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Pre-arrival video: Convenience store burns in Lake Station, IN.

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Ed Malik (mabas21) video of a fire early Sunday morning at a convenience store in Lake Station, Indiana. Here’s some of Ed’s description posted with the video:

Lake Station Police and Firefighters from Stations 1 and 2 were dispatched to a reported fully engulfed storefront in the area of 27th and State St. on 10-13-13 at about 5am. Being 1st on scene police confirmed a working fire with extension to a power pole. Before fire crews arrived on scene a request for the utilities was made. Engine 5 being 1st on scene quickly established a water source and stretched a line. Crews from Station 2 arrived on scene and pulled a second line. Shortly after arrival a deck gun was used due to the heavy fire volume.

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IN Lake Station convenience store 10-13-13


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  • Harry Rampe

    Only one word needed to describe this,PATHETIC.Wonder what a 21/2 would have done as first line,or a blast from the deluge gun.

  • Ohio FF

    poor truck position… not that there was anything to save. Why not pull the truck past so the others can get in to use the deck gun?

  • Coffee Time

    OK,please tell me that this was:
    1) a training exercise so there was no reason to hurry
    2) you have a special pump that can only run hand lines OR a deck gun
    3) Your SOP says don’t apply water until you can see visible fire, and stop applying water when there is only smoke
    4) stop operations every few minutes for a coffee break regardless of whether the fire is out or not.

    Wow. I know it was a total loss but at least make it LOOK like you are trying to stop the fire.

  • FLFF

    How many RPM’s before that pumper blasts off?

  • Unreal

    Oh Lake Station where have you been, it’s been so long since we’ve had a new video. I see nothing’s changed. Big fire=big water

  • Still Smiling

    I incorrectly believed the lot from Pennsylvania was as low as we could get. I apologize to the lads from Pa. these guys found there way below you.

  • Up there doin!

    Lack of training and leadership!!! Check out their extrication from last week

    • mark

      Things that make you say: Hmmmmmm

    • CHAOS

      Not that the building fire was a stellar operation, but, maybe Lake Station should only post video from night jobs. The dark hides a lot of flaws.
      Seven-plus minutes into cutting on the overturned truck with a victim inside we decide to start stabilizing it?? Nice.
      Judging by the roof removal operation, they must have just unwrapped their new, first ever hydraulic rescue tools.
      I bet those rookies fusterclucking the roof op would have been REALLY pleasantly surprised if something had lit on the truck and that nozzleman would have opened up towards them.

      On the plus side, it seems like the cops eat well.

  • FED UP

    Maybe their deck gun was controlled by the government shutdown.