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DC Chief Kenneth Ellerbe’s supporters rally. Point out that no one asked for Dennis Rubin’s resignation.

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More coverage: Mark Segraves, WRC-TV/NBC 4; Will Sommer, Washington City Paper Loose Lips Column

Paul Wagner, WTTG-TV/Fox 5:

A small group of people, including ANC commissioners and retired firefighters, showed up at the Wilson Building Monday in support of embattled D.C. Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe.

One by one the members of the group expressed their displeasure with the way the city council was treating the chief and suggested politics and race had something to do with it.

The 20 or so supporters gathered reporters together on the fifth floor just after 11 a.m. and questioned why the chief was taking so much heat from certain members of the D.C. Council.

They noted no one called for the resignation of the last fire chief, Dennis Rubin, who is white, and suggested politics and perhaps race was at play with a potential high profile endorsement from the firefighter’s union.

“I too feel that things have gone on before he became our fire chief,” said community activist Barbara Morgan. “Nothing was done about it, but all of a sudden, we have people in the city council calling for his resignation. I think that they need to let him do his job and go with the business of the city.”

But when one man, ANC 8E Commissioner Anthony Muhammad, noted no one had asked for Chief Rubin’s resignation following stories that reflected badly on the fire department, reporters asked about race.

“I’m saying they didn’t call for his resignation,” Muhammad responded.”

At that point, standing right behind Muhammad, Morgan said, “In so many words I would say that. They didn’t do anything about Rubin. He sold our fire trucks. Nobody called for an investigation. This man is here, step back, let him do his job for those of us who are here and did not leave the city and are still here.”

Several people, including retired firefighters, laid some of the blame for the chief’s troubles on firefighters who are resisting the chief’s desire to end the highly popular shift schedule of 24 hours on and 72 hours off.

“Is the fire chief a pawn now because we have members of the city council, incumbent members of the city council running for mayor, is the endorsement of the union more important than doing the work for their constituents?” retired firefighter Nathan Queen said.

The fire chief’s troubles spiked a little over a week ago when a report from Tommy Wells, the head of the judiciary committee and a candidate for mayor, said D.C. Fire and EMS was in a crisis and he had no confidence the fire chief would be able to implement his ambulance redeployment plan.

When asked, no one in the group said they had read the report.

We tried to talk to Chief Ellerbe outside headquarters on Monday, but he went inside the building when he saw our camera.

A few minutes later, he came out of the building and got into his car, but drove away without saying a word.

Chief Ellerbe later sent an email explaining that he couldn’t talk at the time because he was dealing with a sensitive personnel issue and had since returned to his office. However, when FOX 5 asked to come up for an interview, there was no response.

Wells says he told the group when they came to see him that he has not asked for the chief resignation and encouraged them to read the report so they could fully understand the issues.

Roz Plater, WJLA-TV/ABC 7:

D.C. Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe has faced withering criticism over the past several months over his leadership of D.C. Fire& EMS. But on Monday, a small crowd of about a dozen gathered at City Hall to support the embattled chief.
His supporters questioned why Ellerbe is at fault and why alleged deep-rooted problems were never attributed to the former fire chief, Dennis Rubin.

“When a fire engine was sold, no one called for the resignation of Mr. Rubin,” says Anthony Muhammad, an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner.

Firefighters supported a vote of no confidence in Ken Ellerbe in late March.

Last week, D.C. Councilmember Mary Cheh called for Ellerbe to resign, citing a scathing 29-page report showing a fire department in disarray.

Even though they said they hadn’t read the report, Ellerbe’s supporters dismissed it, saying the councilman who issued the report, Tommy Wells, has political reasons for issuing the report since he’s running for mayor.

D.C. firefighter Nathan Queen said, “any judiciary chairperson can go and pull off the shelf any issue with the fire department and all they have to do is change the date. The same issues still exist now that existed 30 years ago.”

A March report indicated that nearly half of the District’s fleet of ambulances were out of service at that time, leaving just 58 of the 111 at the city’s disposal able to be used.

That investigation and disclosure came a few weeks after an MPD motorcycle officer had to wait nearly an hour for medical service – from a Prince George’s County unit – after being hit by a car in Southeast.

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Comments - Add Yours


    Please Nathan Queen and Miss ANC Commish….if Mr Ellerbe is the one after 2 years who’s still tryin to figure this whole how to be a big city chief thing out and his recent troubles are due to the previous nitwit who was here prior, he had enough on both of Rubin’s Asst. Fire Chiefs to do more than demote…I believe his mode after demoting Sir Lawrence and Queen Brian, was to move forward… after 2 years have we really moved forward….Is being found guilty of retaliating against L36 Union President Ed Smith the previous administrations fault ???……Is allowing a Lt. charged with 4th degree burglary and 2 other charges while awaiting trial and alowed to assume full duty the previous administrations fault?????….is the umteen amount of ambulances parked at the apparatus shop with each window marked with a specific problem or apparatus parked elswhere or out of the media’s eyesight the previous admins. fault????….is not spending money that is budgeted for and not being used to better the fire department the previous admins. fault????……

    Come on….Im not a fan of the last admin or any of their followers, but after 2 years, your own negligence is just that….YOUR OWN!……but way to bring in the 0.01% to rally on your behalf…its what you do when your behind the 8 ball…oh and run from the media…

  • Scooter

    GOD help the DCFD and the citizens and visitors of DC until this nut is gone! Strike Da Box! K

  • A Nonny Mouse

    I’m confused by the lady that wanted the city to keep the broke down fire engine. I’m pretty sure that one of the problems now is that the department is keeping broke down fire engines instead of getting rid of them and getting new ones or rehabbing them. The problem with the engine during the last administration wasn’t the fact it was being gotten rid of, but that it a) was being disposed of inappropriately and b) there was some confusion about how old it was in terms of use.

  • Pipeman27

    It was only a matter of time before the race card came out. Just pathetic!

  • anonymous

    The crowd (very small crowd, about 12 of them) of ignorance.

    They didn’t read the report and thus cannot comment factually on it.

    Then they make other non-factual comments. The Rube wasn’t perfect, but when he left the department was highly staffed and although the apparatus was starting to show some age overall the fleet was in decent shape. LRB’s mismanagement (or deliberate actions in regards to staffing) has created a big problem with staffing and the fleet.

    They also threw out things about the attempt to sell a fire engine to the Dominican Republic. Again, more non-factual comments because they must have not read the final report(s) on that situation too. That whole deal was orchestrated by a close friend and political player of then Mayor Fenty. The FD only got involved because they were told to sell the engine by the mayor’s office. That was not a Rube deal, he was just doing as told by his boss. To cover what was occurring, Mr Moten and the Rube and Co fell on their sword to protect the real players behind that situation, which didn’t come out until very late in Mayor Fenty’s term after it was decided that he would not be reelected.

    As for the retired FFs talking about shift change, that is ridiculous. Those are the same FFs who in the early 90s sued the city forcing the shift change to the 24/72 four platoon system. None of them argued against going from 3-3-3 to 24/48, and they were the ones who forced the department to go to 24/72. They all enjoyed going to 24/72, along with the pay off many of them received from that court settlement. They got theirs, and because LRB is their buddy they will throw all of the current FFs under the bus.

  • Mark

    As a minority, I always find it amusing when the race card is played, when in fact, race has nothing to do with it.

    • RJ in florida

      MARK: as a fellow minority I too find it amusing to see what happens when the race card is played BUT I also find it funmny that ANY claim of racism is never followed up with a question from a white person of “whats racist about it” or can you prove it?

      its to the detrement of our race that skin color is so easily used as an excuse without supporting evidence to prove it in light of the accomplishments of blacks in the fire service today
      (but being in florida I am happy he aint chief no more in Sarasota)

  • Pennsyltuckian

    Once again the fingers get pointed at everyone else but even when a group of SUPPORTERS form, they can’t even defend Ellerbe by citing any progress or positives that he’s responsible for. They need to get with the “communications specialist” Lon Walls and revamp their PR campaign and make him earn that 6 figure salary he brought in before his sudden and unexpected resignation. I’ll give them some free advice to start with: People didn’t demand Rubin’s job because, for starters, he didn’t go around going out of his way trying to make everyone hate him! He actually appreciated and supported his troops. For all that Harvard schooling Chief Ellerbe has you would think he would know something about ‘buy in’ when it comes to making policy change.

    • accountability is what you need

      @ Pennslytuckian and the rest of you,You didn’t mind Rubin because awh!! he didn’t enforce the rules on your a@@e@@. But that’s exactly what you all needed along time ago. The days of operating like this is a volley house is over,you will be held accountable for all of the dumb sh@t.

      Oh I see if a chief let you do what you want than you dont run to the press to embarass him. It has never been about shortage of apparatus or the fact that medics are leaving.A lot of you don’t mind that medics are leaving…because that means you dont have to run all those medical locals rite.

      I say, if by enforcing policy you piss off some members and the union…fu@kem.This department was terrible internally with the lopsided discipline,assignments,and appearance.The people of this city see whats really going on here, and some on the council refuse to accept the truth.

      For those of you who are not firefighters Ellerbe is not supported by some because he doesn’t play the game they want him to. They know Ellerbe won’t let them run the department like they use to. You act up and you get slammed…just ask a couple of them. I know we need apparatus and more medics but that isn’t your problem.

      You want Ellerbe gone by any means necessary whether he can fix the department or not. Mayor I got your back and continue doing a great job for Washingtonians. Tommy Wells has the backing of 50% of the local who cant vote…lets see how far he gets in a general election.

      Chief do what you need to do to make this department right..I could care less about not wearing little dcfd on my back…or having to tuck my shirt in. Crush them if they don’t want to follow the rules,hell i’ll be the hangman.Keep pressing on and don’t look back chief…this isn’t their father’s department….betta wake up

      • Anonymous

        It’s def about apparatus and medics. This hasn’t done anything to better this dept that is fully funded I might add. He changed the patch! We’re down how many positions? How many medic units and PECs are downgraded every tour? How many citizens have died because of his inability to manage, and not just the ones who have made the news. Morale has never been this low! Medics are being forced to work another 12 hours after their shift because there aren’t enough to cover the city, but you say it’s not about medics? Yeah ok! A ladder truck broke down on the way to a working apartment fire, and ambulance breaks down on 295 with a shooting patient in the back who was CPR! It’s not about apparatus ??? Really?? Do I need to break this down for you anymore? How many wagons broke down on the Fraggers fire while operating on the fire ground. Man you sound stupid!! Yeah they got his back alright all 12 of y’all lmao!!

      • Pennsyltuckian

        @Accountability, what exactly can I not get away with now that I could under Chief Rubin? Getting to go home to my family at the end of my regular shift?

        After rereading your reply, I cant help but note that the only item you cite as a positive under LRB’s administration is a better disciplinary system. I’m sure that the battaliin chiefs who have been unjustly demoted/transferred would disagree, as would those who have got to experience his stacked trial boards.

        I am an open-minded individual who can be swayed to see things your way. I just need you to point out all of the good our administrator has done for us for me to consider. As I previously mentioned, all I have to go off from now are 2 scathing reports. Please set me straight!

        • accountability is what you need

          @ Pennsyltuckian, I don’t believe members who have been unjustly transferred were “unjustly transferred”…I disagree with you. Transfers for punishment or whether you just don’t like the person is a tradition of this department.

          I’m not saying that it’s right…but for those who have been around…they know that is the way things have always been done. Chiefs and officers alike aren’t doing their jobs, they are not running their battalions and companies right.

          If the company officer enforce rules of the department…a firechief wouldn’t have to comment on infractions that should be dealt with on a company level. Now heres where the battalions chief culpability comes to play. Chiefs aren’t enforcing the administration will…so therefore you have a break down of discipline.

          You speak of stacked trial boards…I think that argument came be made of the last administration. I know of several situations where members got away with murder…because they were affiliated with shultz.

          Did you not weep when Capt. Colemen was demoted and eventually fired…or what about Capt Taylor who was fired for alleged cheating on the examination process years ago. We have a now Lt. who was demoted for the same thing…and his evidence was stronger than the previous Capt…but he kept his job.

          I’m not denying the department has issues with staffing,apparatus and so on….not blind by no means. I’m stating the fact that we had apparatus issues for years. Discipline is just as important as any other issues such as staffing,apparatus ect..

          Discipline is not only about punishment…it entails carrying out your mission in a efficient and professional manner. Officers need to stop trying to be one of the guys and manage their companies. A lot of them want the pay and title of an officer…but don’t want the responsiblity.

          If your scared to give an unpopular order to your men…well than maybe the officer ranks isn’t for that individual. We are a bunch of cry babies…complain about everything…I have never seen anything like this on a job. Depending on who you talk to you would get a different perspective on the last admins.

          I for one saw a shortage of apparatus the last admin…granite rubin lured paramedics here…but they were tricked and not paid their bonus.A lot of members weren’t given opportunities they have now. Example have you every seen so many capt’s acting…I mean it is so diverse.

          The last admins didn’t run a fair and just department…and for those of you who agreed with how it was..than I say sad so sad. The depart isn’t perfect but when things were bad back than… no one ran to the press like they are doing now.Coincidence I think not

          • Brian

            “Example have you every seen so many capt’s acting…I mean it is so diverse.”

            Ummmmmm, nope we have not seen so many acting captains before……Because they were actually PROMOTED before and the VACANCIES were FILLED before.
            Great example of a job well done. Screwing the guys out of a promotion to “ACT” for free but held to the responsibility of the rank in which they are being made to work in outside their pay grade.

  • Jim Brown

    When in doubt, use race as an excuse. It is the last card that is always played, and it is shameful, pitiful, and too easy of an excuse for failure or anything else for that matter. The only people here that are racists are the fire chief himself, and the ones that are joining him throwing race into it. Society as a whole is tired of the “race” games being thrown into every aspect of life, although most people know that it will be thrown out as a last ditch effort, but no one really believes it any. Look at all of his disciplinary actions, they are insanely one sided. Chief Rubin may not have been the best, but he was a hell of a better fire chief, and he did not tear down and discard every tradition in the DCFD (oops I mean FEMS). 20 people out of the entire department (active & retired) and members of the community is all he could muster up? Let me guess, they are all black…..shocker. The morale in this department is the worst it has ever been. We have become the biggest joke and the biggest embarrassment across the entire country. I have 23 years on the job, I am black, and I live in the city……the perfect LRB mix, but I too hate him, he is the biggest P.O.S. this department has ever had, and he was before he became chief. Anyone else who would have had all of the scandals and negative news reports would have been fired after only a few months……but his race is what saves him…….kind of sounds like our president too.

  • Barney Miller

    This is horrible. To make this a racial issue when it is a leadership and management issue. He is over his head and these same residents will change their mind when they call and the apparatus has “heavy smoke showin from da truck”. Morale is not low because he is a black man, it is low because he is not capable to do this job. Lawrence knows more about the fire department than Ken does and probably cares more about it. It was real funny when the lynch mob was asked if they read the report….uh what report. I could bring 12 people in on a bus (probably as short as theirs) to tell you I should be fire chief. He really needs to pick smarter people to defend him….”that other chief sold our fire trucks”….uh he didn’t sell them lady, they tried to give them away without proper procedure amidst a cloud of uncertainty. For the love of Christmas the Union endorsed Gray and that didn’t do a damn thing for their benefit. Why would our local back another candidate for mayor. Wells is doing the right thing, Cheh made a common sense statement after presented with valid facts. If your doing the right thing race doesn’t matter….We have held on for 2 years of this crap and can hold on for two more until what ever happens to Gray happens. No other person will let him stay. In my years I have had 4 chiefs, one was white and only one has been a problem, you do the math…..Oh BTW I would vote for 24/24, 2/2/2,3/3/3, 6/6/6, 72/24 if Ellerbe goes away. NOW THAT’S A BARGAIN!

  • Anonymous

    I told ya so, last week. Race card. That’s the fall-back when total incompetence is all he’s got.

  • Anonymous

    When all else fails, play the race card. And everything he has done has failed.

  • Fire21

    “D.C. firefighter Nathan Queen said, ‘any judiciary chairperson can go and pull off the shelf any issue with the fire department and all they have to do is change the date. The same issues still exist now that existed 30 years ago.’” Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” However many years of this type of leadership has led to the current problems. It’s gonna take newer thinking to solve them, and Mr. LRB hasn’t displayed any ability to do that.

    As for the race car, nowadays it seems to be the first card that’s played, even when his supporters haven’t read the report, and don’t have a clue as to what’s going on. Those people ought to run for Congress…they could pass bills without reading them, just like the current lawmakers!

  • Really Disappointed

    What a freaking joke!!!! Race card? Really? What a crutch! Nobody asked for Rubens resignation? How about the current crooked mayor. He fired a perfectly capable fire chief and hired one solely on the color of his skin and a nepotism. No vetting what so ever. He hired a guy in the middle of a sexual harassment lawsuit for god sake! I am so tired of this race card being played. I am just waiting for the Reverend Al Sharpton and the NAACP to show up and defend this idiot. When are we going to hire people in this city on their qualifications and achievements. Honestly, do you think that he would have been hired if he was white with pending sexual harassment charges if he was WHITE. If anything, the white citizens and firefighters should be screaming bloody murder over REVERSE DISCRIMINATION!

    This only promotes entitlement among your race. Stop trying to defend idiots based on their skin color. OJ Simpson? Marion Barry? WHY WHY WHY ? ? ? must you, in the face of overwhelming evidence come to the defense of seemingly indefensible people.

    • accountability is what you need

      Rubin got fired because he couldn’t handle a budget and he was bad for business here in D.C.. You want to knpw why rubin is gone…it’s because of your ill thought out comments above. You thought he was competent…but guess again city leaders thought different.

      Cathy Lanier stayed through two adminstrations and wasn’t to popular with her rank and file…but she did her job and she’s white. So your beloved Rube didn’t go because of his race…he was bad for the department professionally and morally. Guess what?…when mayor Gray wins again who you think will be chief?.

      Contrary to what you think of the mayor…he is running the city just fine. The city has a surplus…they have about 60 cranes up and running daily…and city services are up.I know we need a raise among other things…but I live here so I don’t base my opinion on the mayors performance because we don’t have a contract.

      There is something bigger than dcfd…we are just a piss in the bucket in the grand scheme of things fiscally speaking.I’m starting to believe you all are terrorist or more like a cancer. Don’t worry there is a cure for some cancers…and it’s called Ellerbe.

      • OhioFF

        Terrorist? Cancer? I pray you are not in a position of authority, and never will be. Scum of the earth……

      • Pipeman27

        You are the cancer we need to get rid of.

      • Anonymous

        LRB is not being held accountable!!!

      • Really Disappointed

        Accountability is what you need or LRB whatever your name is,

        1) Lanier stayed because she is a women, PERIOD.

        2) All those cranes you see going up are due to the leadership and hard work of Anthony Williams. Fenty and Grey have simply been reaping the reward.

        3) Grey is a criminal and should be treated as such. He did not even win the election! Major voter fraud and illegal campaign finance.

        4) Ruben was given a ridiculous budget to work with to run a major city fire department correctly. He was not willing to sell his soul to keep his job so he spent the monies needed and would break the budget to get it corrected for the next fiscal year. ( I dont even like Ruben and hate defending him, but you can’t blame him for ordering more fire trucks and promoting people on time not to mention hiring people to fill vacancies.

        5) Im glad to hear you think we are just a piss in the bucket in the grand scheme of things. I submit that we are the most important agency in the city. Can you name another agency that handles the variety of situations and emergencies other than DCFD. All with one of the highest approval ratings.

        6) Your a RACIST MORON and I am ashamed that you are my co-worker.

        7) Name ONE! positive thing LRB has done for you or anybody else. If you think he is your friend, trust me your mistaken. he is a self absorbed, egotistical maniac and is incapable of thinking of others.

        • dave statter

          It was not that Lanier is a woman, whether you look her or not she happened to be, by far, the most popular city official, according to a number of polls. Please stop calling each other names.Thanks.


          • Really Disappointed

            I apologize for my Racist Moron comment. It was a knee jerk reaction to being called a terrorist and cancer. Please keep your moderation fair and equal. Thanks

      • Mobella

        OK that was just dumb

  • ltfd seattle

    Race card. Classy.

  • just sayin

    I guess the FEMS administrator should have tried to advertise his rally here … it seems that more people have commented here, with more factual information I might add, than attended his little love-fest

  • Retired Chief

    This is exactly like how Obama keeps having faith in Eric Holder. Wake up!

    • waheid

      Obama and Holder have nothing to do with Ellerbe. Your racist comment is inappropriate.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not racist in any way you fool!

  • Ol Skool 86

    It just goes to show,all of you that there is no support left. Even his boys that follow him so they can get promoted to bfc were not there. To all you hopefuls that are told you’re getting promoted to bfc and list after list comes out and your NOT, that’s clear he is using you as a support pawn! Rubins problem was he spent too much OT and fought with Mendelson behind close doors about bettering our dept. Rubin did not run the dept into the ground ,he made the dept bigger and better to adapt to the growing city. With this admin.It’s all about race,that’s why he spends all his time in SE ANC meetings, to turn the public against us. Not one resident in upper NW has seen him at a ANC meeting.

    I invite any reporter, activists,ANC leader, outside investigator,news anchor,residents etc to go to all the firehouses on any given day and ask the firemen are they happy with the dept. Black, white, or other the answers will be HELL NO …..if it was racial he would have 1000 supporters whenever he needed it. The fact is change is coming soon, this is not the 1980’s DC anymore. We all are brothers in battle and we stand strong together as we always have. Hopefully a new chief can come in and restore PRIDE TRADITION as quickly as possible so we can once again feel alive!

    • accountability is what you need

      Thats some ol BULLSH@T UR talking about we are all brothers what a crock of sh@t….get tired of hearing that…your making my ears bleed. The only thing we have in common is that no one wants the schedule to change.

      Other than that sh@t is split down the middle. The brothers aren’t complaining about not being able to wear dcfd or shorts. Fu@k that old tradition…it wasn’t good than and isn’t good now. The schedule is what people are concerned about…everrything else is a smoke screen(apparatus,medics).

      Rubin promoted too many people…look at all the deputies he made….what a waste of manpower.He should turn the citizens against you because you already have turned against them.What a damn joke…rubin didn’t run the department in the ground…you obviously dont have time on the job.

      • D.C.F.D. Still Alive

        “accountability is what you need says” You are alone in your raciest statements. Members of the department are getting along fine! We all have the same concerns and shorts are not one of them.
        We all want to come to work and ride on safe and reliable apparatus.
        We all want to come to work and get relieved without being forced to work overtime against our will.
        We all want to make it home the next morning with no one injured or killed by lack of training or failing apparatus.
        Who do you want to work alongside.. a Gung-ho Firefighter who loves to come to work and do their JOB or a low morale firefighter who just wants to get through the day?
        ellerbe has brought morale down so much this department is no longer a Class-A Department we once were!!!

      • Anonymous

        Coming from a brother we are all tired of his bs!! The only people who support him amongst the brothers about ill say 8, are the ones ruining the firehouses, running up the back steps to him dry snitching, and also trying out that racist vibe out there! The only racists are you!! We all know who you are, we know what you represent, and we don’t support it, or you or the chief! Ain’t nothing split, the brothers just don’t want the retaliation that he does oh so well! You are the only 8 people pushing that bs te rest of us want him gone! We didn’t support him in the no confidence vote, we didn’t speak up for him! We want him gone, and the whole administration with him!

      • Mobella

        I have a feeling that “accountability is what you need says” is no one other than Mr Quander hisself!


    Its funny how not one single person who supports this jack rabbit can state what Ellerbe has positively accomplished to warrant retaining his position….its always let him do the job….fireman don’t like change…etc….never once have we heard about what he’s done to justify a rally or a vote of CONFIDENCE….back your stance and support of this person with factual information, instead of inuendo and using race as an excuse to support an already incompetent individual…

    • Anonymous

      He wears his sack coat really nice.

    • Anonymous

      He changed the patch! Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Oh yeah we’re fems now!!!!!!! Haaaaaaa!!!! He’s the best! ( not)!

  • waheid

    @Retired Chief – Now YOU are bringing in the race card. Neither President Obama nor Attorney General Holder have anything to do with the dysfunctional DCFD or the incompetent Fire Chief. Ellerbe has been criticized — rightly so, in my opinion — for his job performance not his race. Ellerbe’s pathetically small group of supporters brought up race because they remain ignorant of the problems in DCFD and fell back on the most obvious, most simple explanation: race. There are plenty of very competent, very respected Afro-American firefighters. Let’s get off the race card; it’s irrelevant.

  • Ronnie Few-I’m coming back as an advisor

    I just dont understand – you are the same folks on here who were complaining about the RUBE a few years ago. You all wanted him gone because he was so terrible. Now you are defending him???

  • January 13, 2017

    It is funny how you can draw a parallel in management/leadership style of Ellerbe and Obama. Talk about change, say what you are going change, have no viable plan to do it, put all your minions in place….Then do NOTHING and BLAME those that came before you, all the while bullying and harassing all of those who don’t fit your “MOLD”. Sad shape of the DCFD and the Country.

    • Pipeman27

      Bingo, we have a winner!

    • Brokenhearted

      If you’re bringing Obama into this you’re just as bad as those pulling the race card, and ignorant to boot.

    • Mobella

      January 13, 2017- um I think several trillion in unfunded war for NO REASON in Iraq leaving 4000 US soldiers dead and 18,000 needing some form of long term care is not comparable to anything on this site. What is your point? Shouldn’t be on this site.. I support the president bcs his party (with the exception of the DC Mayor) supports unions. However when you look at what Rubin did here I have to say it was the MOST forward thinking leadership in 22 years I have been on the job….the problems the new chief faces are those created by his desire to change improvements Rubin made. That’s why DC needs a fire/ems commission. Every time we get a new chief they want to do things different than the last and very little ever gets done. Case in point the “5 year plan” to move E26 and E22, which is now 30 years old and still not implemented. And what has been accomplished now? I agree it is essentially nothing more than a uniform change and patch. Training has essentially stopped and we MUST wear the hottest and darkest uniform on record despite the heat. Ellerbe is becoming an embarrassment to DC on a national level. Still willing to come to work and kill yourself for this place? The thing Ellerbe knows he has going for him is that a lot of guys (especially those of you that have a profile pic on facebook in a fire helmet), will kill themselves to be here. That has to stop, and a signal needs to be sent to this idiot and his twin quander the wanderer and the mayor that we are sick of it….

  • mobella

    this is embarrassing to watch. he is at an all time low.

  • 1dctaxpayer

    Race card when it’s all you know, it’s all you know.
    2000 plus member department and no one currently on the job showed up to support him.
    This clown and his traveling circus are about to leave town.
    GO EAGLES!!!!

  • Anonymous

    His sack coat looks nice.

  • Joke City

    Just 3 more crooks of the city trying to hang on to the end. Lets play the RACE card to get us to the end. Boo HOOOO. Watch out for that train, it runs trash over.

  • Truck167

    Are the supporters blaming Rubin because of his race, the card folds both ways. What a joke Its not failing apperatus, failed plans, under manned etc, etc,etc, his race is why they want him out. Keep dodging the problem that should solve it.

  • Brokenhearted

    I would’ve liked to have seen footage of Wells telling them to read the report that they all didn’t read. Hilariously ignorant dirty dozen.

  • 20 year capt

    I don’t think there’s one objective measure that has improved from Rubin to Ellerbe. Grays continued support of Ellerbe proves that this is by design: the fire department is not to be used to provide public safety, but rather jobs (and votes) to the “right” people.

  • Hookman want a be

    All that to say what?The Mayor will win again.The Fire Chief will be here.AN THEN?Stop whinning overpaid little babies.

  • 20 year capt

    In the extremely unlikely chance that the mayor wins, expect the return of the control board.

    • Anonymous

      I call BS!!!!!

  • Hookman want a be

    why u think CM Wells won`t say he wants the chief to quit.Becausce he can not win in wards 3 4 5 7 8 okay. CAPT.Be real the control board did scare people when they voted for other Mayors.Stop acting like u care about DC u overpaid baby…go to timeout bit-h

  • Anonymous

    Frederick Douglass once said “I will support any man in doing right, and no man in doing wrong”, and Martin Luther King’s dream was to have his children be judged by “content of their character, not the color of their skin.” So if you are playing the race card instead of providing facts to support your position you are in conflict with the very people you built monuments to.

  • Anonymous

    The mayor will be in bracelets before long. He will be running for the cell block council.