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Caught on camera: Detroit firefighters hit & seriously injured by falling bricks at two-alarm fire.

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Earlier this morning we  showed you aerial drone video from this fire in Detroit yesterday evening that injured firefighters. One of our regular readers, who reliably sends us good material, spotted what I missed. A videographer with WDIV-TV was rolling when two firefighters were showered and seriously injured by falling bricks. One firefighter was on a ground ladder the other, who was more seriously injured, was footing the ladder.

The two-alarm fire was in a commercial building at East Ferry and Chene on Detroit’s East side. WDIV reports four firefighters were hurt during the blaze and according to the TV station firefighters transported them to the hospital aboard fire trucks rather than wait for EMS.

Shawn Ley, WDIV-TV

Two firefighters were badly injured by falling debris – it was caught on camera.  Local 4 cameras were rolling as pieces of a roof came crashing down on top of a firefighter on a ladder. Below him, it’s discovered that debris also hit a firefighter on the ground.  With two firefighters injured, you could see the frantic effort fellow firefighters made to drag the firefighter on the ground out of harm’s way. That firefighter appeared knocked out – but then he opened his eyes. Bricks came crashing down on top of the firefighter on the ladder, knocking his helmet off, his head battered by debris. He looked stunned. They are both hospitalized in serious condition with what is described as closed head injuries.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Fire21

    Some will criticize the ladder man for not having his helmet strap tight enough. When you get hit with a “ton of bricks”…literally…all sorts of safety gear can become dislodged. This was an unfortunate accident. Hope both of them recover well.

    Simply amazing what all gets caught on camera these days.

    • VolFFinNC

      Very true about it become dislodged. Another thing to remember and I’m sure most if not all of us are “guilty” of is the fact that we adjust the strap for use when we have a hood and mask on and tend not to tighten it back up due to having to once again loosen it once you don your mask and hood.

      I hope both firefighters have a speedy recovery and that there are no permanent injuries to either firefighter.

  • Retired Chief

    Company Officers & Chiefs in Detroit are well seasoned and should have recognized with heavy fire in the roof area that the parapet wall was compromised before this happened.

    • Jimmy McCommenter

      Its a good thing we can watch this video over and over again, so that we can make an educated decision and rush the decision to the fireground before it happens…. oh.

  • cappy

    Many parapet and other exterior wall configurations are compromised and waiting on a firefighter to suffer the same fate under similar circumstances. Get out in your district and look for these problems with your buildings. Encourage the building inspectors to share this type info with the fire dept. Establish collapse zones that keep people safe.He quite possibly was accidentally lucky the lid did become dislodged upon impact. By and large we should use our chin straps properly… but in this rare and extreme case,the lid coming off may have contributed to lesser injuries than those sustained. Hope the brother recovers quickly and returns to full duty.

  • Capt Dick

    If anyone saw “Burn” it just proves history can and will repeat itself. DFD is one hell of a dept. but it damn sure ain’t worth getting disabled or killed over.

  • ThatGuy

    The guys and their families are in my thoughts. Hope they recover quickly!