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Raw video: Evacuation order as two homes burn in Detroit.

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Video from BoxAlarmDetroit of a fire Tuesday afternoon in the 1400 block of Taylor Street in Detroit. Firefighters were ordered to withdraw from the two vacant homes burning.

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  • JustSayin’

    Another normal day in The-D.

    The only FD in the world that would like to
    be just like DC-FEMS

    And ironically, it looks like DCFD is attempting
    to equal DFD as soon as possible…

  • David S.

    Surround and drown I feel they did the right thing why waste good manpower on two empty houses which needed to be destroyed in the future.

  • Fire21

    It must be very demoralizing to those guys and gals to lose so many structures, even though they are abandoned. Stay safe, brothers and sisters, your efforts are appreciated.

  • Cosgrove

    Just Sayin.. Looks like DCFD and Detroit are doin it old School. You know no vests and goin inside. What do you do???
    I like the fireball gloves.:)

    • JustSayin’

      Yeah, Doin’ it “Old School”.

      I’ve been there, done that in my 40-yrs on the job.
      (if it’s any of your business…)

      Busted Budget
      Busted Apparatus
      Busted Equipment
      Busted Leadership
      Limited SCBA Tanks
      Limited, exhausted manpower
      No pay adjustments EXCEPT for pay cuts
      Busted Motivation

      AND….. Gloves that can melt to your hands..

      Yeah, nothing quite like Old School..

      Are you naturally stupid or do you work at it.????

  • Cosgrove

    Wow 40 years Yep Iv been doin it that long too with the same problems you mention. Even with the gloves that melt on your Hands.

    But I take offense when you start to downgrade the DCFD that still is one of the BEST Fire Departments around because of the rank and file. Not the Administrator.

    No Im not Stupid and Im not a Coward I use my name.

    Have a nice Day


  • JustSayin’

    You Stated Above,
    “I like the fireball gloves.:)”

    You’re not just stupid, you’re 40-years on the job stupid.

    Sorry, I thought you got your pen name from your brand of lawnmower.

    Many writers have used a pen name.
    My name is Samuel L. Clemens

  • Cosgrove

    Thanks Sam Nice to know ya. I don’t need a lawnmower.
    So I guess in this day and age you would not wear fireballs on a cold winters night to pick up cold wet hose while your leather gloves dry out??
    Come visit me sometime with your vest on. :)