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Not many are saying Bravo! Network’s reality show princesses use 9/11 firefighter’s statue as prop.

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Erica Pitzi, WPIX-TV:

The Bravo Network is responding to PIX 11′s  questions about one of its reality shows by taking action.  This comes  after the family of a fallen hero says they felt disrespected by a recent  episode that was filmed at the Jonathan Ielpi Memorial Park in Great Neck  Plaza. Anger swept over Melissa Ielpi-Brengel while she was watching  the Bravo reality tv show ‘Princesses: Long Island’, which follows six pampered  Long Island women who live with their parents.

In Sunday’s episode, one of the so-called princesses who was doing a photo  shoot to promote her product, incorporated a FDNY memorial and 9/11 statue from  the Jonathan Ielpi Memorial Park.

The scene shows Amanda Bertoncini doing a photo shoot for her product (a  piece of fabric that wraps around any sort of drink can or bottle) at the FDNY  memorial where one of the models is hanging on the bronze statue of firefighter  Jonathan Ielpi. You can hear the photographer tell the model, “Kiss the fireman,  try to feed him the beer.”  Then Bertoncini exclaims, “Yeah, feed him the  beer!  Then act scared.”

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  • Chris White

    At least it won’t be seen by a lot of people. Who really watches those crappy shows anyway…

  • Sam

    DO NOT FEED THE BEAST, she is looking for free press!!!! File a complaint with the network and move on when she gets fired that will be the payment she deserves.

  • Anonymous


  • RJ in florida

    as a personal friend of Lee Ilepi, Jon’s father i’m not offened..I’M PISSED! and DEMAND an apology TODAY!

    I wonder what the reaction would be if a white person did that to a monument of dr king?

    this is way wrong and the great neck vigilant VFD and the rest of the firefighters of Nassau county in the MIGHTY 8th Battalion should be OUTRAGED with this!

    • Who me?

      RJ: I agree with you, to a point. But it shouldn’t matter what the color of the person is that is doing the act. In fact, the person captioned in the above photo isn’t who they are referring to.

      Read Billy G’s secret list email here:

      Then look at the Mutt-in-question’s facebook page here:

      Not the same person you are talking about.

      • Who me?

        But don’t get me wrong, she is just as guilty as the rest of the “princesses”. We’ve always preached to people: “Never forget!”,”Never forget!”….

        The ignorant are always the first to forget.

  • blacky monkey

    Meh what are you going to do about

  • cappy

    These people have no shame and lack respect for others. Yet when the wolf comes knocking… they demand respect and excellence in all that we do.

    • Donna

      Exactly! That stupid woman trying to sell tea cozies for beer bottles and the little turd photographer really don’t want to upset the people who will be expected to save their lives when needed.

  • captain1202

    What do you expect from a spoiled little bratt that has always had things handed to her? I say Bravo network should be ASHAMED for airing crap like her show!!!DISRESPECTFUL!!!

  • Sally

    I’m sorry, but I thought the apology letter was heartfelt.

    • Anonymous

      The letter was heartfelt because somebody else probably wrote it for her. Lets be honest, this girl is so over privileged and oblivious that she doesn’t even know why the statue or park is even there in the first place.

  • ukfbbuff

    Stupid People doing Stupid Things!


  • AsstChief603

    How about I take that bottle with her wrap, and place it in an orifice that wasn’t designed to hold said bottle!!! Keep your trashy a$$ away from every fire station in the country……..I would kick you out of mine!!!

  • Anonymous23

    Douchebag committing……..DOUCHEBAGGERY!!!!!!!!