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Video: Supply line no match for train during Indianapolis warehouse fire.

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Indianapolis fire coverage from

There was a large multi-alarm warehouse fire in Indianapolis on Saturday that required laying supply lines across railroad tracks. In the video above, WISH-TV shows the moment a CSX train took out one of those supply lines. Here’s what the TV station reported:

Firefighters regrouped and laid more lines.

They say CSX officials cooperated from the very start of the fire-fight. But this one train did not have time to stop.

The tracks remained closed for the next seven hours.

Above is raw chopper video from WISH-TV from the fire. Below is undated video of a similar incident with a supply line from Maine that popped up on YouTube this past week.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • CoffeeTime

    Anyone know why the trucks were placed like they were? Even with their ladders fully extended it looked like they could barely reach the fire, could only hit the edges with no penetration. Curious.

  • Fire21

    Well, sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug.

  • Scott

    On SW side of Indy. Several departments assisting IFD, Wayne Twp., Speedway, Decatur Twp., Pike Twp. and Indpls. Airport w/
    ARFF truck/s. Unusual when IFD can’t handle something themselves. On scene yesterday and today, down to 2 engines and 2 ladders yesterday.

  • Hoseman

    Command had dispatchers notify the rail company when it was determined hose needed to be layed over the tracks. Command notified again 3 times. The dispatcher kept saying the rail people are notified. Finally after it was too late did all the trains receive the info.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta say for the FF in the video from Maine:

    Counterclockwise = On
    Clockwises = Off

  • Tree

    CSX emergency calls go to Jacksonville, FL and the railroad police. Indy area has its own dispatcher, so there are a few “hops” to be accomplished to get the word to the train crews.
    If in doubt, send someone 1/4 to 1/2 mile in each direction with a couple of fusees and a radio.

  • Anonymous

    Junior firefighter basics… when operating on or around RR tracks send a flag man 1 mile in each direction to stop trains. Never trust a person thousands of miles away to stop trains for you.


    Trains have an impressive winning record: cars, engines, ladder trucks, hose, etc. Outside of a tornado or air strike, bet on the train.