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Helmet-cam video: House fire in Palestine, TX.

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Video from juanquinonez47 of a November 20 house fire on Crawford Street in Palestine, Texas. Here's the description with the video:

 Palestine Fire Department arrives to find heavy fire coming out of a structure. Video was taken by first engine due with helmet cam.

TX Palestine house fire

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  • Scooter

    Looks like must be at least part paid.  Company needs a little more training.  Tripple lay pulled wront ended up in a pile, more aggressive fire attack needed with the 1st line.  If your not going to make the push in at least hit a window and move to others, Chief how about putting some gear on and hump the crew some hose instead of just walking around holding up the portable radio,  and last but least, looks like no hydrants so park the rig to support a tanker shuttle operation and  SET UP THE PORT-A-TANK! dump and go for more water!  Strike Da Box and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  K

    • Bill

      Easy with your Leapfrog buddy. Please no humping the hose!

  • former Vol. Firefighter in Virginia

    I cant belive the guys walking around wiht n turnout gear n. The chief or Officer in command no turnouts & guy setting the fan in doorway no turnouts! WOW what a safety issue & charging the line befoore it was completely pulled what a mess.

  • Boots

    I'd have to walk a mile in this guys boots before I could comment….but they shoud suit up!

  • Volunteer for life

    Cmon this dept failed the minute they were distpatched. Clearly no training here. 1200 sq' house going good. Take line in the front and go room to room and knock it down. Instead they have oppossing hose lines fan inside? Was this a Benny Hill clip?PG county 2 engines a truck send the rest home we got it.

  • slackjawedyokel

    "pointing"bunch I ever did see

  • Bill

    Awesome job. Too easy for people to Monday morning quaterback!

    • Bill

      * quarterback sorry for the miss spelling

  • Old Backstep Fireman

    Looked up the City of Palestine official FD site and it says they've been all paid since about 1900. Currently three platoons with a BC, Capt., Lt. and about seven firemen on each platoon. This is a city of about 18,000 so it's not like it some small burg with all volunteers that doesn't see many workers a year.



    • Firefighter

      Checked them out also, saw they had a few other videos and they see some good fires. Only downside is they had music.