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Raw video: Apartment fire in Vancouver, Washington.

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Video from Dmitry Paschenko of a three-alarm apartment fire Tuesday evening at 5264 N.E. 121st Avenue in Vancouver, Washington.


Huge flames shot out of the roof of several units at the Lake Place Apartments.

Crews arrived on the scene at about 8 p.m. and were still there as of 11 p.m.

According to the Vancouver Fire Department, everyone got out safely. Three buildings were evacuated, and nine apartments were destroyed.

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  • engine 5

    I have never seen a truck co more any slower.

    • FireGears

      It’s my guess that this Company had read the remarks of Markie,
      that paragon of FS Wisdom,
      who recently stated elsewhere on this blog site,

      “…… it may come as a surprise to you that life ends in death.
      God has a time for everyone to die. Some early, some much later.
      Some quickly, some long, painful deaths.”

      Thus, a slow, reasoned approach to completing all fire ground tasks seems appropriate.

      Master Markie further stated.

      “…the safest method we can use is to not leave the station.
      That is the only way to stop reading about LODD’s.”

      Of course, while we cannot fully abide by such an enlightened insight,
      we in the FS can surely pay MORE attention to preventing injury and death
      by constantly reviewing to our general and specific safety.

  • Old Man1

    I have been retired for 5 years and had not strapped a ladder pipe on for some years before that. The last time I saw that happen was in Detroit during a ride along around 1997. I sure was glad when my department went with the built in waterway on all new ladder trucks.

  • Fire21

    Yeah, it took 11:17 from start of video to beginning of water flow. I agree with Old Man 1…pre-piped aerials are the way to go.