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Helmet-cam video: Basement fire in Mt. Zion, IL.

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Posted to YouTube yesterday by TheMTZFD. Here’s the description with the video:

Video of the basement fire on Havenwood Ct in Mt. Zion, IL. Mutual aid from Long Creek and South Wheatland Fire Departments. Helmet footage from B.C. Hunk

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Comments - Add Yours

  • on the job

    Helmet cam videos usually suck ,but this one was pretty good.
    Nice work Havenwood CT.

  • The52nd

    I agree. Strong, straight forward work. Good job guys.

  • Jeff Dostalek

    Nice Stop. Video was great.
    Madison Wis

  • Kevin

    Nice quick work.

  • Anonymous

    helmet cams do suck, leave them out because there very boring and you dont learn anything from them.

    • AnonymousCapt.

      Actually they sometimes show important things and sometimes provide a window to see what we may be doing wrong or what may have went wrong and what people are doing right. They can and are valuable learning tools.

  • Steve in NJ

    Nice job