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UPDATE – Watch live, plus videos of explosion: Train derailment & explosion in Rosedale, MD. Blast caught on video. Evacuation ordered.

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WMAR-TV live coverage (when available) 

WJZ-TV live coverage 

WBAL-TV live coverage

The video above captured the explosion earlier this afternoon. It is at approximately 1:05  in the video.

In the video immediate below the person with the camera asks. “How far away do you think we are?’. His answer comes almost immediately. Clearly not far enough. Thanks to reader Lewis Melcher for first alerting us to both videos.


Hazmat crews are on the scene of a train derailment and explosion in Baltimore County.

It happened sometime around 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun:

Authorities in Baltimore County were responding to a report of a train derailment in the White Marsh area that caused a loud explosion and sent a plume of white smoke into the sky that could be seen clearly from downtown Baltimore.

Baltimore County police posted to Twitter that a cargo train had derailed in the 7500 block of Lake Drive, near an industrial park. Initial reports were that no one was hurt, but hazardous material teams were responding to the scene.

Several industrial buildings were reported to have collapsed, and police were diverting traffic from Pulaski Highway. 


Fire, hazmat and emergency personnel are on the scene of a derailed cargo train with a fire in Rosedale. 
Officials say the derailment happened at about 2:00 p.m. in the 7500 block of Lake Drive. 

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  • Capt 45-2

    oh the people we are sworn to protect !!!! With a kid in the back seat ?? Ugggg

  • Tree

    Within a couple hundred yards of the I-95 overpass – that would have been interesting.

    And about 500-600 yards from the Baltimore County fire training grounds.

    Those covered hoppers often carry plastic pellets, which would tend to explain the black smoke.

    • mdff

      Baltimore City Fire Academy is about a mile or less away not Baltimore County where the incident was located.

      2 fine upstanding citizens of the community driving around with a 1 year old in the back seat on a Tuesday afternoon.Makes me proud to be from Baltimore.

  • CMG_691

    “I had a feeling something was gunna blowed up”. Yea, great job dummy as you keep getting closer with a toddler in the backseat.

  • DPTV

    Well ,there goes two perfectly good pair of underwear !

  • Rich Schaffer

    It is tragic the baby is in the car with those mouths, not to mention them wanting to get closer.

  • NJ FF

    What a difference 48 hours can make . while driving home from SC I stopped at Chaps pit beef which is near this .

  • Fire21

    DA-YAM, Can’t anybody speak plain English anymore??

  • Buffalo

    I love Baltimore people. Just like the folks here in the Ruff Buff. Always entertaining.

  • Lt117

    The perfect KEYBOARD IC right there folks!!!! He is being such a great mentor to the child in the back! Nothing but an oxygen thief if you ask me!

  • CareerLt

    These are the types of people that make all of us from “Bawlmer” proud to be “Murlanders”

    • dave statter

      Hey, I resemble those remarks (even though I now live in VA).