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Helmet-cam: Detached garage threatens home in Chili, NY.

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Video from High Def Helmet of a detached garage fire extending to a home in Chili, NY. The first-in engine reports hitting a dead hydrant.

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  • Scooter

    Put the rig in the driveway, and little slow getting the line run… right at 1 min camera cuts off then later comes back on… Sometimes the best way to cover the exposure is to put the fire out. Hit the exposure quickly (20 seconds or so) then hit the garage and the fire goes out. Get a little closer looks like they were quite a distance from the garage K Strike Da Box!K

  • Fire21

    However, good job selecting the 2-1/2, Firefighter Andy!

  • Blue

    Either pull in or back in the driveway, leave the road to additional units/tankers. Attack with the 2 & 1/2 backed up by two smaller lines, well played.

  • Northern Chief

    I think Scooter is right on, but, they had a dead hydrant. May need to conserve the water for the exposure until a second water source is established. More fire than a 750-1000 gallons of water will extinguish. RECEO VS…No rescue, Exposures is next…Garage was well involved and the exposure becomes the priority…

    • Ryan

      If you need to conserve water, put the fire out! Hitting the exposure for a few seconds then blitzing the snot out of the fire leaves you with a very darkened down fire, an empty tank, and little exposure problems.

      Using your limited water to protect the exposure leaves you with a fire that’s now larger, an empty tank, and nothing protecting the exposure.

      In the video @ around 2:50, just a few seconds of water knocked a lot of fire down. Do that a little earlier and you have a lot less heat transferring to the exposure.

  • Fire Messiah

    If you put the fire out then the problem goes away. Use all the expressions you want, but it took them probably 10-15 seconds once they actually hit the fire in the garage to knock the majority of it out. If they would’ve done that to begin with the dead hydrant wouldn’t have been that much of an issue. Plus the 3 lines they had flowing isn’t great for conserving water.