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Helmet-cam video: House fire in East St. Louis, IL with initial report of children trapped.

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The latest video from East St. Louis, Illinois via bobbybushae on YouTube. You can always find these videos as soon as they are posted in the player on the right side of this page courtesy of our sponsor, the makers of Fire Cam. Here’s the description:

Filmed with 2 Fire Cam 1080s, we responded to a 2 story occupied house fire with a report of a woman and 2 children trapped from dispatch. When we arrived the neighbor confirmed there was a woman and 2 children missing. 1st due engine attacked the fire and when the 2nd due engine arrived we made entry and search while extinguishing the fire. We had 1 crew on the 1st floor and 1 crew on the 2nd floor. After the fire was knocked down it was later confirmed that the occupants were outside but never told anyone. No one was injured. Video was filmed with 2 Fire Cam 1080′s from

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  • Crowbar

    This fire called for use of the deck gun on arrival. Darken it down as fast as possible to enable a search. The inch and 3/4 took too long. But with the possible exception of the basement, there was no place in that building where human life was tenable anyway.

    And what about the air horns? Does three blasts mean something different in East St. Louis?

  • Dickey

    It seemed in this video there were water pressure problems…?? Also why would you not pull a second line off the same engine?

  • Anonymous.

    First off upon arrival at around 00:28 you see a portion of the C/D side thats not burning. Why not make an aggressive quick search attempt to see if they are in that portion of the house. Second The 1-3/4 is not enough to do anything with this amount of fire. Pull a 2-1/2 or use the deck gun it will knock it down faster and be more effective. The response the FF with the camera guy gave is a perfect example of not being prepared for the worst scenario. Upon receiving information of possible trapped occupants they should have moved faster and with a purpose and gone into rescue mode not pull the line and stand there mode as the operator could have used the deck gun while VES was attempted on the unburned portion.

  • Anonymous

    I any of you acutely watched the video you would have clearly scene the made knock on the fire with the 2 hand line reasonably quick. Unless any of you work for this department I doubt you know there staffing, perhaps that may dictate there tactics. Secondly ( rescue mode ) is useless unless the fire is being but out. With limited staffing extinguishment is the best chance for trapped victims. Lastly Crowbar the picture at the end of the video clearly shows the D side of the structure where they stopped extensions of the fire and life would have been tenable. Its not our job to decide if victims may or may not be alive its our job to give them every chance they have to survive.

    • slackjawedyokel

      and the only way to give a victim a chance in those conditions would have been to get a large line into the unburnt side.