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Chopper video: Hollywood, CA pet store in strip mall burns.

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Jonathan Lloyd, KNBC-TV:

Firefighters carried animals from a strip mall pet store after they sawed through a metal gate to enter the unit and attack a fire that damaged the building’s roof Monday morning in Hollywood.

Aerial video showed firefighters carrying a cage of animals — possibly puppies or small dogs — from the building, identified by signage as Kim’s Pets and Fish. It was not immediately clear whether there are more animals in the building.

The fire, reported at about 6 a.m., damaged at least one unit of the strip mall at Lexington and Vermont avenues. Firefighters used a circular saw to cut through a metal gate and enter the building.

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  • Anonymous

    These guys are so cool. Lets see how we can kill 8 guys in a 10*10 area.

    • Anonymous

      Attic fire.. 30 x 30 area. (Not 10×10, deceiving perspective) Retreated to a safe roof when conditions deteriorated. When Overhauling, there was enough “good” roof to do some training. Never cut directly over the fire… Limited ladder spots on each end of the “L”, laddering over a facade isn’t a good idea. Looks like a good, safe operation to me. These guys train to be safe, not foolish.

  • FOBS

    What would YOU have done, pal?

    A life is a life.

  • Roscoe

    Ladders parked down the street, wouldn’t L-pipe have at least knocked it down???

    • CHAOS

      Yeah, I noticed that, too. Engines all stuffed in tight around the building and the ladders further away.

  • mark

    Double ceiling? Watching the engine crew and no smoke while its ripping across the roof, very weird fire.

    Knowing the type of strip mall construction by me, you wouldn’t find me venting under those conditions. Maybe a trench cut, but not in the fire building.

    • Anonymous

      Attic fire..

  • Anonymous

    Hey FOBS I dont think any human life is equal to a animal,especially seeing the fire has already vented through the roof, but I guess if you think this so cool I must be wrong. Sorry I will try7 to hold my fo0olishy comments.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry about the mispelled words I was a little irritated.

    • Ric Jorge

      Slow your roll brah … there are always those that throw bombs only having a portion of the information.
      Video can sometimes be deceiving, your points add validity to the tactics. LA trains hard on vert vent and can appear overly aggressive to the uneducated eye. The problem is not the aggression, the problem is “some” people misunderstand aggression as recklessness … solid work by the crews on top.

  • Kyle Keelie

    LAFD is known for nothing if not aggressive roof operations. This is their bread-and-butter. It looks like they got it opened-up and made a timely retreat over a separation wall to a safe operating area. They rescued more than 100 animals from the pet store. Ironically, one of the other businesses was “Water LA.” Oh, and nobody is “cooler” than the LAFD!

  • Anon

    These guys train for safety, not foolishness. It was a pretty typical Strip mall Attic fire in the Pet Shop, no double ceiling or roof. The “L” shape was a separate building joined by a facade. Facades are not smart to ladder, and there were 2 good ladder spots on each end of the building. Bar joist roof… first roof team avoided the rear involve area, got two holes opened, backed up and eventually made a safe retreat to a better spot, joined by a second Truck Co. Roof teams did get pushed back, by smoke initially, but They were on safe roof the whole time. The 10 x 10 area? was actually closer to 30 deep… camera perspective is deceiving. With Engine Companies making safe progress inside and the roof open, Ladder pipes are not the answer. Cut it off, and write off the involved unit…so I agree that a “Strip” would have been good (trenches go in the ground, strips on roofs). Aggressive, competent, professional, experienced operation. Good Job. Stay Safe.

  • TwistedTwister

    Not smart to ladder over facade. OK but if the roof started to fail, wouldnt it be better to scramble to the aerial over the facade than to fall into the fire? How about hanging a roof ladder off the aerial? Whants the point of having $5 million worth of tillers parked way down the street?

    • Anon

      Identify multiple escape routes. A ladder over a tall facade is not really a safe exit plan, hence identifying and using the division wall. As stated earlier (and I realize “things” happen) plan to add space for time on a light roof. An aerial is a great ladder, but not the best choice all the time. Leaving aerials in the street?? Not a big deal in this case…1 story strip, Different story for a 2+ story etc.

  • bgbootylvr

    LOL…. Just because they “train” at it does not mean they should sit and watch their work. Plz, that is foolish.

    Yes, LAFD trains on this and does it frequently. Does it make it the right tatic on every structure fire? No, not always. And having worked on many of stip mall roofs very similar to that one, vent it and get off! Its more than likely (99%) light weight construction.

    And for clarification, they were NOT near a safe roof! Look very closely at the video and you can see one FF wave at the others to get off! They were standing next to the “chimney”/vent hole! Sure enough, it ignited and pushed them off of the roof. Whether its LAFD, LACoFD OR FDNY, be smart. Vent, and get off!