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Two DC firefighters accused by female firefighter of sexual assault. Two supervisors’ actions are part of the investigation.

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Four firefighters are being investigated for an alleged sexual assault of a female firefighter at a DC firehouse, officials say.

The firehouse where the alleged incident occurred at Engine #1 which is located on the 2200 block of M Street, N.W. Two firefighters and two supervisors have been placed on administrative duties. The female firefighter is from the same unit as the four that are being investigated, officials say. 

D.C. Police say that a report for a misdemeanor sex abuse at 2200 M Street NW was filed on May 31. The incident occurred around midnight.

The police report shows that the accuser reported that “she was asleep at the Firehouse when she felt someone touched her inner thigh.” 

In a statement from the President of the DC Fire Fighters Association, Edward C. Smith said, “We are watching this situation closely and are concerned anytime there are such allegations. Local 36 represents all of the firefighters and urges the department to conduct a thorough investigation in a timely manner that is fair to all.”  

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Matt Ackland, WTTG-TV/Fox5:

D.C. police are conducting a sexual assault investigation which allegedly took place inside a firehouse.

The alleged victim is a female firefighter who says she was inappropriately touched while she slept early Friday morning at the 2225 M Street firehouse in Northwest D.C.

A police report reveals the victim says she felt an unknown suspect touching her inner thigh which woke her up.

The D.C. fire department is also conducting its own internal investigation to find out if the female firefighter’s report of the alleged incident to her immediate supervisors was then passed on to police and administrators within the fire department in a timely manner.

Four firefighters have been placed on administrative duties pending the result of the investigation.

The alleged victim remains on the job.

Local 36, which represent the firefighters involved, issued this statement:

“We are watching this situation closely and are concerned anytime there are such allegations. Local 36 represents all of the firefighters and urges the department to conduct a thorough investigation in a timely manner that is fair to all.”


Four District of Columbia firefighters were placed on leave Monday while authorities investigate the sexual assault of a female firefighter inside a D.C. station.

The alleged assault happened at a fire station at 2225 M Street NW. Sources tell ABC7’s Jay Korff that the assault happened last Thursday.

MPD officials say the victim claims she was touched by unknown men while she was asleep.

D.C. Fire and EMS officials said in a statement that four firefighters have been placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of the investigation.

The firefighters on administrative duty won’t have contact with the general public.

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  • ThatGuy

    If she was asleep, how would she know somebody touched her?

    • Shell

      I have been a female working in fire/EMS For ten years. And this just pisses me off.It is male nature to sniff around, a god given curse to men but going into this field I knew what could happen. I have been touched or talked to sexually. And you know what? I tell them to f off if its not welcomed. I don’t cry or run to the chief. I am in a man’s world and handle it that way . We want to be equals but we act like little girls. Grow up!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    how many times has she done this?

    • Rita

      How many times, seems to me, that it wouldn’t be your business. Why don’t you ask the right questions instead? why were those men violating her? Sex is consensual, any different is a crime. Why were wasting their time while on duty?
      How easy it is for a man to find faults in women: “must have been her fault”. What you are missing is that sexual abuse ( unwanted sex) has nothing to do with sex or being horny and it is not caused by women, but by men who lack of power. Men who are afraid that women will take their place. Jesus come out of your primitive state of mind. Plus to fault a woman is such a “victim” thing to do. WTF you men do not have a brain to make the right decision to just chill out and work. The brain is made of several parts, stop using the primitive part and evolve!!!!

      • HOOKMAN

        @RITA….who in the heck said those accused violated her in anyway….Who in the heck said anyone had sex with her….who said, the accused did nothing more than wake her up for her nite watch duties like everyone else is woken up…WHY DON’T YOU comeout of YOUR primitive state of mind and look at this from both sides..Has a crime really been committed because the victim alleges something occurred?????

        Anyways…thanks for your onesided feminist viewpoint on an issue you clearly no squat about….and when you get a chance…why don’t you get some facts before you start speaking out of your piehole….

      • Mark too

        Maybe you should step back, take a breath and re-think your response.

        How easy is it for a woman to find faults in men: “he must have done it” cause she said so. What YOU seem to be missing is that at this point, without an actual witness, this is essentially a he said, she said situation. If all that happened was the touching of her leg, then there’s likely no physical evidence to prove such and may not necessarily even be a “sexual assault”.

        Like it or not, there have been enough instances of false allegations by women alleging assaults – physical or sexual – that automatically assuming it happened and making comments to that effect in a forum like this is reckless.

        Like it or not, some people who make allegations that are hard to disprove due to a lack of witnesses and/or evidence have a history of similar behavior.

        The question was borderline inappropriate, but certainly not baseless nor worthy of your tirade. Assumptions on both sides of the coin are of no benefit when the appropriate investigations haven’t been completed.


    get yo a$$ up fo watch you Pile of Garbage….next order out will be…How to properly wake up a female LOAD for watch….And the accused should be afforded the same treatment that was given to Lt. Kellene Davis who was put back to full duty while still waiting for her August jury trial FOR 4TH DEGREE BURGLARY, B&E and TRESPASSING…Stay strong brothers!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Man you just can’t let go can you?

      • HOOKMAN

        Boo…you just can’t accept the truth in whatever I say or what anyone else says, but you continue to sit back and watch the circus and the Chief Clown operate in such a obvious and disparate way towards grown individuals….of course this brings joy to you, because you know the Clown gots yo back and that its quite acceptable to watch a grown man operate in a childish and payback mentality kinda way….

        With that said….get over your roots and where you grew up because NOBODY CARES…the fireman from PENNSYLVANIA, MD, NC, WV, DE etc., are here to stay baby…….maybe oneday…you and Chief Clown can come out of your comfort zone and explore the country….meet and interact with people of different walks of life and then hopefully, you’ll begin to realize that life and mankind did not evolve from SE DC and your metality of if you didn’t walk where we walked….then you ain’t deserving of a job in DC…kisses

        • Anonymous

          Grow up Dude!!! You have no idea as to where I’m from or what my views are concerning anyone or anything DCFEMS related.

          You are most likely an AVERAGE F/F at best……regardless of where you’re from….as I DON’T CARE!! Your only claim to fame is bashing whatever Fire Chief there is on this and many other forums.

          If someone disagrees with you or voices another opinion ……their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS by the way, you accused them of “riding the Chief’s jock”.

          Earth to HOOKMAN…..the past is the past. It’s too late….get over it.

    • Camp Meeting

      Really? She went back to full duty? Good, everyone else on charges and on day work or forced leave or lwop now has a fight against the racist pig fire chef…

      • HOOKMAN

        @Camp Meeting…..every unfair discipline case should be compared and measured against this outstanding Lieutenant’s charges and how Chief Clown and his administration handled her case….SHE WAS NEVER INTERNALLY brought up on charges FOR HER FAILURE to report said charges, but is allowed back to a full duty status while she awaits her jury trial on 8/13/2013…FYI…this is public information and so isn’t her original charges…

        Camp….this individual who’s dedicated her life to protecting the visitors and citizens of the District of Columbia is allowed into peoples homes, government bldgs, The White House etc….now don’t you feel comfortable that someone who posts a pic on his facebook page (while off duty) of an MPD officer walking away from his vehicle, after giving him a ticket and these gentleman from the WEST END firehouse are taken off the street….NO DISPARITY in treatment here….right KENZIN…..

        • Anonymous

          Perhaps that Hay was to feed this DEAD HORSE you keep beating

  • Eric

    How can one weep about an incompetent Chief, when the department itself is incompetent….

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like the dept is following the lead of its incompetent chief, he has sexual harassment allegations before he went to Florida, sexual allegations while he was chief in Florida, and at least 2 females have complained about him since he’s been back. Oh yeah and what about the cadet who was sexually assaulted at the training acadmey! Way to lead by example chief! Maybe these gentleman were feeling for her name tag so they could look at it, or maybe it was just there heritage to feel on people. Hey Dave where are all the articles of the chiefs allegations of sexual misconduct. Can we get those back up in a link?

      • Anonymous

        How is this relevant?

        • Anonymous

          You brought up the chief not me^^^ lead by example that’s how it’s relevant

        • Anonymous

          How is it not relevant ?

  • ukfbbuff

    Let’s make sure it is a thorough investigation and not make any Rush to Judgement.

  • Fire21

    I can’t believe that males would do this in today’s world of sexual misconduct awareness. But….

  • T Miller

    DC firemen are over paid babys.This should not happen if it is True.No one should defend these males.

  • Anonymous

    What if it turns out that she was not telling the truth? Is that not possible? Presumed innocence is dead?

    • BH

      Presumed “its her fault/she’s lying” is clearly alive and well.

  • LRBHater

    I think EVERYONE with an opinion about this should just keep their thoughts to themselves and let the investigation run its course. Innocent until proven guilty, right? Stop “Firehouse Attorneying” people when you don’t know the facts or those involved. It may all be a misunderstanding, such as what Hookman said, but once again, we don’t know if it was a “Watch” thing or not. I personally think its possible cuz I’ve had to literally kick and pinch people to wake up for watch.


      agreed…behind the scenes and without providing names…we know or most of us know, who the individual/accuser is…with that being said, I’m tending to lean towards the side of the night watchmen and other things I’ve heard from numerous sources…a thorough investigation would be nice, but I’m concerned the accused will not get that…lets hope they do…

    • Anonymous

      It is because there is a history there. You didn’t hear anybody presume it was the cadets fault when that news came out.

  • Dave Statter


    Some of you may have noticed I have not allowed comments to go through that talk about things involving the personnel connected to this incident that are not currently part of the news. There have been such comments about individuals on both sides and the officers involved. Stick to providing your opinions about the story and leave the reporting to others (or feel free to start your own blog and post it to your heart’s content).

    Also, stop the name calling and personal attacks on each other. I am not interested in it (though I am sure I’ve let more than I should slip through).

    Save the personal attacks for the public officials (if you must) like Kenneth Ellerbe, Dennis Rubin, Dave Statter, etc.

    Fire away.


    • Rich Schaffer

      Dave is it me or is there NO REPORTING WHATSOEVER on DC fires? Seems like if the department would focus some attention on the GOOD the firefighters do then maybe it would take some of the negative attention away!! Seems to be all we get on this site! I know there have been a lot of fires, rescue incidents, etc., but I am assuming you only post incidents that were covered by the media? Wouldn’t be hard for the DC PIO to cover the big daily incidents DC handles- the questions is WHY is there no coverage? ps here is an interesting link a friend of mine recently wrote, maybe would help DCF/EMS and other PIOs:

  • Barney Miller

    I was just reading about hostile work environments and continuing violation doctrine…..funny. Google it Chief!

  • LRBHater

    I agree with you Dave.

  • Dirk Diggler

    I think Dave & Hater are correct, please allow the investigation to work through the proper channels. But, I may add that we should temporary suspend all workers from Pennsylvania & West Virginia for safety concerns of our members… We just can’t take a chance of this happening again.


    I Love you Dave…

    • dave statter

      I love me too Hookman.

  • Pipeman27

    This smells fishy to me

  • Anonymous

    Not sure whether it can be called “sex” (Rita) as opposed to perhaps “inappropriate contact”, if that at all, I wasn’t there so I DO NOT know. Some are fortunate to know (or think they know) the parties involved and may believe they are more informed than others. However, the accused are not always guilty & the “victim” is not always such. Allow the investigation to run it’s course (All). T Miller, I think I am paid a decent salary for the work that I perform, but I am by no means “overpaid”. And if by babies (correct spelling) you mean that the men & women of this great department voice their opinions about their lack of a pay raise, questionable leadership, working conditions (at times perceived to be hostile), sub-par apparatus fleet & things of the like, keep that in mind the next time you display your funky attitude while asking someone if they’d like fries with their order. You should simply just be thankful you have a job, right?. Afterall, isn’t that what you’re suggesting we should do?

  • Frankie Goes Hollywood

    I love how people love to pass judgement on others, oh the young lady was lazy, oh shes a liar, what about if this is your wife, girlfriend, or someone you know who comes to you and states they have been groped, touched inapproprriately, how would you react, by saying “how many times has this happened or your just lazy, I do not think so, Before you start passing judgement on others let the investigation take its course


      Well FWANKIE….my gut feeling and most others is that this is a bunch of BS…if I and others counted the times we were touched, punched, kicked to get us up for night watch, the majority of the department would be locked up or on probation for assault….Some of us do have inside info and with the individual in ?…we feel confident these charges are beyond BS, so though your entitled to your outsider views and opinions, enough with the passing judgement….i leave a .05% chance this story has relevance…other than that…ill stick to what my gut thinks….and from what I’ve been told…its about to upchuck yesterdays nachos…

      • BH

        You’re a perfect example of why most rape survivors never file reports.

  • Ol Skool 86

    It’s all bs to me. Fabricated story probably to achieve a different agenda. The sad thing is this is not the first time females just wanted to get moved or pulled some story to get an OIC moved. You should look at the accusers track record in every case from here on out. When TA staff was sexin up cadets it was all a misunderstanding according to boss man. How come this isn’t rolled up as a misunderstanding? Boss man looks at the parties involved and choices whether to sweep it or run with it..sickening….

  • Anonymous

    Ol Skool 86…..If it’s a “misunderstanding” then it will be ruled as such.

    HOOKMAN…it depends where/what part of the body that you were “touched, punched or kicked to get you up for watch.”

    If these charges (Very Serious charges) I might add are BS…..then the accuser should be dealt with accordingly.

    Let’s all take a step back and let the investigation run its course.


      thats the concern….the investigation….I hope you don’t think for a minute that FEMS Internal Affairs is an unbiased division of the fire department….

      • Anonymous

        MPD is……..

  • Anonymous

    Even if found to be false, fact ends up being the individuals perception. I would suggest looking into this very deeply, as a retired BFC, I handled similar (same) accusations. This will more than likely end up as a misunderstanding and allow females to have their own bunkroom all all DC Firehouses. I am glad I retired, dealt with the involved and perception/accusations defeated the facts every time. If found to be false, nothing will happen. Perception is fact when it comes to EEO.

  • Danger 1869

    Anyone else notice the reporters last name?