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Caught on video: Saginaw, MI EMT put on leave after parking lot tussle with bystander at sick call.

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It’s quite clear in this article published last week by that we are only hearing the story of the man on the bottom in the video above and the video itself doesn’t show what lead up to an EMT  with Mobile Medical Response of Saginaw, Michigan pinning Family Dollar employee Gregory Barnett to the ground. But the video of the October 22 incident, which was posted to Facebook, has promped an investigation and the the unidentified EMT being put on administrative leave

Bob Johnson,

“MMR is taking this incident very seriously as we expect our staff to  act professionally and respectful at all times,” said Lynn Schutter, director of community relations for Saginaw-based Mobile Medical Response.

Schutter said an MMR crew had responded to a call to assist an unknown, unconscious person in the parking lot at Family Dollar, 1908 S. Michigan in Saginaw. Police had not yet arrived on the scene.

Barnett, a Family Dollar cashier, said was trying to direct traffic in the parking lot as paramedic workers were there.

Barnett said he heard someone from MMR say something to him, but he was focused on the traffic and wasn’t paying attention.

“The second time, he said, ‘You’re in my (expletive) space,’ so I turned around and asked him, ‘What’s up?’” Barnett said. “He came at me and bumped into me, so I pushed him, and then he threw me to the ground.”

ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI

Terry Camp, WJRT-TV:

“I think anyone who looks at that video is going to be concerned,” says Dr. Noel Wagner of the Saginaw Valley Medical Control.

Mobile Medical Response has suspended the employee while it investigates what happened.

Also investigating is the Saginaw Medical Control Authority, which oversees emergency responders in the county.

Noel Wagner says the first thing he wanted to know was if the person who need medical help got it.

“In this incident, we went back to see if the patient on this call got good care, and we are satisfied they received good care,” Wagner says.

Wagner says he will do more investigating if the MMR employee keeps his job.

“If we are ever presented with this provider wanting to provide medical care in the county in the future, we will have to look at that more closely and see if we are comfortable with that,” Wagner said.

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MI Saginaw EMT with man on the ground


Comments - Add Yours

  • Anonymous

    Gotta be something missing here that provoked this that happened BEFORE the video that was provided. Always is…

    • dave statter

      Maybe. Maybe not. I wouldn’t say always.

  • Fire21

    It’s all “he said, he said” until the investigation is finished. But it sounds like some folks are out to get the medic’s job before the verdict is in.

    • dave statter

      On Facebook it’s about 50-50. I don’t think there is enough information to judge one way or another. No video to see what lead up to it and no account from the EMT. I wouldn’t take either side at the moment based soley on the article and the video.

  • Volunteer for life

    We shouldn’t be putting r hands on people unless life is in danger. Our’s or our patient’s. Lotta idiot’s think cause we have smokey the bear badges we can do what we feel compelled to do. Not the case .

  • HFD87

    Unless this man physically assualted the EMT or his partner or patient there should be no reason why the situation escalated to this. Verbal assaults and “wanna-bes” are part of the job. You have to find a way to tactfully tell someone to beat feet, or sound your duress alarm go back to your rig and wait for PD. NEVER physically confront someone unless it is absolutely necessary. I cant tell from this video if that was the case or not, but I would hope an EMT wouldnt be so hot headed to get physical or provoke a bystandard to become physical for the soul purpose of trying to overpower them.

  • A. Falaschi

    Really? There is much more to this story. For one thing, we don’t know what preceded this exchange, but in my experience this has happened a lot and there also is the rule of self-defense. These days there is a severe lack of respect for authority and the public interferes with what EMS must do. Take the woman in the picture….the public needs to BACK OFF and let EMS personnel do their job. I think it’s wrong for this employee to be suspended…wrong, wrong, wrong.

    • dave statter

      And what do you base this on? How can you make a judgment either way without there being video of what lead up to it or knowing the EMTs version of the story. While on TV station said he was suspended, the newspaper reported, and I repeated, that he was on administrative leave until this could be investigated. Presented with just the video and the victim and eyewitness reportes that sounds like a prudent thing to do until an investigaiton determines if the EMT’s actions were justified. Smart management supports its employees, but not blindly. They owe it to the public they serve to not assume their employees are always right and the citizens are always wrong.

      • RJ in florida

        Dave: based on the limited amount of info I see 2 possibilities. Either the guy was in his face and the medic lost it OR the medics action was connected to some other untold event

        I say wait for the official or more detailed report as to what happened

  • Hattrix

    What is the paul harvey of this ? Going to bet there is a reason this happened. Maybe they should ask first then react. Some people are never wrong…. kno whats i mean

  • Anonymous

    Safety comes first and from someone who works in an area of high violence, if you need to protect yourself and partner that is what you need to do. That is the first thing any EMT is taught. Half videos aren’t full truths. If they poster of the video didn’t want to hide the first half of the video, why didn’t they post the whole thing? Food for thought, don’t blindly jump on the band wagon of blame. The EMT could have over reacted OR simply defended himself against a threat. We just don’t know yet.

    • dave statter

      Amen, we don’t know. Just not enough information. And we shouldn’t assume the first half has been hidden. The person taking the video may have only walked up for the part you saw. The only thing I get out of this is this is an incident that clearly requires further investigation.

  • puzzled

    I would hope there is more video showing what led up to this incident.

    I would rather see news stories such as this one instead.

    • dave statter

      That is a good story.

  • Anonymous

    Always Pt First all other issues later unless it is a matter of self defense

    • Anonymous

      Actually, I was taught “Self-first, Crew-second, Patient-third”. What good are the latter ones without their formers?

  • Anonymous

    It is right there in the video that not all the information is there. The guy with the camera phone says, “He didn’t attack you. I got it all on film.” Then why is that part not being shown? If the important part that would truely make this EMS employee look as bad as it does on this video, why is it not being shown. I want to see the whole thing before making judgement on either side.

    • dave statter

      I wouldn’t assume that means he got it all on his camera.


    I have been taught to show respect to all citizens. and all eyes are on you so act responsible. also if he had a problem the ems guy that is he should have called for PD to assist.

  • Serg

    EMTs look relatively calm in their demeanor and using what looks like a relatively standard restraining technique on the guy. The only people freaking out seem to be the bystanders. I’d like to hear the EMT’s version of what happened.