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Check out these pictures. Does this mean another logo & color scheme change for the DC Fire & EMS Department is in the offing?

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  • Fire21

    LOL, Dave, now you’re fishing for comments, trying to ignite those DC guys again…as if they don’t have enough to talk about!! LOL

  • alan

    maybe they can donate them to the city when the show gets cancelled.

    • Paul

      And the Department can then donate them to a third world island…

  • Anonymous

    Can’t be be a DC unit, it is not on fire with LRB throwing a temper tamtrum.


    I wonder if they’re looking for a Fire Chief to act on the set, because the real Nations Capitol currently has one that’s been acting as one since 1/1/2011….


    correction to previous comment….been doing a horrible and pathetic performance in his role as fire chief…

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean another logo change?

    All we’ll have to do is watch Scandal and see if the ambo burns up and if there are no paramedics on it. Then we’ll know for sure.

  • Snarff

    I knew these pictures were not real DC Fire and EMS trucks because none of them are on fire.


    its not a temper tantrum….its a hissy fit

  • 19262007

    I like them! They are sufficiently bland and very PC!