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Arrival video & radio traffic: House fire in Glenolden, PA. Evacuation ordered.

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This is 22 minutes of video and radio traffic from Sharon Hill Fire Company of an August 4, 2011 fire on North Bonsall Avenue in Glenolden, Pennsylvania (Deleware County). At 12:55 into the video an evacuation is ordered.

Here’s some of the description with the video:

Engine 09-2 was first arriving to find a 2.5 Story Wood Frame Twin with fire showing from first floor, rapidly extending to the second floor as well as radiant heat melting the siding of the unattached Delta Exposure. Engine9-2 laid a 5″ supply line for water supply and stretched x2 1.75″ handlines for fire suppression as well as exposure protection.

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  • The52nd

    When are guys going to start grabbing the appropriate sized lines? With that volume of fire, in communities serviced by call/vollies with longer response times, 2 1/2″ lines should have been stretched.

    • 95%er

      sounds great.

      Have you ever stretched a charged 2 1/2″ into a single family dwelling?

      How did that work out making the bend from the hallway to the kitchen or stairs?

  • Scooter

    Not a 2 1/2 job ! ! ! This is an 1 3/4 line fire, just got to put the water on the fire… WHICH CAN’T BE DONE 30′ FROM THE FRONT DOOR IN THE YARD!! When they first arrived, if they went up the steps darkened it down and made the push I think they had it… 2nd line was pulled quick so 2nd line to 2nd floor fire out! Strike Da Box! K

  • Volunteer for life

    Amazing time after time see the same thing out of pa.

  • David S.

    Maybe from my experiance a 1 3/4 and one 2 1/2 line may have solved the problem here.

  • Chris

    This video is from 2 years ago so you guys know, it says it @ the start of the film.

  • Gaylord H.

    Why would you stretch lines under “live” lines and park the first due in close proximity of the lines? I personally would not have done that.

  • mdff

    My biggest concern would of been the arcing electric wires and the immediate risk of them falling onto my personel. So I am not sure if they stayed back to avoid the hazard or didn’t feel safe going in. Seemed to have it knocked then the second floor blew up and used the deck gun with very good results.

  • Steve in NJ

    Yeah I was wondering myself why a two year old video was being posted. Maybe it just went up on You Tube recently? Anyhow, Don’t get why you’re opening up a deck gun with two guys standing on the porch roof with a line and one guy on a ground ladder. If that deck gun is even slightly off all three of those guys are getting knocked down. And their idiot chief seemed pretty adamant that the pump operator open up the deck gun immediately. Hey, whats the rush? You’ve been on scene 15 minutes and haven’t really accomplished much so why can’t you wait a few seconds for the guys to get off the porch roof?

    • dave statter

      Yes. It just went up. And I missed the year in the beginning. But I would have probably run it anyway.

  • Crowbar

    7:45 Add meat balls and red sauce.

  • Roscoe

    Well…AT least they laid out AND had water on the fire at 1:30 to 1:35, an improvement over recent crap we’ve seen.