thompson says the firefighter somehow got pinned between two fire vehicles when crews were re-positioning while fighting the flames.

What we know about the injured firefighter is that he is 23-years-old, part of engine rescue 21 and has served two years with Phoenix Fire Department.

Phoenix Fire Chief Bob Kahn said, “This is a very serious situation and we’re heartbroken, but we still have hope.”


Phoenix police Sgt. Tommy Thompson said the 23-year-old firefighter was “gravely injured” when he became pinned between two vehicles that were  “re-positioning.”

There is no word on the specifics of the firefighter’s injuries, other than  he is in extremely critical condition.

Dozens of family members, firefighters and even police officers and the mayor  turned up to support him.

Phoenix fire Chief Bob Khan called the fire department “close like a family”  and said he was praying for the injured firefighter.

Allyson Blair, KPHO-TV:

Phoenix police said crews were repositioning several trucks when the firefighter became pinned. It’s still unclear exactly how that happened.

Saturday night firefighters were huddled outside the entrance of the emergency room at the hospital while the young man’s wife and parents waited inside. 

Phoenix Fire Chief Bob Khan described the firefighter as resilient. Khan said the 23-year-old had been a member of the department for two years and that he volunteered to be assigned to Phoenix’s busiest fire unit. 

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  • Fire21

    I see where he has died. May God have mercy on his soul, and on his family and friends. Be strong, Phoenix…we all grieve with you.