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Video: Six-alarm warehouse fire with water supply problems in Alexandria, VA.

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A six-alarm fire on Labor Day 2013 brought firefighters throughout Northern Virginia and Prince George’s County, Maryland to the 800 block of South Pickett Street in Alexandria. It also forced off his fat butt to drive the 15 minutes to capture the video above. The fire was impacted by a water main break a block away earlier in the day. Toward the end of the video you will see the large amount of hose on the ground on the west side of the fire as part of the relay to bring in water from other mains.


The warehouse fire was reported at about noon on Monday and firefighters contained it by about 4 p.m.

South Van Dorn Street at Edsall Road was closed as firefighters extinguish the blaze.

Chief Fire Marshal Robert Rodriguez with the Alexandria Fire Department says no injuries have been reported.

The fire is about a block away from a water main break at the intersection of South Pickett and South Van Dorn streets. Rodriguez says the water main break is giving firefighters some trouble, but they are working around it.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Ritt

    What a difference when a pro is doing the camera work.

    • dave statter

      It was not my best day. A borrowed camera and no tripod or monopod. But thanks. And I am still on the amateur circuit.

      • Jane

        Thank you for being there for us. I used to volunteer in Arlington, I was keeping up on it with the scanner and postings from a FF working but not there. See your video helps. I have moved from the area.

  • Hayden

    Water supply problems and a big fire requiring lots of water. I saw pumpers using front intakes which typically has reduced flow due to friction loss of piping and pumpers not dual hitching hydrants. Just my 2 cents.

    • Anonymous

      Even with increased water flow from hitting each hydrant discharge, and making connections directly into the pump, this fire was still a loss from the get go. Large building, heavy fire load, and no water supply on arrival equals a bad day for any fire dept.

  • Fire21

    According to a lot of posters on another story today, we’re not supposed to keyboard comment on anything, so I guess I won’t. Not that there’s anything to say, except “Nice try, guys”.

  • SFC

    Great job Dave!

  • Anonymous

    The problem is not water, it is that building is going to fall down. So no matter how much water you have, it does not matter because you cannot get close enough to put it on the fire. Flowing master streams through where the fire has already burnt through the roof does not help, because the water is needed in the areas that have not burnt through yet. It looks good on the news, but we really are just waiting for the fire to run out of fuel at that point.

    • Anontmous

      Unless the water you are flowing through the roof is protecting the fire wall, which in this case left more than half of the building undamaged.