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The fire department t-shirt. A rant from Fire Mike.

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As someone who gives advice on dealing with the image of your department and for firefighters in general, I know it is always good to be reminded of the basics. That’s exactly what Fire Mike does in the video above. Fire Mike is Firefighter/Paramedic Michael Sedlacek and he didn’t like what he saw in Walmart a few days ago.

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  • David S.

    Perfect Mike.

  • Anonymous


  • Edward M. Roche Sr.

    I agree whole heartly. And I wish The York City,Pa. Fire Dept. would follow his example.

  • clay

    I agree 100%. However he did swear in the beginning but I won’t let that cloud the message completely.
    The job of a firefighter whether you like it or not comes with some responsibilities that other professions don’t have. If you’re an electrician and go do something stupid with the company shirt on it won’t make the news or get the looks as quite as quick as if a firefighter does the same thing. Little kids and big kids look up to firefighters as “heroes”(whether it’s true or not), we drive the big red trucks and we come to save the day. With that in mind you do have a responsibility to be professional and civil when you’re wearing a department shirt on duty or off, professional or volunteer.
    Speaking of t-shirts one thing that I believe automatically lowers the iq of a firefighter are the shirts that will say “I fight what you fear”, “I dance with the devil”, “If firefighters went to hell we’d just put it out”, etc. Those shirts drive me up the wall and don’t belong on the back of real firefighter, that to me is just as bad and are unprofessional. Boy I’m glad I got that off my chest I feel better now.

  • chris 1963

    Very well stated Mike

  • NotAWalMartShopper

    So they were kids, not off-duty FFs? And you were at a Walmart, what did you expect?!

  • bgbootylvr

    I agree!!

  • puzzled

    Well said.

    This is one of the reasons my department doesn’t trade shirts. They are issued to our members/employees and when they leave, they are returned with the rest of the gear and uniforms.

  • jeff

    Is Mike’s department union? Here in Michigan, visiting a WalMart is a strongly discouraged.

  • Bill

    And don’t get arrested or pose for your probation mug shot in your department T shirt.

  • FF/EMT Redmon

    We have FIRED Men for purchasing alcohol on their way home because they were still wearing the Department Shirt! Some men think they are slick bye turning the shirt Inside Out but you can still read where they work and report them!!!! Policies are in place to be in Full uniform and not half or covered shirts while on duty or reporting to and from. Now that I am Retired I still have a closet full of shirt and have not worn one since the day I broke my neck on duty and am now disabled.

    • DCFF

      That’s the stupidest rule ever. Why would have to wear your uniform going to and from work? What if people have things to do before or after? They can’t change at the fire house?

      Also, reporting them to the department may not do a thing. How do you know they worked there? I’ve seen people wearing shirts for my department before even though they don’t work there. They are sold at several fire houses and all over the internet. Same goes with several other large city departments.

  • mark

    Wait a minute, I don’t cuss but he saw some kids wearing shirts and cussing like “damned fools”?

    I believe the Bible has something about this, removing the beam out of one’s own eye before attempting to remove the splinter from another’s.

    I got to that point and you lost all credibility, Mike.

    And whatever the rest of the message is, as the others stated, what did you expect by going into a WallyWorld?

    As an aside, Jeff, don’t you live in a free country? You have to be told or discouraged when and where to shop? Do you not have the ability to think independently? I don’t shop at WallyWorld because of the way they treat vendors, not because someone told me I shouldn’t.

  • E24 4 ever

    We go to the bars all the time with our fire dept. shirts on…. it gets all the ladies….

  • Jack

    Instead of making a video venting and making a “damned fool” of yourself, why don’t you try nipping the problem in the bud, especially if these are “kids.” Address them directly on what they are portraying to the public and the impacting impression it will leave. Regardless of whether or not they are actually a member of our discipline, they need to be educated.

  • Jim Johanson

    I have to agree with you buddy! if you are a fireman paid or volley while wearing a fire shirt please act respectable!

  • Anonymous

    1. Don’t sell or trade your patches, shirts, hats etc.

    2. Don’t shop at Wal-Mart, unless you want to see evidence that society is crumbling every time you shop.

  • Steve in NJ

    Wal Mart is good for one thing. A pick-me-up. Any time you are thinking that your life may not be worth living and that you might not have a purpose here on earth, go to Wal Mart. Once you see how pathetic the lives are of the people who patronize that place you will feel like an instant super star.