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Guns & hoses: PGFD says charity gun sale not a good fit for Accokeek VFD. Sale moves to nearby Charles county.

MD PG Accokeek gun sale

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Tracee Wilkins, WRC-TV/NBC 4:

A fire department will raffle guns during a fundraising event Saturday at a Charles County, Md. firehouse.

The event is put on by the Accokeek Volunteer Fire Department in Prince George’s County. Although its fire chief did not want to comment on camera, he said the raffle helps raise funds for the fire department’s dated facility. He also said their engine is more than 15 years old, “way beyond” its expiration date.

Despite its good intentions, the event is not been held at the Accokeek VFD. Last year, it was relocated to Charles County.

“We’re just very uncomfortable with the gun show being held at one of our fire stations, a public safety agency, and that we’re sending the wrong message,” Prince George’s County Fire Department spokesperson Mark Brady said. “We’re not trying to deny anyone their constitutional rights, but we felt uncomfortable with the message.”

This year, it will be put on at the Bryans Road Volunteer Fire Department on Livingston Road in Ryans Road, Md.

“Things worked out in our favor that they were able to conduct their fundraiser, albeit in a neighboring jurisdiction,” Brady said.

Tickets to the “210 Sportsmans Bonanza” cost $45 and include all you can eat, all you can drink, including beer.

The spokesperson for Charles County told News4 the event is perfectly legal becuase no live ammunition will be raffled off with the shotguns and rifles

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Snarff

    Nothing really strange to me about this. A volunteer dept near me raffles off guns donated by a local gun shop. Except they use the Virginia pick three numbers to get the winning ticket.

    I have never heard of anyone say anything bad about it. Hell they sell the tickets where I work and that two counties over. Its their largest fundraiser for the year.

    The department has to do something to fund itself. I don’t know what they get from PGFD but I’m sure being in PG county they don’t get a lot of donations from the public. I could be wrong though.

  • RJ in florida

    This gun toting firefighting brother in the south is having a good chuckle with this example of political correctness. I understand the situation in PG county is sometimes interesting to watch because they are very dedicated members who have to contend with an administration that seems to have some problems with some of the things the fire companies do

    what I don’t understand is how this does not set well with the fire chief…Is it because {if a gun sold at a fire department sale is used in a crime, the fire department will look bad?}
    is it more like if a gun is sold at this event and is used to STOP a crime, that will make the fire department look good?…no, the mainstream media does not run stories of people that defend themselves with guns…unless its an 80 year old grannie with pa’s gun from the war because that’s cute…situations of people defending themselves with a gun goes against the anti gun crowd
    we just cant have a fire company getting money on their own from the legal sale of firearms

  • Fire21

    There’s nothing wrong with this. Guns are as safe as knives, hammers, and pool cues. It’s when they’re in the hands of some of the people who use them that they are dangerous. My concern with this event is that they are allowing visitors to drink as much beer as they want, and then those folks are driving home!!

    I agree with Snarff, they have to do something to fund themselves, cause I bet the donations from the general public aren’t enough to make it.

  • Anonymous

    I would have to question the administrative control PGFD has over an independent cooperation versus operational control that Charter gave them.

    A lot of vfd’s use gun raffles as legal fundraisers. They’re independent corporations as we’ll. They also don’t loose state funding for doing it. Why should PGFD impose such a sanction if higher government doesn’t?

    What exactly is the message they don’t want sent? 24 isn’t raffling off an assault weapon. It’s a firearm anyone with a clear background can purchase in a sportsman’s store.

    I guess serving alcohol at the annual banquet will be the next message PGFD doesn’t want sent. Oh wait a minute. Isn’t that the decision of an independent corporation?

    I challenge the Fire Commission to clarify the lines between having operational command and allowing independent corporations to function.

    This is just a case of “I’m in charge and your not. My &@$# is bigger then your &@$# and I can prove it”.

  • polly

    Mr. Brady speaks as if the PGFD owns the Accokeek Volunteer Fire Department, but, yes, Mr. Brady a legal gun registered with a background check would send the wrong message in PG County. And, while you are speaking of things that don’t quite look right, let’s check the racial makeup of the PGFD professional hires from the last 2 years compared to the County’s population. Also, while you are at it, how is your former lt col., past county executive, and past council member doing in prison? Why don’t we ask the Chief why he returned to PG County after retiring. Was it because he could become the Fire Chief? Will he leave the County once again when he retires or will he volunteer his time to serve the citizens of PG County? The PGFD should mind their own business and keep a watchful eye on their own.

  • AArdvark

    How many criminals received guns ??? NONE. How many riots broke out ??? NONE. How many laws were broken ??? NONE. This Country and its Bulsh*t, feel-good actions only appease the dopes that create this non-sense. Now I feel better. Thanks.

  • puzzled

    Raffling legal firearms is sending the wrong message, but drinking and driving isn’t?

    Unless they are providing shuttle service home to all who attend and drink, they are promoting an illegal act.

  • Roscoe

    Well at least they weren’t giving out “nerf” toy “GUNS” to kids, especially since it was off school property……….could get’cha suspended from school! Im SO glad I no longer live or serve in The Peoples Republic of MD!

  • Joe

    Excellent point about the drinking. The raffling off of legal objects in a manner consistent with the law is “bad”, but advertising all you can drink on the poster is ok. Better to nix the beer too, that just sends the message you condone alcohol abuse, drinking and driving, and all other sorts of bad things. In fact, lets only sell tickets to come and sit quietly in the firehouse for the day, that way we don’t offend anyone.

  • Anonymous

    Ok where to start. The PGFD, fire chief and mark brady have no say in what functions they have at Accokeek. Last year was the first year for the gunbash and the correct permits were obtained to hold the event. Then PGFD got ahold of the info that this was going to happen they called the person from the volunteer fd and told them to cancel or they would find a way to shut it down. Either way this event was not going to happen. Sure enough they were able to get the permits pulled by saying they didn’t have the right permits. The vfd applied or the correct permits and they were denied. So another words PGFD went behind the scenes and wrongfully and illegally got the permits pulled. The vfd moved into Charles county and it was successful.

    This year for the second annual gunbash Accokeek bypassed even trying to hold it in pg. So they partnered with Bryans road vfd. Again it went successful.

    The only reason the media got involved this year is because PGFD realized they couldn’t do anything about this event so they contacted the media in hopes it would be cancelled. However I believe the media coverage made it better and gave some advertisement to the event.

    The PGFD goes against this event because they are worried how it looks with all the recent mass shootings. But the majority of people that go to this event our hunters tying to win hunting guns. Anyone who wins a gun must go through the same federal background check anyone else does. The vfd also gets all the guns through a federally licensed firearms dealer.

    The issue I have is the PGFD couldn’t stop the Accokeek VFD from having the event last year so they went behind the scenes and illegally and got the permits pulled under a bs reason.