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Raw video: Indianapolis house fire with reported hoarding conditions.

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Video from Jim M of an Indianapolis house fire posted on June 6. No details on when or where it occurred. Here is some of the description:

First arriving companies had significant trouble navigating through the interior of the house to the area of origin due to the tremendous amount of “stuff” piled from floor to ceiling throughout.  Consequently, the fire was able to increase in size  and obviously spread through the attic.  Also, the layout of the house did not allow easy access to the fire room through the front door. 

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  • Fire21

    LOL, the guy on the roof at the end pulls his hood up over his face so he can breathe. Wonder if they suffer a shortage of SCBAs? Hoarders’ homes should be fought from outside…JMHO.

  • Cappy

    What do you say to the limited video views this provides? How about get some water on the fire… yes exterior window for 20 seconds and reduce the room and contents fire extending to the attic and everywhere else by about 1000 degrees. Yes… a quick knock exterior and transition to the interior with a somewhat tenable box. The tornado coming from the attic at about the 1:20 mark should tell you everything you need to know. Water on the fire makes everything much better. The dispatcher seems to be on her game…. actually listening to missed and unacknowledged radio traffic that could be the one mayday call that command cant hear and calling units on the fireground to get their attention. I thought we had comms issues! Little to be gained here… and little to be risked.

  • Tim

    Can someone buy the Wagon Driver a tripod for his camera? It sure would save him time to do other things. I really though I was going to see the video end in a defensive attack with the house fully involved, but those guys in Indy did a nice job.

  • mtnfireguy

    No SCBA in smoke conditions… really in this day and age.
    Just put some water on the fire

  • 108 Chief

    Two guys on the roof porch, no SCBA,?
    C’mon Indy you know better!

  • McLovin

    Haha all these Trollers! The same people critiquing one of the best city fire departments in the country are the same that put barn fires on coffee mugs and car fires on T-Shirts! Keep trolling!

  • DA in PA

    Good video of multicolored smoke action before flashover. Heavy content residences can be deathtraps for firefighters.