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Galveston Fire Department old & new: House fire this week along with film of some old school firefighting.

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Above is a brief video provided by the Galveston (TX) Fire Department of a house fire Thursday at 3414 Ball Street as an evacuation is ordered. Below is a description of the fire from Interim Fire Chief Mike Wisko along with video from Galveston County Daily News:

First alarm units included Engine 1, 2, 5 Ladder 1, Squad 5, the Safety Captain & the Battalion Chief. Upon arrival units found a two story wood frame house (3414) heavily involved on both floors with an exposure on the B side (3416). An interior attack was initiated on both 3414 & 3416. A primary search was initiated in both structures and an exposure line was placed between 3414 & 3416. Crews inside 3414 encountered heavy fire which hampered the search.

They attempted to access the second floor and received the order to evacuate. A RIT crew was entering the front door just to see if they could aid the interior crew when the interior crew exited on their own. A second alarm was requested immediately after the change in strategy. There were ten occupants in the house at 3414 Ball when the fire started and all self evacuated. One was treated for minor injures. Additionally, one Firefighter was treated for dehydration.

While looking for additional video from this fire I came across the two clips below from Gregg Riley showing the Galveston Fire Department of long ago. There are a variety of fires and other scenes. It’s well worth watching.

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  • George Lantzy, Jr.

    Amazing videos of the way firefighting used to be and the advancement of gear from no gear at all to the rubber coats and hip boots to what we use today. Wooden ladders replaced with aluminum and fiberglass now, no breathing apparatus, amazing more firefighters were not killed in lodd. Just goes to show how far we have come and how much more we can do and are doing to make it even safer. Great job on the videoes Galveston.

  • OldSutterOne

    Those were the days when firefighting was dangerous and sex was safe!

  • JustSayin’

    Old school fire fighting..
    When men were men and their lungs were black.

    Of course, “old school” is STILL advocated by many of the lunkheads who post here
    and the likes of NYFD, “the Best FD’s in the USA”
    (best as what.. maiming, burning, killing FFs

    “For 200 years, we’ve been providing a service at the expense of those providing the service.”

    • http://att boots

      You obviously don’t know FDNY as it is today

  • Harry Rampe

    Brings back memories on how we used to fight fire.Times have changed,for the good

  • slackjawedyokel

    Just think ,if these guys could bring their work ethic and want to, to todays fire service with all the training opportunities and technologic advances we are blessed with. They would be amazing.

    • Firefighter8400

      Where I live, some of the youth are so lazy, if their house caught fire, somebody would have to carry them out. They are too lazy to get out on their own!

  • Cappy

    Great video Dave, thanks for sharing.The old school stuff is interesting to watch and reflect on.

  • North Chief

    Amazing without 2000 gpm pumpers, 100 foot articulating tower ladders and command vests, these guys actually put the fire out, wow! Goes to show what cajones and a strong work ethic can do.