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Must see video: Man trapped above burning apartment.

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I had not seen this one before (sorry, if it is old) and, so far, haven’t found any information on it. But it sure is worth watching.

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    Some guys get to pluck scantily clad young ladies off balconies, and some guys get … omg.

  • Blue

    Nothing runs like a Trane!

  • IslaFire

    Dude get the cheeseburgers and the leftover pizza in the fridge. And get me that 2L soda.

  • oldhead

    Why does it always have to be a big fat guy on a tiny balcony?

  • E4

    Hey FD! The Rebel Alliance called and they want their X-Wing fighter pilot suit back!!

  • slackjawedyokel

    Bet hes glad they quit using life nets.

  • Really

    Safe the comments for the dinner table, brother/sisters. Other’s then our FF family do not understand our ways…
    Nice interior knock down and rescue..

  • Dickey

    I say nice grab.

    But yeah, at least he put on boxers.