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No sabotage in DC ambulance fires. Police confirm what fire investigators reported weeks ago.

DC ambulance 27 burns 2

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News Buff Peter Hermann, The Washington Post:

A six-week police investigation into fires aboard three D.C. ambulances in August — two on the same day — found no evidence that they were intentionally set, according to the results of an investigation that is to be made public Wednesday.

The findings by police largely support the conclusions reached by fire investigators within days of the incidents — that the fires were most likely accidents caused by a variety of engine problems, such as fuel leaks or electrical malfunctions. The precise causes were not determined.

Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Paul A. Quander Jr. ordered the police review to ensure that “nothing untoward” had occurred in what he described as an unusual number of fires in a a short time.

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  • anonymous

    The only thing surprising about this is that Mayor Gray, Deputy Mayor Quander, and Chief Ellerbe all issued full and complete apologies to both the Local IAFF 36 and all of the individuals involved in the incidents.

    Oh….wait….never mind.

    • Anonymous

      That would require being a man and admiting that they wrong.

  • Fire21

    Someone ought to order an investigation into how there came to be an unusual number of idiots in the DC government in a short time.

    Oh…wait…never mind.

  • 1dctaxpayer

    Funny how he wants to hold everyone accountable for everything, but he is accountable for nothing.
    Which is about all he knows.
    GO EAGLES!!!

  • JustSayin’

    THANK GOODNESS this is now behind us.!!!

    Now, the Fire Chief can immediately retire with his held held high..

    What a Guy.!!!!

  • Joe

    Try spending money on public safety and you won’t have broken down fire trucks, burning ambulances, and hurt cops laying in the street waiting for ambulances. It’s hard to figure out what’s more dysfunctional, congress or DCFD headquarters. Best wishes to the guys that ride the trucks and keep DC safe, you certainly have no back up from your leaders.

    • DCFD taliban

      Why should they (leadership) when the rank and file runs to the press for every little thing. I wouldn’t back them up either. When they don’t do their job or lets say take things to far in the firehouse (uh hmmm! E10 T13) burn their a@@ up.

  • Anonymous

    The outcome is as expected…….Lets move on.