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DC paramedic warns City Council of ‘dire situation’. Explains impact of paramedic shortage on death of little girl.


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Paul Wagner, WTTG-TV/Fox 5:

A paramedic who recently tried to save the life of a  five month old girl has written a letter to the D.C. City Council warning of a  “dire situation”.

The two page letter describes in detail what  happened last Thursday when less than half the assigned paramedics were on the  job and a baby went into cardiac arrest.

The author of the letter says the city is in  “danger” and he wants the council to know.

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  • peak

    I understand that the response times could have been quicker if those stations would have been staffed and the outcome could have been different, but 3 minutes for BLS and 8 for ALS, those times are pretty quick.

    • Steve in NJ

      Keep in mind that at the 8 minute mark there was no transport unit on scene, just an EMS Supervisor. I have to say that this individual who wrote the letter has a huge set of balls but will now also have a huge target on his back and will probably face significant disciplinary action. It sounds like it was something that needed to be said though I doubt there will be anny changes. Its good though for the city to hear it from someone other than the union.

      • Mobella

        the only reason more firefighters/paramedics do not stand up is bcs the firechief WILL demote, transfer or otherwise DESTROY that employee.

      • stuart

        Thought so, too. Major balls. I didn’t think it was a signed letter. When they mentioned the name…wow. Shows just how frustrated he is. Sad

  • Barney Miller

    I think the issue is the lack of full compliment of paramedics every day. The remaining medics deal with the stress of long responses for patients and get held over, regularly after long nights being the only medic for double/ triple their normal coverage area. Most of the medics that are still in DC are being bastardized due to the underlying agenda to go back to civilian based EMS. Accountability and lack luster performance of EAB in the past is why the task force recommended dual role PM. Hiring dual role PM is so difficult it should be an open hire NOT take a 2 1/2 year break with no recruitment effort. The time that has passed makes it look intentional to go back to EAB and now that only 9 of 125 could be hired it was a huge backfire. That number puts just 2 (two)(dose)(swei)(du) additional PM per day after years of no hiring. BIG FREAKIN DEAL. Now what private ALS in DC? That is where we are headed. Few people want to work for this guy because he acts like an abused dog, he will be nice when you stroke him but if you stop he bites you!

  • Jon Botwin

    Keep in mind I am about the 5th due ALS resource not counting EMS supervisors; with them about 8th due ALS resource to that location. Downgrading the closer units causes a ripple effect across the city. If this was your child would you want to wait?E26 isn’t even due on the initial fire assignment, or working fire assignment. What is more disturbing is the ever growing hole in coverage left as we left our area to cover another.

    • stuart

      much respect, sir.

    • the Pharcyde






      • Pipeman27

        26 running calls down in 19 or 32s local is a lot different than 11 running 22s local you idiot

      • Anonymous

        You have alot of ramblings, why don’t you address the issue of E-26 being the closest ALS unit to a child in cardiac arrest at 1200 North Capitol St. NW. & if this was your child are you okay with it.

      • For real?

        Should!!!! The correct spelling I should, not shud!! Shew. Just so you know, that one word makes your entire debate worthless. You show true ignorance in yourself by using that one word. Try again please!

        • for real for real?

          *is..the correct spelling is *IS, not I!! Your incompetence in spelling, while trying to correct others, erases your validity to post.

      • pharcydeloveshandouts

        I think you are RIGHT ON JON. KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT. Pharcyde: you don’t even understand what this letter is about do you little guy? Do us all a favor…when grown men are discussing issues….shut your mouth and go sit at the the kiddy table. Your daddy LRB has a DFC spot you could be lubing up for as well….

      • Hammer of Logic

        No. Running 8th due on a medical local is not “normal”.

        Running 8th due with 5 engines due on a box alarm is: #1 different than running 8th due with 1 engine due on a medical local. #2 subject to complaints as well #3 completely irrelevant as to whether or not having half of the ‘designed’ ALS resources out of service

        By your logic, no one can complain about anything, unless they’ve complained about it before. I shouldn’t have to explain why this is silly.

        The union president doesn’t control his membership.

        When sneed was president, we didn’t have social media, we didn’t have conditions like this, but, boy did he sure fight to make sure we could wear beards.

        Pharcyde, your blind devotion to dear leader probably isn’t even rewarded by him. There are no redeeming qualities to his management style. He’s imperious but ineffective. I question your motives for supporting him.

      • Mark too

        Yes, responding outside a unit’s normal area of operation is a normal function. However, there’s a distinct difference between doing it because the units in those areas are busy handling other calls or in need of additional assistance and doing it because the units that normally cover those areas are not in service because of a shortage of personnel.

        Using your example, E22 taking in a call in E11’s district because E11 is handling a fire alarm is distinctly different from E22 taking in a call in E11’s district because E11 isn’t in service.

        Having to run medical locals outside a unit’s normal response area because the department is failing to maintain its “normal” staffing levels (i.e. frequent downgrading of numerous ALS units to BLS) IS A BIG DEAL because its a clear sign of a significant systemic problem (i.e. not having enough paramedics to maintain “normal” staffing levels)!

      • Gil

        I have been there for 21 years and this is the worse I have seen it. No relief and no medics. I think we were better off when he had no money and crap for apparatus and gear. At least every one was happy and wanted to come to work. At least it wasn’t a hostel work environment.

  • Anonymous

    The paramedic who wrote this letter is also a city resident. He has every right to express his concern to his elected officials. So I don’t foresee any disciplinary actions that could be taken, however he does now have a huge target on his back. The Administrator as we all know is very vindictive.

    • Anonymous

      At some point…….we will realize that WE are our own worst enemy.

  • Ain’t gonna get no better

    Even after a letter like this it ain’t gonna get no better. The City is clueless as to what is going on. Ellerbe has people in his back pocket, coat pocket, wallet, under his hat, everywhere. His minions within the organization are so duped and clueless that they run around like robots spitting out his propaganda. He is in way over his head, but nothing will be done. We need to realize that and stop wasting our breath. He is here, he isn’t going anywhere, and we will all pay for his screw-ups. Sucks doesn’t it? But that’s life in the DC Fire and EMS Department under his watch. Maybe one day we will all look back and say “remember that one guy that we had as a Fire Chief that made everyone else look amazing”. Until then though, it is heartbreaking.

    • Sergeant LRB supporter

      You homegrown terrorist!

  • Anonymous

    “The remaining medics deal with the stress of long responses for patients and get held over, regularly after long nights being the only medic for double/ triple their normal coverage area”.

    Sounds like an good argument for 3-3-3!!

    • Barney Miller

      Sounds like a BETTER argument for Recruitment! You know those business things they teach like retention, attrition and demand.
      Well rounded employees invested in the growth of the department. 3-3-3 will drive off the remaining medics we still have. They will go to AA/ MOCO/ FFX/ ARL to reap the incentives of credible years toward retirement, better pay, concern for their well being and a F’n professional environment….just went Lewis Black for a second. WE OFFER NOTHING TO OUR MEDICS! wonder why they leave…..3-3-3 is more hours for same pay, why is that good? 42/56 weeks????

      • ed

        not just medics…. ff vacancies are way up. There r many eligible from the recruit list. Ellerbe is the Teflon Don….what a loser. Him and his daddy Gray are a disgrace.

    • Mark too

      I hope that was intended to be sarcastic.

    • Brokenhearted

      We can already prove the 3-3-3 is the literal worst available shift for the Fire and EMS system through hard facts and scientific observation. Next please.


    Steve…good point, but this guy lives in DC and attends ANC meetings that Ellerbe often speaks at (so I’ve been told), so I’m pretty sure he already knows him..but either way…the message is quite clear with Ellerbe’s egotistical, self preserved, arrogant, vindictive and narcissist personalities..that if you aren’t from SE DC and didn’t live in his world, then you are and always will be a target in the DC Fire Department…

    However..its the constant news stories about the dysfunction and complete lack of taking responsiblity for why this department has taken a nose dive…not only is Ellerbe in a position he’s not qualified for, but in it ONLY because Vincent Gray was elected Mayor through an illegal shadow campaign…so here he is and he comes in with an attitude of revenge, so he already has an agenda planned(an ugly one) and along with that agenda is his ineptness and inability to lead a large city fire department…WHY?…combine his hidden agenda along with his ineptness and you have a recipe for complete FAILURE…therefore, and because of this, comes the many stories and much deserved critisism directed at him..

    And with this disturbed and highly unethical personality, you develop well thought out excuses for what, why and when you did something….Vinny stands by his boyhood friend because he’s part of his agenda…”HIRE WITHIN”…means not always hiring for the good of the department, but hiring from within DC to break the trend of hiring those, white, black, hispanic and anyone else outside of DC who’ve actually wanted this job, because it was a calling or what they’ve always wanted to do since they were little..

    So its my belief that most if not all of those hired from within…don’t necessarily find being a fireman a noble calling or job they’ve dreamed of since they were little to them, but a chance to earn a substantial income, as I’m sure the career of being a fireman is told to these young people in a way most would not look at…I remember Ellerbe coming in to my recruit class and speaking to us about the job…He emphasized education and by taking courses etc., the skies the limit on your the salary you can earn….it seemed as if earning a 100K per year was more important and his primary focus than helping people in their time of need by saving lives and protecting property….even to this day…its quite clear to me that being a fireman for Kenneth Ellerbe was never a calling….

    So having almost 3 years under his belt as Fire Chief..his motives have been quite clear from the beginning…He despises tradition and the rich history that has made the DCFD what it is…now whether his idea of tradition is people who volunteer in Pa to someone getting hired because of a relative previously on the job or the traditions of how we pride ourselves on aggressive firfighting to the rookies sitting at the watch desk to making coffee etc….either way..its THOSE TRADITIONS that ALLOWED him to be hired and employed for 27 years as a member of the DCFD….and when he sh**s on those traditions and tries his best to destroy the history, he does so to every member in the department who has pride and more important, to those who’ve laid their life down for this department….

    Ellerbe said last week…we were now past the tipping point and we’re moving forward… for almost 3 years we’ve been trying to get this whole being a Fire Chief thing out, so now that he’s ordered ambulances and hired mostly cadets, he has to have a major announcement with all the media, bells and whistles, only to announce something he’s failed to do since he arrived and something that’s just a normal and routine part of your job to do….

    • Anonymous

      “Vincent Gray was elected Mayor through an illegal shadow campaign”…

      DUDE…….THIS HORSE IS D-E-A-D!!!!!!

      • dave statter

        Actually, from what I read it is very much alive and active in the U.S. Attorney’s Office.


        • HOOKMAN

          YES…and Mayor Gray was never informed or involved during Operation Shadow Campaign…To this very day, Mayor Vinny or as some refer to him as Count Gray,is oblivious to all those who ran his campaign…My guess is they ALL wanted him to be Mayor so bad, that they were willing to go to jail for ole Vincent and without getting anything in return..ummm like a agency head job or something they were never qualified for to begin with….just ask Suliamon Brown…

          • Anonymous

            If the U.S. attorney had something, it would have been exposed by now….2 going on 3 years?

            The people convicted up to now are not “made” for jail. I’m sure they would have rolled on Gray if he did something.

            As far as “Sillymon Brown”……..nothing more needs to be said.

  • inside looking out

    FEMS is a hot potato now. Wells, Evans, Bowser wont touch it now for fear of getting burned. They’ll let ellerbe sink any slim chance gray has of reelection. Of course, the voters will forgive them for their inaction, because DC voters only care that there’s a (D) next to the name of the person they vote for.

    Evans & Bowser, I can forgive. It’s Wells’s *JOB* to oversee public safety & justice. If he doesn’t handle this, what will he do as a Mayor? Nothing. Zero. Zilch. He’s been all hot air since he got here anyway.

  • JustSayin’


    A new character in our DC (Comic Book) drama..

    Who is this.???

    We got Souperman and Lex Luther.

    The entire membership is expected to be the “Jimmys”.. (by S.Man)

    Soooooooo… WHO is this.???
    Please explain your selection…


    Step up to the plate “WELLS” and get some nuts. Every one of your hearings is just a hot air show with get me that info for the next hearing. More reasons that show the councel should be abolished. High paid $ to ones who do nothing.

    • Mr. Obvious

      First off, CM Wells, nor anyone else on the Council, can fire the Fire Chief. The only one who can do that is the Mayor.

      What the Council does have authority over is the budget. If they so choose, they can reduce the Fire Chief’s salary, say to $1 a year. Other than that, not much else they can do. Even with that, the Mayor can veto the bill (Although the Council can try to override the veto).

      So as far as the executive positions go, the only ball on the playground belongs to the Mayor, and it is his to play with as he chooses.

      • ed

        That being said, the system needs to change. I would say that DC Cronyism is destroying the cities services, and eroding the Public trust.

  • puzzled

    Regardless of whether the paramedic is a citizen of DC or not, he wrote and submitted the letter as a matter of public concern, which if it is factually accurate, is protected by the First Amendment.

    I would hope the “city leaders” would not be ignorant enough to risk defending a lawsuit they couldn’t hope to win, should any disclipine or retaliation be contiplated. But then again….

  • ???

    I am not in DC but with everything I have read, it seems to me that there are alot more than 9 paramedics in DC each day, they are just on the engines and not on any transport units. If this is correct, why doesnt DC have the paramedics on the engines be placed on the ambulances to provide better coverage and prevent burn out of the few paramedics running the EMS calls.
    There is a need for paramedics! Simply move personnel around to fill that need for the betterment of the citizens. Unless there is some union contract that limits the best use of these paramedics, they should be used in the best way they can be utilized to provide the best fire and EMS services for the City.
    I am sure this has been thought of, why isnt it being considered???

    • DC22FD

      The medics on the engines are the ones running EMS calls. If the call needs ALS we jump onto the ambulance and provide the care enroute to the ED. The problem is the medic units are not being staffed and are end up downgraded to basic ambulances, and because we are so low on medics paramedic engine companies are being downgraded too, leaving the few PECs to run all the ALS calls all over the city creating huge gaps in service. We’re talking PECs going from the northern most portion of DC to across the river in Southeast as the only ALS resource. PECs ALS service areas are doubling and tripling because of these daily downgrades, and with that increase comes more calls and with more calls and less coverage you get gaps, and with gaps you end up with sick people dead.

    • Anonymous

      DC would rather run fire engines as chase cars.

      The argument is that ambulances spend longer times on calls because they have to take the patient to the hospital, wait until the patient is processed, etc. If medics are on the fire engines running alongside a BLS ambulance, the paramedic can remain in service and be available if the call turns out to be BLS, which most calls are.

    • DCFDandproud

      Our system is 90% or greater in BLS emergencies. Reality is that our system is 80% should go by taxi, 10% BLS, and 10% ALS. Put the medics on the transport units and that functionally accomplishes less ALS coverage. This has been proven countless times. The system was supposed to have a fully devoted attempt at educating the abusive public on the proper use of 911, however that was just a pipe-dream. As Marion Barry taught years ago “call early and call often”.

      I believe that these embarrassing stories do not touch the core of what is going on here. This has become nothing more then a jobs program for the city. There is no fire department being run here, just filtering hand selected people into a J-O-B. These Maryland residents really rely on DC for employment because they remember the good old days when J-O-B-S were handed out for votes.

      This is the last remnants of an elitist society that is desperate to “take back the city”. They are so desperate that they violated most campaign laws to do it. The District has become a national embarrassment but that does not matter as long as the social engineering agenda is accomplished. This elitist seclusionary society has problems with the new “urbanism” that has placed cities in more of a demand. They refuse to realize that this has happened in most major metropolitan cities across this country. This faction believes this is a purposeful attempt to displace them and they are desperate to change it.

      As a resident I will favorably forgo having my trash picked up when the Federal Government is in shut down because we do not deserve statehood with the volatile atmosphere that has been created here.


    ???….if you listened to our Narcissist Chief Bully last week during this eye opening never seen before dramatic display of 2 new ambulances and his soldiers marching in from behind 2 Engine, you’d know that out of 125 applicants that applied to be Paramedics in DC…ONLY 9 were accepted….its pretty damn tough here in the Nations Capitol…we don’t just let anyone in..

    • Mobella

      LOL that is true. And it has always been that way…. scrape the bottom of the barrel with a razor blade….. here’s your new employee!

  • fire medic

    In most Fire Depts with paramedic engine co.the engine paramedics get ALS on scene quickly & take charge if a BLS ambulance is sent.They will also ride into the hospital if the patient needs advanced care.


    Here’s more of what you’ll here until the end of 2014….

    we no we’ve made mistakes????…your existence in the DCFD is the biggest one…please elaborate on those mistakes…oh wait…we just make statements like this on the JoHo show and rehearse what will be asked and what’s asked of me probably won’t get an answer…way to run a show Kojo…

  • ed

    Kojo is a platform for all things corrupt in DC. Heres one for you Hook:

    Basically, for all of you guys out there who took the DCFD Entrance Exam in 2008 and have been putting in work trying to get on DCFD (WHAT IS STILL THE BEST DEPT IN THE WORLD), here is DC’s very own CORRUPT MAYOR: THE DISHONORABLE VINCENT C(ORRUPTION)GRAY’S way of saying Go F$#K Yourself.

    It makes me sick to see that Gray and Ellerbe are directly causing the City to suffer so that they can push their FREE JOBS FOR CITY RESIDENTS AGENDA.

    WAIT….why do all those CADETS have Maryland tags?…..


      no doubt Ed

  • Anonymous

    The FUNDED vacancies exist. Filling them = smaller coverage areas/quicker response, less holdovers/overtime, Less burnout/medics leaving, and a more motivated/happier workforce = safer communittees.

    3-3-3 only encourages more of what we’re seeing now. if I’m finishing up the 1st of my 3 day shifts and am held over, I’m now working 36 hours straight. 12 hours at home then another 12 with the possibilty of holdover. Now I have the potential of working 48 hours out of 60. Can you count on sound medical judgement?

    This letter outlines exactly what goes on in this city everyday. Who suffers in the long run? Citizens and employees. Is there any leadership in a public safety organization when the citizens AND members suffer?

  • the ear

    What is it going to take to get rid of this incompetent fool. His only mission is to destroy DCFD.LRB could care less about the members and the citizens of DC. It is all about him.

  • Anonymous

    Hookman, just to clarify A19 and A4, as seen on the press conference we refurbished. Actually, I do believe that A19’s siren broke on the first run it received after leaving the “dog and pony show” as our great Union President referred to it as. Can anyone confirm???

    In addition, Sunday night was a busy evening in SE/NE DC, i do recall a certain medical local being dispatched for an address in SE DC with the following units: T16, E11P, and A4?!?!?!?!?!?!? Yup LRB, our response times are getting so much better, if that’s all you’re worried about in this department you got your head up you’re you know what!!!!

  • Snarff

    Yes they only hired 9 out of 125 applicants. I am one along with two other paramedics I know. None of us even got a call back from HR. We called several times, every time HR gave us the run around and would never return calls. All three of us are fairly new paramedics 1 to 1.5 years working in a 911 system. That is not a lot but honestly with all the bad press FEMS has I don’t think they are attracting medics with 10 to 15 years experience.

  • Ol Skool 86

    Wow, I never address anyone. Pharcyde I bet you won’t go tell the parents of that child to get over it missed the whole point of the’re comments are disturbing..and why so much hatred for L36? Since you hate L36 so much, when we get a raise donate it all to charity.. Or better yet, when we get our well deserved FLSA settlement checks I want you to give it away to HEROES or Burn foundation..that’s right you’ve prob never donated… least to those causes……

  • Anonymous

    I also heard a call go out with T8, Pec T17, and ambulance 6. Can’t be serious.

  • 19262007

    @ the ear:

    It will take a year and a half to get rid of the current administration. As long as uncle vinnie doesn’t get re-elected…

  • Mobella

    Please don’t be so insulting to the Mayor. He does a lot of good, such as volunteering for the American Red Cross.

  • Anonymous

    Hired 9 medics and 3 just left! Haaaaa!!! Failerbee sure is turning things around ! Haaaaa!!!

    • whacker

      did they really?

  • Anonymous

    “Unprecedented” 30 new ambulances. That’s right! We’ve never bought that many in one year. Why? Because other administrations were smart enough to replace aging apparatus on a schedule instead of waiting for it ALL to fall apart. Oh what the heck??? Just pass it off on someone else and demote another DFC you’ve put in charge of Fleet Maint. division. That seems to be your trend.

    News flash!!! Looks like Rubin, Schultz, Jeffery, and Co. are all smarter then you.

    Keep holding on to your buddy the Mayor. He won’t drop you. After all…look at all the greatness he propelled you to.

    Nothing like having front row seats to a circus!

  • Dirk Diggler

    New Firefighters or Paramedic, or combination BEWARE…

    If, I were you, I would stay away from here. I am not a medic, but I have been around on this JOB for sometime, to say enough is enough. This CITY has without reason; fucked over more paramedic’s in the last 5 to 8 years, then I can count… This place is #1 in operating in Dysfunctional mode… I know u are looking for a Job, but regardless of where you are. Forget this place… You would be better off working at McDonalds, then coming here. All you need to do is read the Blogs… Most of this Shit is real and this place is operated like a 3rd world country… Nothing works correctly… I implore you to seriously think about coming here, because the CITY will lye to ur face and think nothing of it… Even if they put something in writing, it doesn’t mean shit here. If this place was the Cats Meow of Employment, these medics would not be bailing like they currently are. You have 4 levels of Employees here in FEMS

    1. I am getting ready to retire, see u the F### later
    2. I have 15 to 20 years on the Job and I am Stuck
    3. I have 2 years on the Job, this place sucks, is anybody else hiring
    4. New Employees = Sucker

    That’s it in a Nutshell, so think long and hard… And if they give u something in writing, they will piss all over it, when you say. Well Sir, my contract say this F### ur contract Son

    Think I’m kidding about that, the City has 1 to 2 Billion dollars in the pick… Give er take a few hundred million…

    I am topped out, have had no pay-raise in 7 years… Yes, I did get my Bird… But not without fighting for that…

    7 years, not even a (cola) But u want more from me! Ya Right…

    • Anonymous

      Almost 12 years operating under a contract ratified in 2002. Who would have thought?

      It is as anti-labor as you can get. For all that talk about DC having collective bargaining rights, it is a defacto Right-to-Work State. However, most Southern states have a far better system of govmt and leadership than DC.

      The race thing is really a red-herrring for what has happened. Most are too stupid or weak to see it.

      • Anonymous

        Remember…….in ’08-’09 we were offered 1-1-1 by the FORMER UNION VP!!!

  • Pipeman27

    And DCthinks it deserves to be a state, that’s hilarious!


    Snarff….since you’re one of the 9 out of 125 chosen, why don’t you refute Ellerbe’s statement that out of those 125 medics, only 9 were chosen…his statement isn’t meant to mean only 9 were qualified, but that only 9 were qualified due to DC’s rigorous requirements to get hired (insert sarcasm)…you could easily do what Jon Botwin did without putting your name out there…

    The circus show last week was to mislead the public by telling them..hey.look at us and what we’ve done because of the mistakes which have plagued the news..however, these mistakes and news stories because of them are due to Ellerbe’s incompetence and part of his hidden agenda…His failures and assanine speeches like last week, only make him look more foolish than he already by disputing his public statements along with Count Gray’s continuing endorsement of for what a remarkable job he’s doing…maybe you can enlighten the media of how this difficult process to be a Paramedic in DC really isn’t…

  • A concerned taxpayer

    @Pipeman27, I must agree with you. Won’t be long before there’s a
    “control board” for FEMS or whatever the hell the name is. As a life long resident of SE with many friends in the department, I find it down right embrassing that any of the rank and file would even support this Chief. Although I believe city residents should have first dibbs o any job within DC Government, I am also smart enough to know that the best employees are the ones who want to do what’s been a life long dream. Had a convo with Mr Ellerbee’s spokesman and he couldn’t understand why this guy is so reviled. I am voting for anyone but Mr. One City. Hope this chief does the right thing and just quit.


    A concerned taxpayer..residents of DC get preferential residency points for being a bona fide resident of DC at the time of the application process if they choose..

    CHAPTER 3 District Personel Manual
    301.1 Pursuant to D.C. Law 17-108, the Jobs for D.C. Residents Amendment Act of 2007, effective February 6, 2008 (D.C. Act 17-172; 54 DCR 10993, November 16, 2007), a person who applies for competitive employment in the Career Service, Educational Service, Legal Service other than the Senior Executive Attorney Service, or Management Supervisory Service and who is a bona fide resident of the District of Columbia may be awarded a residency preference of ten (10) points at the time of application, unless the person declines the preference points.

    Don’t get me wrong…there’s alot of good fireman from this city, whether they came on through the cadet program or the regular recruitment process….My gut feeling is that under Ellerbe, these cadets are being afforded an opportunity that many are not afforded and its being done in a discriminatory way…on top of this..many who’ve ACTUALLY gone through a process by taking a test, performing an agility test etc,. are being left out to dry while Ellerbe executes his evil and disgusting agenda….

    I wholeheartedly believe the best people are not chosen for this job when an incompetent fool has an agenda that doesn’t benefit the residents or the visitors of this city…

    Will some of these young people come to realize that being a fireman is a hard to come by career that many fight and scratch to obtain.
    Will some of these young people come in and put in 110% to be the best that they can be once they realize this job is more than a nice paycheck every two weeks…I believe some will, but the odds are..most won’t and won’t put in the effort of those that actually wanted to be fireman…only time will tell

    • whacker

      thanks for fighting for the guys on the list hook

  • disgusted

    I’m disgusted with you all.First and foremost the 5month old baby who past away was my cousin’s baby girl.Jon Botwin what are you some kind of super medic,you think that by you beimg on the scene earlier would have saved my family.E-6 got there within 3mins roughly and started CPR.

    There was nothing you could have done to save my cousin.How many people have you brought back from cardiac arrest this year. I work in S.E.along side one one of the best medics in the city, and of all the cardiac arrest patients we ran this year,he didn’t save not one.

    This wasn’t because he was incompetent,there were probably mitigating circumstances,(like down time ect..)I talk with my family and they said E-6 did a great job.I have a dog in this fight because it affected my family.

    John Botwin what you did irresponsible,unprofessional and down right ignorant.This isn’t about chief ellerbe you POS,your lying to the public saying they are in danger,you assh@le there was nothing you could have done.

    And for the rest of you who are down with this assh@le fu@k you too.I’m disgusted with you all,this is my first time on here and I cant believe some of the racist sh@t that gets tossed around.Just like someone said in an earlier post we run out of our area on a on goin basis,annd been doin it for years,longer than most of you on here.

    I’m not here to support no one,but my baby cousin is dead and its not because a medic wasn’t there.You can keep spewing this incorrect venomous propaganda but I and my family know the truth.I’m ashamed to even work beside some of you,signed disgusted

    • JustSayin’

      Sorry about your loss, Sir.
      It’s easy to see that you’re heartbroken over the loss of this beautiful little girl.

      At the same time, FFF/PM Jon is also heartbroken.
      He knows that TIME is important. And when an FD-EMS systems
      does not acknowledge this TRUE FACT, it is not acting appropriately.

      I’ve been on the job for 40-years in a dual role FD.
      Seen SCA in new-borns to great-great grandparents.
      Did we save them all .. NO
      Did we save some, YES

      And 99% of the ones we saved were because we were able to arrive
      almost immediately after BLS procedures were started.

      You may or may not be correct in feeling that your baby cousin could not be saved.
      We’ll never really know.

      But what about the next baby in SCA.??? Or Child.?? Or Adult.???
      If the broken system in DC can be repaired and improved maybe THEY will survive.

      May the LORD Bless you and your family with His Healing Peace.


    whacker….if you’re on that list or a current member…I’d get a list together of those you’re aware of that are on the list and get them to do the same or request through the FOIA to obtain a current list from the 2008 exam…..This is an adminstration that does what they want andbwhen questioned about what they’ve done…they come up with a well planned statement to justify why, what and when they did what they did….I would also consult with the Washington, DC ACLU….If the DC Government is an Equal Opportunity Employer….well..i think most can agree there’s nothing equal going on here as it relates to hiring…

  • disgusted

    Thank you Dave S. For not posting my blog, its evident that you take sides and are bias.I posted because that incident involved a relative of mine.At the same time you let these fools on here say what ever they want without impunity .But its ok because they only represent themselves. Whom am I speaking of?.The same guys who turned their backs on the department and who continue to run to the press.It’s apparent you as well dont like to see anyone in opposition to these members.I heard I am not the first you have sanctioned on here.I wanted that guy to know how I felt about his letter to the council, its ok Dave I know where you. Signed disgusted.

    • dave statter

      First of all I am sorry for your loss. My condolences to your family.

      I am not familiar with the blog you are talking about? I did see a comment from you. I was with my family on the Jewish holiday and have not been as on top of the comments in the last 24 hours. I apologize. Because it was lengthy and had some personal attacks, I wanted to read it further before posting. It’s posted.

      But I will warn you much as I’ve warned people on all sides of this, stop the name calling. State your opinion on the news, but stop all the crap or you won’t get posted. And yes, I am taking sides. My bias is toward a civil discussion and exchanging of opinions and not calling each other names. Maybe I need to sign my name disgusted.

  • 19262007

    What?! This is your blog Dave and you run it how you see fit?! That’s weird… and stop spending time with your family, you are to remain at your computer so you can post EVERYTHING!

    • dave statter

      I will try to do better in the future. Thanks for the reality check.

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