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Pre-arrival video: Citizens in action at store fire.

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This a wild video sh0wing citizens taking the matter into there own hands before the arrival of what appears to Bomberos en Cali, Colombia Some people pull out a fire hose from  a building across the street and eventually get some water running through it.

The translation of the description indicates one person died and the fire started due to a candle.

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  • Anonymous

    thank god for our country. I am glad to pay my property taxes for services.

  • slackjawedyokel

    Notice the citizens “getting their hands dirty” —— if this had been the good ole USA -80% of the crowd would have been taking cell phone vids ,10% bitching, and a small group trying to help.

  • Old Man1

    During my 40 year career I never pulled up to anything as chaotic as this scene although some were close in the inner city.

  • VanMan

    Interesting to see that their private standpipe and hose systems don’t seem to be any better than ours (or at least better than they used to be…)

    And, unfortunately, SJY hit the stats right on the head, I think, except there would probably be 80% taping, 10% bitching, and 5% trying to figure out how to get some cash out of this, with 5% helping.

  • Fire21

    My kingdom for camera image stabilization and some crowd control. Granted almost everyone seemed to be wanting to help in some way, but it did turn pretty chaotic when the FD finally arrived. And wow, what a fire truck! Didn’t know Columbia had such modern apparatus.

  • Ryan

    They put a bigger dent in the fire than most of the other videos we see


    We’ve seen scenes with several million dollars of apparatus, PPE & SCBA where far less was done for fire attack.

  • BH

    Some classic HPS going on there.

    (If you know what it means, you know. If you don’t, you haven’t been doing this long enough!)

  • Big Mose

    Is that what they mean when they say “All hands”????