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Early video & radio traffic: Double fatal apartment fire in Levittown, PA. Pregnant woman & young daughter were stabbed.

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Previous coverage of this fire

Above is video from Ron Roberts of Monday's apartment fire in Levittown, Pennsylvania (Bucks County) where a pregnant woman and her young daughter were found dead. Police report both had been stabbed. Below is radio traffic from Philly FireFeed.

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  • Hollywood613

    Hey Chief, you may want to put some gloves on and strap your air pack all the way on before you enter that burning building. It's probably kind of hot in there and I'm pretty certain it is smoky based on what I'm seeing from the doorway. At least you remembered to turn the bottle on immediately before you entered the door, but after you applied the regulator to your face piece once and probably couldn' t get a breath. Just a thought, so that you can be a good example for your guys and not become a statstic. Remember, you can't save someone if you get hurt yourself.

  • Engine103

    Does everyone else wear GLOVES and buckle ALL straps/latches on your gear before going into a live fire situation?  Clearly a prime example of the "white helmet sydrome"

  • Fire Dude

    Frantic situation with people potential people trapped but I see alot of guys in these videos not wearing waste straps (looks cool I guess).  I thought the purpose of these straps was to take the weight off your shoulders.

  • Engine21

    I don't even understand why the chief wouldn't wear his gloves/waste straps, is it really that hard to put them on??

  • Anonymous

    please take this video down.

    • dave statter

      Why? What does it show that is a problem?

  • Anonymous

    it shows a hard working FC with people trapped, we would a ll do the same in that situation.

  • Anonymous

    I don't always buckle my strap when in a hurry….  just sayin