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Plane crashes into Herndon, VA apartment building. Fairfax County officials report only three minor injuries.

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Authorities say three people suffered minor injuries when a small plane crashed into the living room of an apartment in Herndon.

Capt. Willie Bailey with Fairfax County Fire and Rescue says the plane was headed from the Philadelphia area to Manassas Regional Airport early Friday when it ran out of fuel and crashed. Officials say three people – two in the apartment and one in the Cessna 177B – had minor injuries. The Red Cross is helping nine adults, seven children and three pets who had to leave the building.

John Gonzalez, WJLA-TV:

The two-passenger plane crashed into a three-story apartment building in the 2200 block of Astoria Circle at around 12:30 Friday morning, authorities say.

The two people in the plane and one person in the building were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Nine adults, seven children and three pets were evacuated from the building. Sources say that the plane was on its way to Manassas airport from Philadelphia and ran out of fuel. The Cessna tried to land in Dulles, but did not make it and crashed into the apartment building. When the plane crashed into one of the apartment buildings, the pilot stumbled out of the plane and told one of the residents, “I think we hit your apartment.” About 20 people have been evacuated from the building, while cranes are beginning the long process of stabilizing the structure and removing the lodged plane.

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  • Brooks

    back when I was a student pilot, the club I was in had a no-tolerance policy for unplanned groundings due to running out of fuel. It’s completely pilot error, and completely preventable. You are supposed to calculate the fuel use for the flight, and dip each of the wing tanks to ensure you have enough plus reserve, as well as view fuel samples for water contamination prior to flight.

    OTOH, the saying goes, a good landing is any landing you can walk away from.

  • Fire21

    Are there penalties from the FAA for such gross errors? It’s stupid to run out on a highway, it’s deadly to run out in the air!! Some very lucky folks in this particular event!

  • Sharppointy1

    Whoa! I’m 2 days out from surgery, recuperating at home and this is the first story I looked at…..So glad I don’t have an airplane in my living room! I can understand being too upset to dial 911 :)
    Completely amazing story. Thanks for posting it, Dave.

    • dave statter

      Best wishes for a quick recovery.

    • Fire21

      Get well quickly, Sharppointy1. Glad you’re back on the air.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, Fire21 and Dave. Slow and steady. Shocked about HFD tragedy…

  • Mtnfireguy

    “the pilot stumbled out of the plane and told one of the residents, “I think we hit your apartment.”

    No kidding, Captain Obvious! Spatial disorientation at its best!