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Helmet-cam video: Partial collapse at East St. Louis, IL house fire.

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Video by Fire Cam (one of our site sponsors) showing two views of a vacant house fire in East St. Louis, Illinois. The collapse occurs at 4:30:

Filmed with the Fire Cam 1080 this was a one story vacant house fire involved upon arrival. The roof was 90% gone when we arrived except for a gable still hanging just inside of the front door. We decided not to make entry. The gable finally fell within 3 ft of us. After we went interior and extinguished the rest of the fire. 2 engines and 6 firefighters. Back in service in 1 hour.

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IL East St. Louis house fire with collapse

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  • Aardvark

    Pretty damn stupid to be that close. Why ???

  • Crowbar

    The structural element above that doorway is called a dormer not a gable. That method of attack was foolish. Grab a water supply and blast the crap out of it with the deck gun.

  • Roofman

    about 1:11. another column on another block. pretty awesome

  • Jim

    Was that another header in the background in the beginning?

  • Reno

    This is unreal, a poor example of risk a lot to save nothing. I guess they don’t teach a risk assessment in the part of the Country. If I were the Officer of that Engine or Chief Officer responsible for that company, I would have made sure that my members are safe and operating correctly. NO burned out house is worth getting hurt for just so you can make a “Cool” video for the internet. Risk Assessment is very important and as the Officer is charge it falls back on you to make sure it happens. This video is just another poor example of some of the poor choices that get made every day in the fire service that could have gotten that firefighter hurt or killed!

  • oldman1

    I don’t approve of all their tactics but with the manpower they have and the amount of working fires they run they do an exceptional job for their depressed city.

    • Aardvark

      Sorry old man…..Lack of manpower is no excuse for poor tactics… make adjustments accordingly.

  • Volunteer for life

    Cmon guys it was clearly gonna fall in away from him. Love computer chiefs who handle 2 jobs a yr.

    • FED UP

      clearly? WOW!!!! Please show us what you know about how when a roof collapses it will not take a wall with it or why it is ok to put yourself in danger when the building is going to be tore down.

    • Aardvark

      Volunteer-for-life……keep believing yourself about collapse potential and you’re not going to be a LIVE volunteer very muck longer….

      Its comments like yours that give volly’s a bad name.

    • LaidoffJake


  • FED UP

    why do we say detroit and east st louis can bypass safety considerations just because they dont have any money? This guy thinks he is doing it right, he even stated I’m not going in due to the dormer hanging. The dormer hanging should lead him to back up off of the front porch. They get away with this all the time and then will be surprised when they are caught in a collapse practicing their learned bad behaviors.