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Helmet-cam: Fire at Gary, IN cemetery.

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Video from heatseeker13at1 of a fire on July 2 at a cemetery office and crematorium 45th and Harrison in Gary, Indiana. I could be wrong but of all the videos I have posted from Gary this may be the first helmet-cam.

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  • Blue

    Dave, Are you sure about that being Gary Ind? They’re riding in a Sutphen Engine, plus it’s white over red as opposed to blue over red.

  • Anonymous

    Creepy! No thank you! Hope they didn’t find any “victims”

  • Northeast Jake

    At 2:39 of the video it shows Gary Fire Department E-122 on the door.

  • rude dog

    This is Gary, IN they now have 2 white over red Sutphen engines. I liked the blue over red better!

  • Anonymous
  • Ron Smith

    Three engines and one truck were purchased “off the rack” with white tops and one truck with a black top… Beggers can’t be choosers as it was an emergency purchase.
    There were a few “victims”, no rescues.

  • MBlankenship

    Seems like they didn’t know what was going on and there was no “size-up” done of the building. Is it just me or are those cross-lays larger then a 1.75? I think I could do things better.

  • Anonymous

    Good thing the FF shooting the video was a human door chock, or blocker.