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Former PGFD Chief Eugene Jones now operations chief for DC Fire & EMS Department


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Starting on Monday the new assistant chief of operations for the DC Fire & EMS Department is former Prince George's County Fire & EMS Department Chief Eugene A. Jones. The information came from a special order by DC Chief Kenneth Ellerbe that has been posted on the website

DC Jones order

Jones departed as PGFD chief in December 2010.

Below are a couple of interviews I conducted with Chief Jones when I was still reporting.

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  • bill

    So has ellerbe finally run out of lackies to do his bidding in DC?  Now he's got to go outside the city to get them?

  • PGFD

    Good luck FEMs enjoy

  • R2

    If nothing else, it should get very entertaining. This clown would be over his head working as a greeter at WalMart. Someone bought a pig in a poke and the joke is on DCFEMS!

  • Shhh…

    You gotta love that clueless stare.

     Dave, on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the brightest individual you ever interviewed and 1 being that thingy you put around the wheels to keep the truck from moving, where would you rate this guy for being the Op's Chief of the hub of the free world?

    (Feel free to use negative numbers If they fit.)

  • The Flash

    The only possible reason this idiot was hired would be to draw attemtion away from another nit wit. This is truly unbelieveable!!!

  • Mark J

    Good luck DCFD, you all are going to need it.  Things just went from bad to worse.  This so called former fire chief, if thats what you want to call him will be the perfect fit for your current chief.  Be prepared for things to be slashed even further, rotating brown outs.  But according to him fire stations will not be closed.  It would not surprise me one bit if he tries to bring in some sort of volunteer force.  As many of you might not know he is the founder and president of the volunteer alliance, and is a strong supporter of them.  He will try and convince people that is the way to go to save money in Washington D.C.  I believe even hookman might find him an easy target.  He has no leadership skills and will only make things harder on the firefighting force.  Good luck you are going to need it.

    • DCFD

      He doesn't like Volunteers either, he LIES with a straight face on how he's gonna Help them and does just the opposite. I agree: No Leadership Skills and NOT a Clue on how to run a fireground yet alone a Department! Let the BS begin! Where Homie-D-Clown when you need him?

  • Dcresident

    As a dc resident, I want to know if this new chief lives in the city, since LRB wants everyone to live in SE

  • Anonymous


  • Ralph

    This guy couldn’t lead a one horse parade in a one street town. He is a good lier just like LRB. The vols in pg loved him, we shall see how the one’s who vol in pg like him downtown.

  • ukfbbuff

    From what I've read about him here at "Statter" over the past couple of years, he seems NOT to be one I would bring on board my organization.

    Thing is now it appears that we'll be reading about how:

    Ken Ellerbe and Eugene Jones are:

    "Like Two Peas in a Pod".






  • TO

    I was having withdrawal. DCFD is back with another great story. This is so fun to watch. It's train wreck in real time. I've got my popcorn.  What's could be next?

  • the ear

    I wonder if Eugene is on the phone to A.D. telling him about the excellent opportunities with DCFD for intelligent people.

    What a disaster.

  • The Flash

    Go ahead ask him some operational questions fellas, you will absolutely be amazed at his lack of knowledge and child like behavior. Although, I must give my man "Erkle" as we called him credit where credit is due. However, he is a mathmatical genius and will certainly solve any staffing issues you may have.  He once demonstrated these skills during a Battalion meeting in the 3rd. Be sure to have pleanty of coffee cups on hand for him to use when he runs out of fingers and toes.  Guys, you are now dealing with the village idot. He was hired in PG to replace a Chief that had some guts and do exactly what the administration wanted.  Well he did his job and did exactly what Jack Johnson's criminal ass wanted him to do. This is absolutly halarious !!!  

    • Anonymous

      You guys that volunteer in PG loved it when he was chief because you could take advantage of his lack of…… ,  I really don't know where to begin. You got everything you wanted and then some from "Erkle". Well, let's see how you like it now ! I personnally have no career vs volunteer issues, I'm only telling the truth here fellas.

      "Did I do that" ?   LMAO

  • Anonymous

    This is gonna be an awsome show. You cant get this kind of entertainment on Comedy Central. This guy couldnt lead himself to the bathroom in his own office. Kenny…you out did yourself ths time. Let the sh– show begin!

  • Anonymous

    He is the Norv Turner of the Fire Department…..can't run his own team so he gets fired and then hired to come back as a coordinator for another team!!

  • JR

    Still waiting to read a post that even has the slightest positive twist to it. My money says we won't.  Oh my god say it isn't so !  This story is great and I love the Norv Turner comparison. Trust me, this guy wouldn't make a decent Sgt. much less a Chief officer. He was never a fireman in any way, shape or form either. WOW !!!

    The ship is sinking fast. Put on your life jacket and jump while you can. It's your only chance.

  • Harvey Glick

    Erkle is the new AFC and next month maybe AD Bell is the other?
    As long as both are city residents, they're qualified?!?

  • Retired DCFD

    Coming to a town near you  Ringling Brothers  with a few new clown acts to follow

  • Anonymous

    Well Dave, sit back and enjoy the show. BTW, for all you volly haters, it's not like he is going to start a volly company in the City.  When you compare PG and DC you are comparing to completely different animals and this is the sad part – Jones was not pro-volly as much as he did what Johnson told him to do during a period of financial austerity.  Some would make the case that PG has too many companies or needed to consolidate career staff anyway, as in the Balto Co system.  What it looks like is happening in DC is Jones is being brought in to "sit down, shut up, take your 160K, and do what we (Ellerbe, Quander, the City lawyers, one of which is the XO) tell you to do.  Jones is so stupid, he probably thinks this is a feather in his cap.  If I was a betting man, I think the aforementioned are betting on a shift change and need an outsider to help them implement it, IF and only IF the arbitrator rules for the City's contract package.  What a mess 2014 is shaping up to be for the DCFD!

  • JustSayin’

    Well. this fellow may be lacking in many areas and he probably knows it.

    But you must give him credit as being an accomplished Accountant.  

    Leave one $6-figure job PLUS benefits and

    land another $6-figure job PLUS benefits.!!!

    Is he also receiving any Retirement.???

    Must be laughing all the way to the bank….

  • Rob in Bama

    So I'm guessing you guys don't like this guy.

  • Cosgrove

    New Fodder for Paul Wagner and Fox 5 news. The question is where is Tommy Wells in all this? How was this guy veted? Inquiring minds want to know.


  • Anonymous

    This is wrong in so many was, and might be as illegal as a one way personnel exchange with a small county in Florida.

    The AFC-O is a sworn, uniformed operational position, the law says that to be elligible to hold an officers position that you had to have graduated from the DCFD training academy. How can the reitrement board allow someone in to the system who cant possibly work the required 25 years before he reaches mandatory retirement age?


    • dave statter

      Ronnie Few brought in two or three people from the outside.

    • DCFD Taiban

      Oh but it is so right. For starters he doesn't know or owe anyone anything. So there are no bias or prejudice opinion of anyone, unlike what you would get  from someone within these walls. And lets face it, would anyone ever get a fair trial from a trial board in this department.. I say it can't happen no matter who has the juice.Why? because you can't get around relationships that people develope along their career.

      It works both ways, you might get hammered if the panel don't like you,or you may get a slap on the wrist, either way it isn't a fair trial. Atleast with this guy your batting 500 from start. As for the new AFC-O taken orders and keeping his mouth shut as someone said, well that's what your suppose to do. You feel bold enough to rattle the boss's chain, want to make up web sites to undermine the department heads, you get what you deserve.

      • Anonymous

        Using the first sentence of your replay, the only two qualified cheifs we've had were Latin and Few.

  • Volunteer for life

    DC I love it. Let turn the house of PAIN lol to a volly co. We got it. Get rid of ems and the city can be 50% volunteer. Thanks Dave and DC I love that the capitol is full of idiots who fuel this page. Enjoy reading this crap. Walt Disney can't dream this up. At least Rubin was a good fire ground commander.

  • 102 More Shifts

    Can some of you PG guys share a little background on this guy? I was a very active volly in PG from 1979 to 2002 and I dont ever  remember even  hearing his name until he got the chiefs job a few years ago.

    Im sure he will do exactly what he's told, keep his mouth shut and look good. Kenny will use him as a buffer and if there is a scandel he will be scapegoated and fired. The poor guy has no idea that hes made a deal with the devil.. But hey, all successful terrorist organizations use mercinaries..

  • E37

    I have my volunteer application for DC already filled out!

    • Pipeman27

      Might as well ball that up and trash it son, we don't need you.

      • Anonymous

        LRB and EJ might say they don't need you. Be carefull, EJ is just as bad as LRB. He will do exactly what the fire chief and mayor want him to do, reduce staffing, furlough, whatever needs to be done.  Oh and as a operations…..well you will find out. 

  • oldhead

    @Volunteer for life,

    Only 50%?  You can't do better than that?

  • Glad-I-don’t-live-there

    After watching the videos, I have come to the conclusion that this guy miissed his calling. He should be on Dancing with the Stars…..the way he was dancing around actually giving a straight answer, was……ummm……hmmm…..uhhh….well……


  • Ronnie Few

    I just love it – Karma to all of you who deserve it and you know who you are!  I know i'm gonna sign up for my duty nights as a volunteer in DC.  Just think of all of the money the city will save with the new volunteers this guy is gonna add to the force.  I mean if your neighboring counties save so much and its a good idea to use volunteers like some of you on your days off then why not???

  • Volunteer for life

    The paid ff is a thing of the past. Numbers are way down since we require sheet rock and new building materials. Early detection and sprinklers. On top of that most paid depts. run understaffed and can't knock down a 2 rm fire without xtra alarms. It's reality guys face it.

  • Just Laugin’ at DC Vollies now

    Eugene Jones and Jack Johnson are the equivalant to Mayor Gray and that Ellerbe guy you call a chief. Sit back and enjoy the three stooges at work!! What goes around come around…..