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Helmet-cam: House fire in Lawrence Hollow, IN.

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Bill Carey at beat me to this two part video from Duality306 of a fire Saturday evening in Lawrence Hollow, Indiana (Greene County). Part 2, below, provides a better view. There was an initial report of someone trapped. The fire occurred on Lawrence Hollow Drive around 7:47 PM. According to Nick Schneider at Greene County Daily World, Center Fire Department responded with assistance from Eastern, Van Buren and Owensburg:

“When Center Fire Department was dispatched units were advised that there was possibly someone still inside of the residence,” according to Center Township Fire Chief Jeremy Inman.

“Fire units made several interior searches while fighting the fire. Nobody was located and only minor injuries were reported. One of the home owners suffered minor burns, but refused treatment,” Inman stated.

Some of the resident’s contents were saved.

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  • Cappy

    Oh my Goodness…. The keyboard commanders will have a clinic on this one..I say good job. The fire went out and everyone went home. The only life hazard at this scene was delivered via the big red trucks. The issue with water supply and the like were dealt with and an attack was mounted on a fire in a building that had sustained substantial damage on the fd’s arrival. This and similar incidents like this occur over a hundred times per day across this country. We dont have to like it but would be better off acknowledging that it is more the rule than the exception. Once we embrace that this is by and large the way most of the fires like this are fought, we can begin to develop strategies to address the short comings. This scene was real… not iconic, not sexy, not ideal looking.. but it is reality for hundreds of departments serving many people across this great country. Most dept. are under resourced, under staffed, under trained and lack in many areas. The “lets do the best we can with what we have to work with” mantra remains the most sane prevailing approach for several thousand fire departments across this country everyday.

  • Kevin

    Just stick the nozzle in the broken window and spray some water.


    Hope they had lots of spare SCBA cylinders or an air unit on the response. Apparently the yard had an IDLH atmosphere.

  • Retired Chief

    Its a mobile home. Go in with charged line. Continue crawling toward the fire. Do a hand sweep as you go. Put the guy with the TIC second on the line. He can help advance the line and look for a body. This was insane. Very small fire. Lots of yard breathers. Probably (I”m just guessing) a few running around looking for a safety vest to wear.
    Its amazing that there aren’t even half the fires of 20-30 years ago but still as many firemen are being killed. Lack of training.

    • slackjawedyokel

      agreed -“a little less talk and a lot more action”

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you cappy. What I saw was a methodical approach to the task at hand, survivability in that fire was probably pretty low however a little bit of giddy up in your step wouldn’t have hurt. The yard breathers can be deceiving, we have the same scba’s and you can hang the regulator from the mask and not be breathing air until you take your hand and pop it in. The safety vest under the scba is an issue I deal with, it’s usually the rookies who wanna get packed up quick so they can get some action.

  • Crowbar

    Excellent argument against publishing helmet-cam videos.