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Pre-arrival video: House fire in Hanover Township, PA.

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Pre-arrival above from Bill Rohrer (newsworking) of Newsworking taken during a house fire around 11:00 last night at 2080 N. Dauphin Street in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania (Lehigh County).  The later videos below are from Mike Nester (firtog) of Nester Video Production and Jayson Wagner. Here is some of what Bill wrote about the fire on Newsworking:

Lehigh County Fire dispatched Han-Le-Co Station 33 at 23:06 to 2080 N. Dauphin Street for a fire in the basement of a private dwelling.

Minutes after the initial call, dispatch notified Chief 33 (Yoder) that they received a second source from a passer-by that flames were visible from the house. Chief 33 special-called station 2 (Catasaqua) and requested their Engine bring water to the scene from the borough’s hydrant system.


Engine 33 went responding at 23:14. Once on scene, they found a two-story S/F/D fully involved. Dispatch advised that everyone was out of the house. They positioned on the “Bravo” side (south) of the dwelling. Ladder 33-31 positioned on Dauphin Street before the dwelling.

Companies on the street side could not access the scene because of downed power lines. Engine 211 brought water to the scene from a hydrant at Delaware and Dauphin Streets. Engine 212 boosted pressure at the hydrant. The last hydrant on this street is only a 4 inch main.

Engine 211 hit the fire initially with the deck gun. Multiple hand lines were used around the property. Once the power company secured the down power line, Ladder 33-31 positioned in front of the dwelling.

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  • Thatguy

    Dave why must you torture us with these fools on a daily basis? Can we all just write off PA as a bunch of idiots who freak out when they see smoke and flame! I mean it would save them the embarrassment.

  • mdff

    In their defense they had to contend with the active arcing overhead electric wires. I suppose that could be the reason for the free burn for such a long time.

  • Fire21

    Whatever they did, whether right or wrong, hustled or not, was not going to save the building. A total loss on arrival won’t change no matter what you do. Condemning a whole state based on several videos isn’t right. We all know there are good and bad days for everyone.

  • tim fento

    the first in truck should have done a deck gun but sat back that would have stopped I then they could have gone in. instead of sitting at the guard rail.

  • PA WTF

    Sense of urgency? Sense of pride? How about not even showing up, ughhhh WTF???

    I Get it, vacant building, but ITS OUR JOB to save property and life!!!!! How do YOU know, no one is in the building. Come of the apparatus with a game plan, compassion and an attitude. Unfortunately yet again, this video shows complete laziness in the Pennsylvania fire service. There are a few good departments left in the state, but these clowns don’t get it. Stay home next time

  • Anonymous

    Some PA departments shouldn’t be allowed to fight fire but then you have aggressive companies like Lansdowne, Aston, most of Delaware county, and Montgomery county. So sit and bash PA is hypocritical since you all rave over lansdownes when OneNineTruck’s videos are featured here.

  • DA in PA

    What great comments from the “Brotherhood” of firefighters. You could have dumped Lake Erie on this fire and you still would not have saved it.